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Most of the teachers are decent and care. However Teachers that are abusive are protected by the school at the childs expense. Curriculum is ok. School is not diverse. They cater to rich people.
Everyone in the town thinks that the school district is amazing but if you go on US news its ranks it in the 1,200 spot for national rankings and
Overall very nice and supportive teachers, however, if you are gifted and not in all of the advanced classes offered, you will become very bored very quickly. People are nice but no diversity. Girls and boys tend to clique together by socioeconomic status.
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The only reason why I can't say that it's the best school is because the teacher's union makes it impossible for teachers who don't behave justly or respectably to students, generally cannot be touched. If teachers were held to a standard where they knew that they could lose their jobs if they bullied or harassed children, they would be liable for the behavior they bestow. 98% of the teachers I have encountered at this school system truly know their stuff, care, are professional and can look a student or parent in the eye. But the other 2% stink on ice! And when a student knows they have to go to school day after day and put up with someone's unhappiness, that upsets the student, the student's family and the school. The school officials will talk to the bad teacher, and nothing will happen except summer off and complaint of low pay. One good thing that comes from this real life problem, is that some children become stronger for it, decide to become educators, and always be nice. After all, it never hurts anyone to be nice.
I have had excellent guidance counselors throughout all of the schools at Moorestown Twp Schools for my children. The quality of the buildings and facilities are very good, the technology is very good, although I have heard of other schools changing from textbooks to ipads; we use books still. College prep resourses are excellent. The continuum of class curricula leading from one grade to the next has prepared all of my children to succeed at the future next level. Tutoring is available, but it is costly. There is after school tutoring for free by some teachers for more difficult classes, and I have found through word of mouth that the students who seek this out are the more successful students who need the tutoring the least; they are just outstanding scholars. Parent involvement is rabid at Moorestown Township. It is so normal that by the time the children get to high school, the parents think they are being shut down by teachers, but it is the normal course of events that students have to learn to stand on their own. It's great to see the interaction and care, but it is the child who is in school and not the parent. This is a town of many professional and overachieving, smart and competitive adults who have high expectations for their children. The school offerings and the parents can make a pressure cooker for the students, but most caring teachers and the guidance counselors have honed skills that soothe even the most maniacal of moms or dads, for a time. Busing has never been a problem that I have ever had to deal with at the township.
The only complaints that I have had in the past at this school is of teachers who are basically rude, mean and undermining to children. The anti-bullying policy in place for the township speaks to students rights and responsibilities and assumes that teachers do not bully. I have run into it at the middle school level with a teacher who really does as little as possible, and yells at the children. She gets away with it year after year due to the protection of the teacher's union, I presume. One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch, as long as you know ahead of time to demand that your child does not get this teacher. But ultimately people get stuck with this person, who should not be in the profession.

The school nurse and health programs are excellent and I think the school administration has a high regard for safety precautions; security and staff always on guard.
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