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Whittier Dual Language School Reviews

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Although I complained too much about the food, overall I had a great experience at this school. I learned so much from myself. And by that I mean, I discovered my weaknesses and strengths and improved my weaknesses.
The teachers were amazing! They truly challenged me academically and that has helped me now that I'm a college student. They are very passion for what they do and are willing to help their students regardless of the situation.
The policies in this school are great and so are the administrators! I felt saved the entire time I was attending this school. The policies were looked as a bad thing (from a student's perspective), but now that I'm grown, I see that the school kept us safe from danger and those policies worked.
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Teachers are the only good thing about this school. These teachers are committed and willing to help their students.
Not many options were offered. The students weren't committed and teachers who would run clubs sometimes seem to have no idea how to run it.
School food was okay because not everybody seemed to like it, including me. It wasn't satisfying nor appetizing. It made my stomach sick, but it was the only thing students had to eat. I personally ate once and became ill.
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