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William J. Dean Vocational Technical High School Reviews

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What i like to see is to bring back the grafic design shop back. And I love all the shops because you learn different skills in shops.
As a current graduate student at William J. Dean Technical High School, our class of 2016 faced many struggles. Dean Tech has been a well-known school until 2010. from being to the top, this school has dropped a lot. For example, our school has gone to a level four school. Companies have tried to change our school, but nothing was done. The school is populated with 90% Hispanics, the public speak bad of them and tend to limit the students. People say these kids will never achieve success, but two Hispanics created a well-spoken speech in Graduation. This school needs people who believe in the students, people who will motivate them for the best. These students struggle at home and in school, it is time for them to experience something new. Students do not need to struggle with how will they get to a certain level by them selfs.
This school is pretty safe i never had an issue of not being safe
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This school does not have many exracurcular activities or clubs. We used to have a connections program but it was taken away because of buget cuts many of the clubs or activities we had were taken away like ROTC
My freshman year was great i love it. But as the years went on things began to change and i ended up liking the school less every year . My senior year was the worst i dident have an english teacher until the second semester we kept having subs or teachers would quit or be fired. In student government when we would try to get activites done they would never be approved because the principle never really looked at them . We struggled to get funding for our senior class. We tried planning a senior trip and it got cancelled this school needs more communication and a better faculty
Teachers in this school are very nice and try there best each and everyday. A problem that happens is that some teachers dont know how to engage their students in classroom activities.teaching is not at a high standard as it should be . There also is not enough disipline as it should be the school gets worse every year
They have to be buzzed in from the office
Not that much people go anymore.
its better than the other schools I've been to.
Some of the teachers don't really teach well and help there students
they are too easy and i believe that they are not up to par with other schools basically they had to dumb down what they taught the students we are a low level performing school so we have to deal with it.
we have zero fan suport the people who actually do athletics do not have the drive to put effort into their sports there are no college recruits coming to the games we almost always lose.
there is a bad attendance record for our school but little is done about it i myself a student was worried about my absences and when i checked with the teacher who is in charge of attendance he was surprised that i had so many absences and didn't even know i had so many.
The students do not want to further themselves the teachers feel like there's no point to their jobs because of the students nobody wants to climb out of the ditch that is there financial situation.
are school has low funding so the lunches are bad all frozen meals that get reheated and though we are a technical school with a culinary department they are not a part of the lunch. All we have to eat every day is chicken patties burgers pizza and the daily special and more times than not the special isn't appetizing.
I feel this school is moving toward a more understanding and progressive stance. It has began a more accepting policy towards special needs students and various multi cultural students as well. Though there is still some measures of improvement to be made I feel overall this school reflects the best mixture of ethnicities with particular emphasis on tolerance towards those ethnicities.
Our school nurse is fantastic. She can diagnose most issues you ail from just by asking as few invasive questiones and is very personable, so you don't feel like your being grilled but rather understood with a caring person.
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This school has began more afterschool orginizations and extra curricular activities that reflect the rich diversity of its student body. From a japanese anime club to outreach programs that emphasize community involvement, this school truly is a great jumpstart to any avenue of proffesional career aspirations the student body envisions for themselves. The faculty is nothing short of cooperative in these endeavors.
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