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Whittier Elementary School Reviews

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I grew up in this school with many friends I still have today, I've seen a lot of changes happen and some I do not like but I would still go back to see most of all my childhood teachers. They were the best.
The teachers seem like they love their job and are willing to help and happy to teach
The old building of Whittier Elementary was definitely more spacious, definitely providing enough room for all of our grades. Even with the building being on the older side, it had good quality and condition inside and out. Technology didn't or was just getting introduced to us while I attended. Tutoring was offered to help us with certain subjects. Parent involvement was strongly encouraged in our schooling experience. Even though I didn't need a bus to get to school, there were always ones provided for us.
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All my teachers were great from what I can remember of the K-5 years I spent with different ones.
There would be Bingo and Nacho Nights for a fun and I would say one of the most popular options this school provided. Also there was this walking program I was a part of that provided a cool way to incorporate exercise into our days.
If I had to do it all over again, I would of still chose to attend Whittier Elementary School. Not only was it just right down the street from me, it also provided memories I cherish to this day.
I felt really safe at this school. There is not one bad memory or negative thought I have that includes the health and safety policies
My overall experience was a great one at Whittier Elementary School. My grades were good and I feel that was a result from the active involvement of my principal and teachers I had throughout my five year experience there.
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