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Ever since my freshman year I was severely depressed. My home life was never the best but something that I looked forward to was going to school here. The staff are all so welcoming and friendly and I can honestly say I never felt alone here. If I had no one to eat lunch with, I would go into a teachers' classroom and have the time of my life. There is also so much school spirit and there's something for everyone here. We have so many clubs and extracurricular activities. I can honestly say I could not have asked for a better High School experience.
Will C. Wood High School is a great school. The community is extremely friendly and hardly anyone is an outcast. The academics are great and the staff are so friendly. People from other high schools in the district are always talking about how amazing he community is at Wood. I'm proud to call myself a Will C. Wood student.
Will C. Wood high school is a very fun and well ran school. All of the teachers are super nice and always there to help you when you need help with anything. They have a very fun and uplifting atmosphere and all the staff and students there are very welcoming. Even though they might not have the best sports teams in the district the coaches make it as safe and fun as possible for all of the players. It is a very good school overall and I would recommend sending your kids there.
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Will C. Wood has a great support system through teachers in classes where you challenge yourself. If you allow yourself to be challenged the support you will receive will make it worth it, and it everything will be to help and prepare you for the next level. The campus is also very diverse.
Will C. Wood is a one of a kind. The students who care are actually the best people on campus. I never actually saw a fight my 4 whole four years. Our campus was known for not having fights. Campus supervisors are always on call and also always ready to talk us down and be there for us.
I've attended Will c Wood all 3 years of high school and it's been the most amazing decision I've ever made. I got into leadership my freshman year and it truly changed my life. Ever since then I've been very active in my school, participating as much as I could. The teachers at Wood have made all the difference for me, they have encouraged me every step of the way and without their support I couldn't have done it. Wood prides itself on school spirit and we will go all out during spirit weeks. Our football team may not be the best in the district but our basketball and soccer team are amazing. Overall I think Wood is a wonderful place.
Will C Wood is a great high school to attend. They offer many classes and clubs that help you stand out to colleges and get a grip on what you want to do after graduating. The teachers are great, helpful, and mainly love their job and love to teach the students. The school offers a early college program that pays for 12 credits of class and all of your books per semester its a great opportunity.
My experience at Will C. Wood High School was fun and eventful. The general education classes gave me enough information to transfer over to college courses, but what I really enjoyed were the elective classes such as photography, yearbook, and architecture. The teachers were helpful whenever I had a question or they could point me in the right direction to find the answer. The one thing I would change is having smaller class sizes so the teachers could have more one on one time with all of the students.
I love the school spirit here at Wood. There is a large amount of resources and help for school work and going to college if you reach out.
I've gone to Will C. Wood since my freshman year and I'm currently a senior there. From my freshman year, I've had great teachers who not only care about how you do as a student but are also great people to confide in when you need them to be. Both teachers and students push for involvement and there are many different programs, clubs, classes, and activities where any student can fit in. It's a great school filled with great people and a community where any student would be lucky to grow in.
I've really loved attending Will C. Wood High School. When I first entered the school I felt very welcome and the school culture felt almost surreal. I've grown a lot throughout my high school career and I couldn't wish for a better school.
Wood is a great school for academics and clubs. I've been going here for 4 yrs now and I am so glad that I didn't end up going to Vaca High. I love the cheer program and leadership. Wood is so good when it comes to the leadership programs on campus, we have three of them. Service leadership, ASB and Link Crew. All three of them contribute so much to the vibe on campus. Our football team isn't really that good, but football games are still fun lol.
I liked how diverse our school was and all the school spirit that was involved. I remember being a freshmen and I was completely lost, but the help of our leadership programs on campus, they were very welcoming. One thing that I would change about Will C Wood High School is the lack of interest in women sports. Many of the boys sports are recognized in school announcements, but the girls are never recognized. I think that my school should do a better job at providing equal awareness and recognition in our sports.
My experience since freshmen year has been great. All the staff are really helpful and really want you to succeed. The football games and rallys have always been my favorite because you see everyone that goes all put and participates. It makes me feel my closer to my class when we all yell out seniors. Senior sunrise was beautiful and it crazy to think that was in August and now its January. I really love Wood because of its diversity. We have annual Banda Night and it has been one of my favorite events ever to be started because its our culture and our music. I will really miss that school when I graduate.
I am really grateful and glad that I got to spend my whole high school year at Will. C Wood. Everyone is friendly and everyone acts as if we are one huge family, and we are a family. Everyone is spirited and we all support each other. Whether that is academics, or even sports. The upperclassmen, Link, and ASB do such a good job helping out our underclassmen. Overall, being at Wood was such a nice experience, and I am excited to end my year here.
Will c Wood was an overall great experience for me, this was because I was highly involved. I played multiple sports, preformed in plays, musicals, and show choir, and I also was Student Body Vice President. However, if you weren't so involved, it was not very fun. There was a lot of bullying to those who kept to themselves and the teachers didn't do much about it. A lot of teachers should have been switched out because they didn't prepare you for life after High school at all.
I transferred to will C. Wood during my sophomore year, I had a rough start with math and English since our teachers for these classes went away through the middle of the first semester, but I managed to come back up in the next year, thanks to a lot of the teachers that work there help.
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I love the spirit and community on our campus. I also love the fact that all staff
members are always helping you whether they are a teacher or not. They are all also very friendly. Something I would like to see changed is the appreciation for the things we have on our campus and the things ASB ,Link Crew and Service do and put on for our campus.
I really enjoyed all of the people I met there in leadership, it definitely helped me grow as a person. I also like that there aren't really any cliques or bullies here. The teachers are not perfect, but they genuinely care about your learning.
I like the family like type aspect. They try their best to make everyone feel connected. I would like to see nicer administration.
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