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Whitney is the #1 high school in California, the staff is amazing. There are great teachers but the school itself, the property is in pretty bad condition and the school is underfunded. Also if you are looking for diversity, Whitney is not the place to go.
It's a great school to help you get prepared for college if you are interested in entering the STEM field. The school environment is definitely full of pressure though. It feels like you're always competing with your peers and the administration pushes for this so that students excel further and promote the school's image. It's doesn't provide students with a variety of classes, especially if you're interested in humanities.
I found my passion at Whitney High School! I was involved in so many clubs and sports teams, and also a huge part of student government. I met amazing people who pushed me to become the best person I could be, and I wouldn’t be who I am without Whitney.
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Whitney High School is a small, tight-knit community and allows for students to prepare for college. However, not many course are available and the administration is taking courses like AP Calculus AB, Creative Writing, etc. away, even though many students would have benefited from these classes. Most of the teachers are very supportive but there are not many extracurriculars you can participate in, as Whitney only has MUN and Science Olympiad/Science Fair classes available as classes and independently student-run clubs.
I love the college readiness that Gretchen Whitney High School provides. I believe the diversity, the sports, and the administration should be improved to take the school to the next level. Overall my experience is satisfactory, I believed this school prepared me so much for college even if the workload is challenging at times.
Whitney High School is a small small school with roughly 1,000 students ranging from 7th-12th grade. Even though there aren’t that many students, every person has a large personality. Such a small school has a large number of advantages. For example, every student is very close with one another. Over that past few years at Whitney, I have been welcomed into the wildcat family more and more as time passes on. Every grade is integrated with one another and that has allowed us to become a tight knit community. As the #1 high school in California, every student works very hard to maintain that spot. Yet, we are not competitive with each other to be the best student. A very memorable experience for me has to be Faculty Follies, an annual event where teachers embarrass themselves to provide scholarships for our senior students for college. I still remember watching one of that acts that ended up on the news because of the song popularity. That was definitely my favorite memory so far.
As a student interested in the arts as opposed to academics, going to Whitney High School has made the past four years (7th through 10th) the four most unenjoyable years of my life. The environment at the school is centered extremely on STEM studies, and there are close to no opportunities for students interested in arts such as design. The students that attend, because of their lifestyle that focuses solely o success that is measured by GPA, form a culture that is based on the pressure placed on the students by the school and by each other.
Being the number one school in California, a lot educational needs are provided to us and we tend to have a good school environment. With a smaller number of kids in each grade, we are able to bond with each other more and have experiences other public schools may not be able to have. The staff is amazing and you overall have a friendly, family like enviroment.
Whitney High School had a small community feel but provided its students with a large amount of opportunities whether that be with career exploration, internships, college research, clubs, etc.
I believe I can speak for many when I say, Whitney high School has made me as well as others feel more prepared than ever, for our future. Going to this school has been an amazing experience. From making forever lasting friends throughout the six years there, to establishing a promising relationship with the teachers and staff. Not only do they prepare you for what is yet to come, you are still able to explore a wondrous high school experience. There is much diversity, fun competitions, and everyday activities that would make you proud to be a Whitney wildcat. Although school can be challenging at times, the magnificent Wellness counselors have got your back. Whether it is talking to you, or providing you with stress relieving toys during hard times. If you are questioning your college future, the College and Career Center staff are there for you and will provide you with the best opportunities to make your future a success.
I liked the environment of Whitney. Everyone's nice and everyone's a family. However, sometimes I felt that the stress of Whitney was unnecessarily high, and I wish that teachers could see that, and also that we are usually dealing with a hundred things at the same time.
This school has definitely prepared me for my upcoming years in college. It has also pushed me to be my best self academically.
It is academically challenging because it is the number one ranked high school in California. A test is taken for admissions and the top scores are admitted. It is a drug-free environment and very safe. It prepares you very well for college and does a great job stimulating a college-like environment.
This is an academic based school with focus on STEM rather than other extracurricular activities. There is a huge workload that gets worse as you approach your senior years but overall it is a tolerable school as long as you don't procrastinate. The food, sports, and resources could be better due to insufficient funding, but overall, I enjoyed my experience a Whitney and will come to miss it once I'm gone.
Whitney High School has helped me prepare for the near future: college. The workload that I have taken on since the seventh grade has accumulated in to mountains of knowledge and understanding. The workload may be big,
but has nonetheless prepped me in the light of the loads of work that I will soon be facing in college.
The faculty and students here are probably the best in California. However, can be very stressful due to the intense workload and competitive environment.
As a student from Whitney High School, I found the environment to be very welcoming yet also challenging. The curriculum and activities in the school definitely push students to their best abilities in order to help them strive in the future. Besides academically motivating students, Whitney High School also consists of a lot of sports and clubs that allow students who are not academically strong to engage in their strengths and interact with other students (of all grades) along with the teachers and faculty. Students are allowed to pursue their interests with the assistance of teachers who are well-versed in their specific fields and are able to improve drastically within their time at Whitney High School. Overall, I believe that Whitney High School benefits students and encourages them to reach their goals.
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Whitney High School is an excellent school, perfect for the academic go-getter who has a clear picture of what they want to accomplish in life. The work habits that you will acquire at Whitney are fantastic preparation for life in college, workplace, and beyond. You will make lifelong friends here.

Older students and teachers very supportive and will be willing to help you if you take the initiative. The Big Buddy / Little Buddy program does a good job of matching 7th and 8th graders with juniors and seniors.

People at Whitney joke that we have an undefeated football team, only because we don't actually have one. However, the cross country team and JAWS (the dragon boating team) are very tight knit and truly are a family.
It has been 2 months since I've started attending Whitney, and I'm glad to say that my experience has been very positive so far. All the students are very bright and incredibly ambitious, not to mention their sportsmanship. The teachers, too, take their role seriously as educators of the future generation, while also taking the initiative to interact and bond with their students. While it is inarguable that the competition is high within the school, it is nowhere as severe as most people make it out to be- and when managed well, the competition can serve as a motivation rather than a burden. My only concern is that Whitney has a fairly limited amount of AP courses available to their students compared to most high schools. Otherwise, the school has great staff, amicable students, respectable teachers, and a strikingly positive school atmosphere. I have no regrets in coming to Whitney.
It is a overall good school, but it is really stressful and competitive, and there's almost nothing to help with that. The homework load just makes matters worse, however, since you are in a school with the same people for 6 years, you make some really close friendships. Also, you develop a really close relationship with some teachers.
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