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As a parent of two Wichita Collegiate students and as both an educator and counselor for almost two decades, I can say without hesitation or doubt that Wichita Collegiate School, unequivocally, provides my boys the very best in education and social/emotional growth. My family considers it a tremendous blessing that our boys are growing up here. The school and community are teaching our boys to excel in all respects and their teachers go the extra mile to guide them in areas far beyond just academics. From the academics and athletics to the diversity and traditions, Wichita Collegiate School has become our extended family.
Wichita Collegiate School is a truly fantastic establishment that provides a one-of-a-kind education. I have attended Collegiate since preschool, and I am forever amazed at the level of care and dedication each and every teacher and faculty member possesses. The school provides a positive learning environment and boundless opportunities for its students. Not only does Collegiate have stellar academics, but they also have so many other experiences to enrich the life of each and every student- whether they are in preschool or a senior in high school! Sports, fine arts, vocal music department, band, and the amazing STEM building and innovation labs provide a unique experience. Our teachers expect our best efforts and the students expect their teachers to be willing to help with every step. Collegiate students are no strangers to challenges. Our school motto, Probe Te Dignum, translates to "Prove Yourself Worthy." The students at Collegiate display this motto throughout their schooling.
We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity for all three of our kids to attend and graduate from Wichita Collegiate School. The exemplary instruction from outstanding teachers prepared them for higher education and excelling in the work force. Each one of our children made valuable connections with the teachers that helped them make decisions about college choices, degree completion, and employment selection. We would never trade the valuable experiences that Wichita Collegiate School provided our children and family.
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Wichita Collegiate is an all around great school. Challenging academics, top fine arts programs, elite sports... Collegiate has it all.
My son is new to Collegiate this year and I couldn’t be more happy with this school! Everyone has been so welcoming and accommodating. The atmosphere Is unlike any other school. It truly is a community with great sports and amazing academics.
Finding Collegiate was and continues to be an answer to prayer! I have 3 teenage sons. They are athletes and my husband and I wanted a school where they would thrive not only as athletes, but more importantly, as students. Collegiate has been that place for our family. My sons have been challenged in their academic performance and yet they have been supported and cared for. Collegiate has fostered an environment that expected them and allowed for them to grow as leaders in the classroom and on their athletic teams. My sons recognize the difference, as well. The smaller class size and level of family involvement provides a community feel similar to that of a small town. The faculty and staff investment and support extends beyond their 8 hr work day. The financial sacrifice we have made to have our young men at Collegiate is priceless and every bit worth the investment!
Best school in Kansas! Educators go the extra mile to provide an unique learning experience for each child. Class sizes are small allowing teachers to spend more one on one time with each student. The kids are always the first priority and that is what really stuck out to me about Wichita Collegiate School.
I have had two kids at WCS. One graduated and the other is currently in the Upper School. It is a fabulous school. The teachers really want the best for each student and are willing to go above and beyond. One of my kids is learning different and the time and care the teachers give him is amazing. They are willing to try new and different techniques when one of the more traditional ways does not work. The learning lab teachers are always checking in and have a special connection with the kids they work with. There are also lost of club, activities, team and organizations. Something for everyone. I especially like the fact that the athletes and arts kids tend to be one and the same. Definitely able to cross the clique lines.
Wichita Collegiate School is truly a unique and happy place to go to school. There are a plethora of opportunities for growth and teachers truly care about students here. Teachers make themselves available to students on a daily basis before and after school and make it a point to have personal connections with students. It is a bit of a culture shock to go from public school to a private school, but once you get used to it, there is truly no better place to be!
My children love attending Wichita Collegiate. We are continually impressed with what the teachers are able to do in their classrooms to foster a love of learning. In Early Childhood they are exposed to so many subjects, activities and technologies as well as given plenty of time for recess to burn off energy and be kids. It truly is a community of people who care about helping children become their best. We look forward to continuing our education experience at Collegiate.
My son is in preschool at Collegiate, and we love it! I’ve watched him blossom under their care, thrilled to take on new days and learn new things. He truly loves his teacher, and I can tell she loves him and his classmates.

I love the way Collegiate empowers teachers. They get to use their expertise and creativity to help their students learn and grow.
When we moved to Wichita, there was no doubt we wanted to send our children to school at Collegiate. We have never doubted our decision. Having four children that now attend school across different divisions, we have truly witnessed how much the teachers and administration care about our children. This school is like family. They focus not only their education but individual personalities as well.

Their after school enrichment academy classes have proven to be an excellent addition for our children. They have been exposed to so many extracurricular activities with the convenience of being on location at the school.
My daughter has attended Collegiate for 10 years. This is the school that offers it all... the highest academics, fine arts, and athletics, as well as opportunities for leadership. Students are well rounded, prepared for top colleges, and ready to be productive, responsible, independent adults. At WCS, students are truly known by their teachers, who tailor their teaching for individual student needs. This is a good school for learning-different students.
I have seen the Collegiate Cares motto in action. Students learn to be better versions of themselves at WCS.
It is like a big extended family. The curriculum is tough, but most of the teachers are very dedicated and love teaching. There are many extracurricular activities and you are encouraged to choose as many as you want, as long as you continue to do well academically.
As both an alum and a current parent, I don't think I have enough great things to say about this amazing community. I was only able to attend Collegiate because of the financial assistance my parents were able to receive. Despite not being a "country club" family, I never felt out of place. In fact, quite the opposite. Families went out of their way to help me feel included. My favorite part of my Collegiate experience was that I could play any sport I wanted and perform in the musical and drama productions. Those out-of-classroom experiences shaped me into the person I am today.

Now looking at the school through the eyes of a parent, I could not be more grateful that my kids will grow up here. Their teachers, whether they had them last year or five years ago, care about their well-being and development. Having three very different kids, each are challenged and supported in the best possible way to help them uncover their own gifts and talents.
I attended Collegiate for about 5 years (part of middle and high school). Collegiate definitely has a desired "fit" and if you don't meet it you are in for an awful time. It is one thing to be mistreated by students, but being mistreated by teachers crosses the line and I remember one teacher in high school (she is still employed there) who went out of her way to treat me badly even though I had respectable grades by Collegiate standards. Fortunately, my parents saw how miserable I was and let me finish high school at Maize.

Parents, if you care about your child's education, and that's great, just live in a district that has good public schools. You'll save money and more importantly, your child's personal well-being.
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I graduated from WCS in the mid-2000s. I was miserable there. At one point I begged my parents to let me finish elsewhere. The rumors of cliquishness are true and if you are on the receiving end of it, it is awful. Their anti-bullying measures are feeble, and most students can usually find a way around them. I was so downtrodden that I didn't even go to prom and promptly threw away my tassel after graduation.
While WCS does have solid athletics, some of those athletes treat others horribly while their coaches just looked the other way.
Despite all of the bad things, there were a handful of teachers who truly did care about all of their students and if it wasn't for them, I don't know if I could have made it through.
Since graduating, I have worked hard to undo the grief WCS caused me as well as erase any connections I had to WCS. When asked where I went to high school, I say I went to Andover or Southeast. When asked me if I knew someone who went to WCS, I say I never heard of them.
Collegiate is the best school in Wichita without question. My two children are lifers and have enjoyed the most outstanding teachers, caring community, and rigorous academics. We love the religious and ethnic diversity and huge variety of extra curricular activities. Highly recommend!
I love Wichita Collegiate. I joined the school my freshman year and I felt at home immediately. They have great teachers and faculty who genuinely care about your individual success, and you really build personal relationships with them. The student body was so easy to fit in to as well.
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