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I enjoyed the ending of my highschool years. The facility was fine, Although there was a lot of teachers who made it hard on me, Because i wasnt well educated in some classes due to being out of school for a period of time for an accident i had in middle school, So i had to try and work with my teachers to catch up with my fellow classmates. This was challenging when my teachers wouldn't collaborate with me but when they did i learned a lot. One teacher who i really appreciated was a teacher named, Mr helms. He was hard on me but only because he saw potential in me, which made me believe in myself and i will never be thankful enough for him.
Overall, it is a good school. There are many different teachers who truly care for their students, but the staff as a whole, does need to work on their approach in teaching and handling students. I would like to see the "security" and the food options changed. I think that the food needs better quality, over quantity and it needs to be healthier and fresher options. I also think that the "security" issue makes the students feel like I is more of a prison versus a safe place to learn and be with friends.
Harrison High School is a school for the average high school experience. Overall I am pleased with 97% of the teachers I've had. The counselors help a lot if you ask for it, they create multiple helpful resources to especially seniors who plan to attend college or even the workforce after high school. The lunch is terrible but ale cart suggestions make it better. A lot of the office staff isn't as friendly as one would wish either. I wish more opportunities for non-athletic students was available though. Overall Harrison is a decent high school.
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Harrison had its ups and downs. Overall, everyone is very welcoming and one family. Being a warrior all four years taught me great leadership skills and improved my work ethic! The teachers never give up on the students who strive to do their best.
William Henry Harrison High School is an all around amazing school. The students and most faculty all get along together. It is a high diversity school, since we have a class designed just for foreign student. The reason that I put only four stars is because I feel like there is no communication between the students and the principals. The only communication that the principal gives the students is just when they mention that we will succeed in life, but I feel like that have to say those things.
Sometimes it feels like the principal doesn’t care. Its No fun & some of the teachers can be mean. Some teachers seem as if they are confusing to us students.
I believe EVSC can be a good district but with my experience at Harrison, I do not believe they try to stop bullying or even care about it.
I like the amount of class work given to individuals. I would change the way teachers guide students in teaching and helping.
I give Harrison a four because it isn't perfect, but they try.I have left the school and came back because I believe that it is somehow the best school in my district. Harrison has a diverse student body and the teachers are great. The staff isvery strict on dress cofde which is not the best for us students.
Harrison has a nice staff, but overall they aren't all helpful. The office workers are kind, but guidance staff is difficult to get good information when it comes to colleges. The cirriculum is extremely easy and in most classes you just need to show up
I loved the teachers. They do their best to help anyone who is struggling and are very fun. I would like to see the disciplinary staff care more about bigger issues (bullying or other behavioral issues) than minor issues such a dress code.
Harrison Has tried to improve academics and they are doing a good job. They are starting to really connect more with the students. Organizations and clubs are being held so that students can come together to communicate with each other and gain each others trust.
Overall, Harrison High School is a good school. Most of the office staff cares for the student body and they are always willing to help. The teachers are excellent and they do everything they can to prepare their students for college and other areas of life.
My 4 years were amazing. Staff and students were helpful and friendly. I played softball all 4 years and it taught me a lot of life lessons. My coaches worked with my teachers to ensure I was doing good on and off the field.
Personally, I have met many teachers that reached out and helped me when I needed it. I have also had other teachers that didn't even bother working with me when I needed it. The office staff has mad multiple racist comments to African American students. We also had at least three gun threats of my four years here. Office staff is rude and treat students like they know absolutely nothing. The subject I've struggled with was algebra two, and after coming in nearly everyday after school my teacher said "you're here again?". After my attempt to try to increase my grade I gave up hope in finding help. I also faced bullying at this school and even after going to the principle it was swiped under the rug and the problem wasn't taken care of. The overall best part about harrison is the friends you make here.
Harrison is a good school, and almost all of the students here have a lot of school spirit. The teachers are really helpful and do as much as possible to prepare us for college.
I believe that highschool is meant to be a great pathway to the rest of your life of learning. I understand that some teachers are new and I try my best in class and be respectful. I have noticed that with hiring newer teachers throughout my years at harrison that gaining quality teachers has been very tough. I personally do not feel that some of my classes have prepared me for college or career readiness. I do believe that this could improve with time and I hope it does. As for my poor school lunch rating, I believe that school lunch could improve drastically. Some meals are very processed and I believe less processed foods should be available. I do find Harrison to be a good school and I am fairly happy with my experience here. Every experience can be improved and I hope that the future is brighter for future students.
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It is an excellent School where I have made a lot of friends and had many opportunities to grow in my passion and dreams. It has a very diverse group of students and faculty which I believe helps each person learn a little better about life experiences. It has its negatives like any other school, but if you are looking for a place to be a standout student and excel, this is the highschool for you!
I love the student body at William Henry Harrison High School. Everyone is so friendly there, and it is extremely easy to make new friends. There are also numerous way a student can get involved in different clubs or activities which I believe is an amazing opportunity. Sometimes I wish the school did not have such a strict dress code, but other than that this school is a fantastic high school!
Harrison is a good school overall, personally, I wish the teachers would focus more on individual students. I know that is hard to do, but, I wish the teachers would take the time to make sure every student knows what's going on before moving on. Harrison also has very little school spirit. Other schools in the EVSC have tailgates before school on game days, pep assemblies and other things. At Harrison, they don't do much of that.
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