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Wildwood Catholic High School Reviews

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I love the smallness of Wildwood Catholic. It feels like one big family. The teachers and faculty are amazing.
The teachers care about you, and with small class room settings you don’t have to worry about not being helped.
value basketball over everything- even academics. little effort put into funding arts beyond the musical and play. no music program whatsoever.
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I am a 1978 graduate of Wildwood Catholic High School and my daughter just started in September as a freshman. The transition from Bishop McHugh to Wildwood Catholic was smooth. My daughter is so happy at school and that speaks volumes in itself.
average, cliquey high school. if you don't play basketball, the administration really doesn't seem to value you. The big pull for students and tuition is basketball, and they place WAY to much value on that, rather than other sports or clubs. sad to see talent in other areas get outshined by an above- average ball team
I've never seen anyone bullying in my school because we respect each other. We are taught from the first day to be nice to one another. The school is safe, in fact, people are not allowed to get in the building unless they are recognized by teachers or staff in general. The school nurse is always available and friendly and I overall think the school is safe.
They are very interesting and fun, especially the plays. This year the students helped by a few teachers, put up two plays: Grease and Snoopy!! The musical!. I was part of the cast of Snoopy!! The musical! and I'd definitely participate again. We get to know each other and bond, and it's a very good experience. I'd love to participate in the plays that will take place in the next two years and I'd definitely recommend it to other people.

Also, I'm part of the Forensics Club, and I'm willing to be part of the club until I graduate.
I strongly think that what makes our school unique is the environment. It's such a positive environment, and we all feel like we're a family. We get to know each other especially during extra-curricular activities, like sports, games and clubs. We have many clubs, like the international club, the Forensics Club -in which students are engaged in the art of communication through public speaking-, Mock Trial, and educational European trips. I am part of the Forensics club and it's been a great experience since the first meet we had with other schools. A student in my class and me will be attending the national finals in May in California, and I'm sure it's going to give us the motivation to keep putting all our efforts into doing always better. If I could do it all over again, I would definitely make the choice of being a student of Wildwood Catholic High School. I'm highly satisfied.
Honors Chemistry is the hardest class in my grade, but our teacher is always very clear and willing to explain more than once the lesson in case the students aren't approaching well the topic. This happens in every class, especially American Literature. This is my first year in an American school, and my literature teacher has helped me thoughout the three quarters and she does the same with the Chinese exchange student. The teaching styles adopted make you interested in the lesson, especially Health class where we learn a lot about our mind, body and society surrounding us. It's a very good learning environment.
Our school is a very safe environment. The students all abide by an honor code and there are no locks on our lockers.
It is very easy to get involved. A lot of school spirit
My overall experience has been one of feeling safe , well educated, and part of a family. I feel fortunate to be here
I have had 4 amazing years due to wonderful teachers. I feel very well prepared for college.
one nurse, she's really nice, and a clean environment. just not top notch
most kids play sports, not a whole lot of arts funding, but there's a noticeable amount
just depends on the person and how willing they are to try
Really care about the students, some are ok, and some just aren't that great. Just depends on your attitude
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You have to take control of your own education in some aspects, but there’s no place like WCHS
Heat is for the lower school. Air conditioning is a treat.
There was a lot of change happening while I was there, sometimes there weren’t the best employees, but that has since been corrected.
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