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Wichita Learning Center Reviews

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It was okay. Should have more interaction & trips.
Safety wasn't an issue in the school. Secure with locked doors police officers. Bullying is never resolved.
They keep the building very secured.
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It was ok, but it's not the same as a physical school.
It is weird going from a physical school to an online school, because every time you go to talk to your teacher in person at an online school you have to tell them your name.
The school was very easy for me, but my opinion may be skewed due to the fact that I went from AP courses to regular classes and I was no longer being challenged.
they had p.e. activities almost every week for those enrolled and the meet up in the afternoon.
not really any social scenes again its an online school.
everyone is very helpful and everyone is there to help you whenever you need it.
it was really good i just miss the atmosphere around friends.
It an online school not many restrictions since we are mostly at home but they do require regular school outfits like other public schools.
The school is good mostly online and skype everything is on the computer. they have tutoring is there if you ask for help but not much else p.e. events and reading.
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