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William H. Turner Technical Arts High School Reviews

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Its alright I guess. Some of the teacher don’t know how to teach and the school doesn’t have sports like other schools but it’s only because they are more focused on academics and college. We have some activities and it’s just overall ok.
William H. Turner Technical Arts High School is a school where they push students to not only think about passing their classes but to think about their future after high school. They encourage all students to go to college and to think about where they could see themselves in the next few years
I love that the school was mostly academically focused. The teachers and counselors are supportive and explanatory on anything a student might need help with. I would love for high administration to be social with students. It would amazing in the future to see more actives that encourage school spirit.
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I enroll at Turner Tech not long ago. The students do not perform in enough in reading it is not because f the school but most likely the student also the administration sometimes don't assist student as needed. Beside it's a good school i would recommended to anyone that want to go to be honest, my experience was fantastic.
Turner Tech is really different from most high schools. The school itself is not that bad and you could actually benefit from it. But the people in charge make it their duty to make it complicated to obtain these benefits. As of right now it seems as though administration only cares about image and numbers. Everything that they do has motive to polish the schools image not considering how this will really affect the students.
As a senior attending the prestigious William H. Turner Technical Arts High School, the school has provided many outstanding opportunities to expand academically. It provides technical/career programs that students are required to select prior to entering the school. As for me, I am a Licensed Practical Nursing student. I've already obtained a CPR certification at the age of 17. At the end of the school year, I will also be able to take the N-CLEX exam which can allow to become a LPN nurse at the age of 18. It also allows students to purse AP and Dual Enrollment classes which can provides college credits while attending high school. The school of course has some of its deficits such as , the lack of great food and sports. However, the benefits outweighs the few cons. I do not regret attending the school at all.
I am a senior at William H. Turner HS, I’ve been going there since 2016.This school doesn’t have any sports, but it has a lot of clubs that you can join.Somebof the kids that go there are mean and uneducated.My freshman year I had a teacher who didn’t even speak English that well but he was an actual good teacher/person, but I also felt bad for him because the kids kept making fun of him and stuff. They have this thing called capstone, which is an eight page essay that you have to write about a topic from the academy that you are in. There are some kool teachers who helps you and when they teach, it’s not really boring so you don’t fall asleep like that.Overall it’s not a bad school, but it’s not a good school either.
The teachers here aren’t too bad , if you pay attention , ask questions or just engage in general .. you should be fine . The people I’ve met here have placed a huge impact on me . I admire that honestly . I’ve met some people that have pushed me into a light I never thought I’d be pushed into . I’ve been helped with tons of important things that will benefit my future by administrators such as , my CAP advisor , my intern supervisor , a few of some great peers and so much more . We have annual college fairs , which is a great way to help us students here at turner tech . I believe , if you attend Turner Tech , you’ll leave out knowing tons of things about life , and things that will push you into a great path of life that will reflect your future .
Turner Tech is a great school academic wise and will prepare you for the way college works and has many opportunities for you to graduate early. Considering that this school focuses on academics, there arent any official sports teams but you are allowed to play for your home school's team.
Overall, my experience at Turner Tech has been something that I never would have imagined. At the start of freshman year, I had no idea that I would be where I’m at now as a senior. I was given the opportunity to join the Advanced Scholars Program. Freshman take two summer Dual Enrollment classes and continue taking dual enrollment classes throughout their years at TT. Once a senior, students in ASP are registered for Early Admissions where they take dual enrollment classes that can provide certificates and possibly degrees that will help in the real world. While taking dual enrollment classes, I was also given the opportunity to take Advanced Placement classes, honor classes, and technical classes. The prestigious William H. Turner Technical Arts High School was and still is my school of choice.
My experience at William H Turner Technical Arts High school was special the reason I say that is because coming into to high school i didn't know what to expect but turner tech really guide me because it is sorted by academies. Within the academies there are different programs and opportunity to get involve. The diversity is pretty average. There are some teachers that care about you and want you to learn and their are other just there . But academically Turner Tech is great especially the medical program.
I want to see changes in the way dicipline is handled, as well as the way material is taught. Also the insttution can use newer and more up to date technology. More caring people should be hired into administration.
I would like to see more of a change in the social aspect as the school mainly focuses on the Academic portion since it is a technical school.
It's a Great School. They push us to the maximum with all the floods of work they give but it helps in the end. Also, the programs are great depending on what you want to do further in life. For example, Medical is the best. We learn about so many things and it prepares us for college.
William H. Turner Tech is a great school when it comes to preparing for testes,studying for the SAT, or for choosing the right career that fits you. When it comes the teachers most of them have a nasty attitude, very rude, and they are not fair. Overall the school is great but needs more improvements.
William H. Turner Technical Arts High School is a school where they try prepare your child for the next step. Turner Tech is a school of Choice and has 8 different Academies that specialize in different career paths your child might want to take. The 8 academies are Criminal Justice, Entertainment Technology, Business & Finance, Information Technology, Medical Sciences, Civil Engineering & Architectural Design , Instructional Research and Veterinary Science & Agricultural Technology. All students must complete a career portfolio, which includes examples of their individual work as well a current resume, and participate in a senior capstone experience. I'm a student at turner tech, im in the class of 2020 and in the VSAT acamdemy. My academy prepare and guide students both academically and professionally toward a career in Veterinary or Agricultural Sciences by letting get hands-on experience with working with farm animals and teaching us what it like to run a farm.
William H. Turner Technical Arts High School has one main focus and that's getting their students to where they need to be. The staff there ensures that students are in class getting the best education possible. At the same time, they make sure that the students have a great student life. The school has no sports, but instead has different academies that helps each student get one step closer to their career choice.
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One thing I like about my current school William H. Turner Technical Arts High School is that it allows the student to explore the different work fields that will later help them in the future.
I started off as a kid not knowing anything when I first started and as years flew by I graduated and now understand the importance of how learning new things in class and finding what u are interested in could change your process through figuring out what you want to do in your life as in college or anything else
My experience with turner tech was very good. I had a chance to make new friends and meet different people with different culture. My academy helped me a lot because I earned a lot of certifications like mos specialist and adobe expert.Also, Turner tech helped me to get out of my comfort zone and allowed me to be more confident with myself. I made friends with staff members and teachers throughout my experience. The teachers helped me to be successful in my career and i couldn't ask for more.
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