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William M. Raines High School Reviews

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Put soap and paper towels in the bathrooms. It’s gross. A lot of the teachers put their energy into yelling at the students who don’t listen rather than teach the lesson. However, the school is not all bad the teachers who teach AICE classes tend to have their priorities straight, and actually want to help their students succeed.
My experience at Raines was definitely different from what I expected. I met many people that brought me out of my shell and taught me many lessons. Raines showed me how to deal with a variety of situations from multiple aspects due to it's particular environment. A big issue that should is how the schools values sports more than the students education. Students on our football team are more privileged than the rest of us, which i think is unfair. All students should be accounted for to meet up to the same educational standards no matter how good they are at sports.
I feel that Raines was like any other high school in Jacksonville. Only thing different is the name and neighborhood.
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The teachers here really want to see you succeed. The wrestling program is grade A... Coach Mason goes above and beyond for his students.
School is wild and im not a wild person i am very chill. The school isnt safe at all the school is very crowded.
William M. Raines, the high school Harvard has helped me with becoming a better person and a man. It has taught me that in order to make it in life you will need a plan you can't allow life to take you instead you have to make it do what you want. Through hard times this school has always had a plan to make it through and overcome the obstacle. This school has been around since 1965 and has many great alumni and some alumni comes back or they donate time or money to the school. To be involved in the history of this school is mind-blowing to walk the same hallways as Hall of Famer Brian Dawkings is crazy. I am more than grateful to be a part of history.
Overall i love my high school. Although there could be more parent and student body involvement. Not only sports but in more clubs and activities. Everyone should have their opinions heard not oppressed.
William m Raines has been an amazing school to go to the teachers are amazing they really care about and your education the only thing I would change is the lack of intern that the school doesn’t have for all the amazing students that go to the school.
I have been attending the Raines school since 9th grade and i honestly cant ask for a better experience.
I don’t have this school anywhere near the top schools that i would like to attend. The teaching is not up to par, the food is bad, and the expectations are not reasonable. William M. Raines is only good for certain sports.
I would like to see the school more inventive on every program other than sports. Such as band.
Other than that, the school is full of teachers who are willing to show tough love, and has many people and programs that are willing to offer many opportunities.
Attending William M. Raines for 4 years has been life changing for me, from sports activities to academics. At Raines they are huge on the background knowledge of the school.
The school has a good graduation success for High School as well as students attending college after graduating high school. 2 of my daughters have graduated from William M Raines and both are attending college. 1 is attending a local college in Jacksonville, Florida and the other attending Bethune Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida.
Overall, Raines was a great school and didn't tolerate slackers. I am a graduate and I'm already enrolled in college. The counselors are very helpful too.
It's an experience like no other! From the culture, to the teachers, the football games, band, choir, students, it's an honor to be a viking!
My experience here was amazing. I was apart of the National Honor society and an organization named Ladies of Raines. Pep rallies and football games were the best and spend time with friends was a great experience with unforgettable memories. I would change the media perception of the prestigious Raines High school. Events that happen within the same area of the school has nothing to do with the school.
My experience at William M. Raines was remarkable from the teachers ,administrators , and the students . One of the many things I like about the teachers at Raines is that they are dedicated to their jobs. Educators are student focused to ensure that each student is equipped with the necessary tools to help them succeed in life and are properly qualified to attend an institution of higher learning. The administrative team is always courteous and willing the help students to resolve issues that arise throughout the day, whether personal or conflicts that sometimes arise between students or teacher and students. One thing I would like to see change is the conflicts between students. Also there is need for more respect and school pride .
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i like that being white in a whole historically black school they dont judge you or make fun of you as much as your own race does and the support the teachers give
I like the teachers , they teach very well and they care about our future so they push everyday to do better .
My experince at Raines is somewhat of an eccentric one. There are amazing teachers here dedicated to the success of their students in all areas. It isnt a very big school so I have lots of friends in all grades and I get along easily with administration and staff.
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