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What I like about this school is that they help you with your grades if you want to go back. Also they have programs for teen moms who need the help[ while they attend classes they have a daycare for their child.
At Tracy Highschool there are numerous of different other cultures and beliefs. I believe that different beliefs, ways of thinking, and diverse ethical backgrounds are important because they helps us young adults see different outlooks of our life that perhaps are minds have never reached across. At this school there are many different believes but much of the minority are latino or a hispanic background. There are groups on campus and often times that can lead to misunderstandings with other students at this school and may cause a social issue. Most of the students are more involved in their classroom then in school clubs on campus. All students here carry a smile on their face as soon as they enter the classroom and that to me is one of the biggest points of a diverse and great educational experience. Many students are accepting as long as you are just and don't judge them for how they are. Most of the student can understand each other when it takes place in the classroom because of us at that school have a story to how we to here and what led us to where we are. We all respect each other because of that which really lessons peer pressure and the acceptance of others. As long as you stick to yours goals and you way of being no one will judge you or treat you any different.
Numerous different academic classes are present at Tracy Highschool but I wish their was more of a wider range of variety in it. The classes that I had taken this last semester have been quite interesting and was a learning experience for me because everyday there was always something new to learn, grasp, and often times I found it as something I can relate directly to my own life and make something better of it. The curriculum is often times easy to take in and often times can be challenging. The workload is good enough for you learn at school and work on there, so when it is time to go home you can work on other responsibilities. I think that the should give out more take home assignments and projects to work on home. Most of the time we just get lectures, notes, and a good amount of classwork. Teachers are considerate and respective of the needs of other students time to work on assignments. There is not a day that I don't enjoy being in class. The teachers here are more then just educators they are lifelong mentors, ones that you will always carry in the depths of your heart. The teachers and this community have helped me endure into that prospective individual I've always strived to be. This school offers online courses and independent studies given to students who perhaps can't for ever reason take the class physically. I believe different studying opportunities are a wonderful advantage because it gives any one a chance to pursing their educational needs and goals. At Tracy Highschool there is always a second chance to get right on track to the view of your education.
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At this school I personally do feel safe. But there are times when I realize others at this school might not feel the same as I do. There are diverse ethic groups at this school and many times because of cultured and ethic boundaries, it often times gets turned into name calling and bullying that may often break down an individual. Since I've been a student at this school often times it happens out of school and often times defense and problems arrive at school with a physical fight. I have felt bad for that student because they were being name called horrendous names by other students and the one bullying throws a hit and the other defends them self and as soon as the SIA or security has seen whats happening they run to separate it. Bullying, meaning name calling I believe is often times an issue but when SIA, teachers, or police officers are present nothing seems to take place. There are special security measures that take place including one a week checkups by a city police that stays with us on a given school day of the week, bag checks when using the restrooms, restroom locks, and lock down for students who get locked out of class for not paying respect to the faculty and teachers and as well as arriving late to class, or aren't following the guideline procedures of the school. The school nurse is a loving health care provider that aims to help during you times of emergency and need. They have been there for me personally when having an asthma attack and needed by breathing tools as soon as possible. The teachers, SIA's, police, and the safety services are there to make needs of are safety and that of the whole school community. You know that they are always going to have your back in times of hardships and troubles.
Tracy has a valuing and earnestly loving school faculty that really supports are passions in the clubs and school activities. This school has an entrusting community of teachers and an administration that really helps to nourish the needs of the students. We have softball competitions against the teachers, field trips where we can interview for internships and jobs, career day, college fairs, Peace and Bridge Builders Club, Student of the month recognitions and honorable mentions, Academic Excellent Awards night, and an enticing exceptional moment of a teen memorial that Peace Club sets up. A numerous amount of crosses are placed around campus and photographs of those innocent lives of young adults that had sacrificed their lives to the needs of us others with the same beating heart. The principle and a veteran come to share the special day and it's meaning. That simple act really grasps the hearts and minds of the students to really succor the reflections on the stridulous realities of war. Beautiful learning and growing experiences like these help us students evolve to a rightful future. Humbling moments like these to small moments of a tied basketball competitions against the teachers really is something I and other Tracy Highschool students are thankful for. Here we have circle talks in one class every other Tuesday that gives us a chance to breathe and let go of the things that may be in are head and hearts that must be released. It lets us speak about current events happening in our world today and even hardships us young adults live in and are going through. The Peace and Bridge Builders Club offers summer camps in the summer that helps us to expand are knowledge and make known are thoughts toward worldwide issues based on political, racial, and personal events we care about. The leaders there help build us into strong willed individuals with a voice that longs to speak up and make a change towards the things that matter most to us.
They have a heart of selflessness for the students.
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