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William M. Davies Jr. Career & Technical High School Reviews

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I’ve just graduated this year and from my experience I enjoyed my time in Davies despite the long nights of studying and work, in this school, their goal is to prepare their student for College and the workforce of the future. For me, I started as a freshman (obviously) and in that year, you start to explore every program they have in store, for example: Health Careers, Electrical, Engineering, Machine Technology, Automotive Technology, Collision Repair Technology, Cosmetology, Culinary, Graphics and Arts, Biotechnology. In the end I chose Automotive Technology and decided to peruse it. The teachers in that program were by far outstanding, my previous Instructor Mr. Adamo was a BMW Master Technician, and form his experience he inspired me to follow his footsteps to work for Inskip BMW. To this day I’m currently enrolled to study at Universal Technical Institute of Avondale, AZ and to pursue to work for BMW.
All of the teachers were there for em all the way. In my Pre-Engineering technical class, I would go on to earn multiple certifications in electronics and computer science. One of teachers themselves would be the reason I pick a Computer Science major today. My AP English teacher also changed my perspective on writing completely, making it my favorite class. Their after school activities also built my character in ways that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. I will continue some of those activities in college today. We may not be a high rank in sports, but at the very least, we have a community of students and teachers, the teachers being nothing short of supportive to me.
I had a lot of fun at Davies and I learned a lot in the biotechnology field. This school focuses on a number of shops the most popular are Engineering and Health careers but they offer many others I chose Biotechnology and I learned basic Laboratory skills and worked with E.coli to learn and build a foundation of Biotechnology we also learned a lot in chemistry with helped in other classes as well as in college.
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I was in healcth careers and I really liked my shop and my teachers. My teachers were always supportive of me and were happy to see me grow. One thing they could've improved while I was there was the increase of club activities.
I liked the teachers. Especially since many of them will help their students as much as they can. Supporting those who need it. I love how the teachers really try.
What I like about Davies is that they get you ready for the real world. You have technical shop areas that give you certifications so you can figure out what you want to do for a job later on and already have a head start. Also, they offer a financial literacy program that helps you learn how to manage your money as an adult. The school is really diverse and it has been a fun overall experience for me.
I like the technical areas in Davies because when you graduate you get a certificate for completing academics and your technical area.
A very diverse school indeed! I also truly feel that I am ready to thrive out in the real world with just how much preparation is given for teenagers entering the world of work.
Davies is a wonderful career and technical school located near me. It allows for students to prepare for and enter the working world without finishing High School.
My experience here was memorable, not only do you have loving and supportive people but you get an insight of the work world with our shop classes. You are able to get insight on types of jobs in each shop and get to pick the shop you believe you will be successful in the future. Sports for me is my life, and being able to balance school and sports with the help of teachers and the athletic program. What I like about my school is that you are accepted for you no matter if you are smart, athletic, gay, or straight. You have so many people here to help you no matter if it's teachers, friends, administrators, and guidance councilors, they are all here to help you succeed and strive to be great. You make great relationships with teachers. The only thing I would like to see change is for more money to go into the shop so they can expand the student's knowledge more about new jobs. No matter if you have a low GPA, Captain of the Varsity Basketball team, or a GSA member we are all united.
I really enjoy my technical program (Pre - Engineering) the teachers in this shop are great and really are invested in their students.
My experience at Davies is like no other. At Davies is it very diverse and you are able to interact with many different types of people from many different backgrounds and cultures. That is one of the things that I like about Davies. It really gets you prepared for the real world.
I enjoyed the fact that no matter what, the goal in that school is to make sure that the students have a secure future in their selected careers. They do this by preparing their students with industry based experiences and providing them with multiple certifications depending on their career choices.
Davies is very diverse and an amazing school if you want to go to a technical school. You can get really close with some of the teachers. Although Davies does have some flaws, it is an awesome school to attend.
My school experience was amazing and it really helped me who I became as a person, also allowed me to prepare for the real world
I like the way I was treated their. They treat you as if you were their main priority. I would like it to stay the way it is.
Since Davies Career and Technical High School is a Vocation Technical High School, I felt as though since i don't want to pursue Graphics and Interactive Media( my technical area chosen), my options are limited and resources I was able to reach for. The School doesn't offer many AP courses to take advantage of and they need to work on academic programs rather than vocational shops. Teachers are wonderful and administration is average, I just wish we were told that once you pick your intended career as a freshman your college search and school visits become limited to that.
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I love the idea of learning a trade while in high school, it will leave me ready for the working world when I graduate. The teachers are great and all care about students individual success.
My experience with Davies has been great. All of the staff are really nice and prepared to give every student a fair chance. Every shop is equipped with all of the necessary items to prepare us for the real world. Davies also has a multitude sports and clubs that are open to all students. Every grade has a class council and then there is a SkillsUSA student council where all classes come together and discuss school activities. Overall, Davies is an amazing school that gives every student a step up on the rest of the kids that go to a traditional high school.
Amazing, send your kids here. It prepares you for life wile still getting a vary high quality education.
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