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The school promotes cultural diversity, success, confidence and innovation as part of their mission statement. The curriculum provides rigor and innovation. The small student body population allows each student to succeed and prepares them to succeed in college and to adapt to challenges and changes in the world. The staff and administration know each student by their names and they truly care about the students. There's a sense of family within this small, adhesive school community and the students thrive and succeed.
Whitfield has a very rigorous program that nutures, guides, and supports each student as they stirve to reach their goals. Teachers make themselves available to help each student along the way if needed.
The school has a very hands on experience and I couldn’t recommend it more. Very great staff that is always helping and a great student body.
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I began Whitfield School in the 7th grade, fall of 2013, and I just graduated high school May 28, 2019.
I feel that Whitfield really embraced me in its school community, as there is no perfect place I really think that the student body, parents, faculty, and staff really make people of different ethnicities feel welcome at the school.
The school moto of habits of mind and heart, is what makes the entire school community feel this since of cohesiveness. There's dialogue on differnces during class seminars in subjects such as world government, world and American history, and
the teachers at Whitfield do a dynamic job of leading these types of discussions that sometime can be difficult, which brings me back to the school moto of habits of mind and heart, embracing others differences.
I will always love and feel very connected to my secondary learning community Whitfield School.
One thing I like about Whitfield is the diversity. There are many different cultures and ethnicities represented within the Whitfield community and I think that is something that makes this place unique. Another aspect of Whitfield I admire is that there are so many different opportunities and ways to be involved (outside of just academics).
I can't imagine my high school being any different after a few years of being at Whitfield. I feel welcome by my classmates. The school is pretty vibrant with traditions established by students. The teachers here are dedicated to challenging and pushing the kids. Whitfield also offers countless innovative opportunities from student clubs to projects in class. I am sure that this experience prepares me well for my future.
Many dedicated teachers and staff who know their students well and go far above and beyond to meet and exceed students’ needs. You will get a very personalized experience in a supportive environment.
Concerned about whole student development not just academics. Great sense of community with school and families.
Sweeeeet and studious kids! Very inclusive, yet competitive and achievement-oriented. Great college prep!
Whitfield does provide a good education, and prepares students for college well. The college prep program is well-run, and the teachers are usually very knowledgeable of their subjects and the small class sizes make it easy for students to have one-on-one time with their teachers. However, Whitfield does have its problems. The school has hired teachers in the past that are clearly unqualified to teach at this type of institution, causing the students education to be lacking in said subject for that year. The school also shies away from controversy, being more likely to shut down a controversial discussion about current events rather than encourage it. This also means the administration is more ready to listen to parents who are paying the school rather than students who are attending. Finally, the lunch services are sub-par and the main options are often not food children want to eat.
Whitfield has given me the opportunity to learn in more ways than just inside the class room. We have traveled to Costa Rica this was an experience you just can't get anywhere else. The sports and arts available are second to none.
Whitfield is a growing institution. Form the year I arrived at Whitfield I could see its mission statement being put into effect as it strove to increase its diversity and inclusion. At Whitfield students have the opportunity to choose their classes, test out of classes and jump ahead if needed, participate in clubs and even start them, as well as participate in sports. I feel blessed to have been able to attend Whitfield and receive the resources and preparation for college I now have.
Whitfield is the perfect balance of academics and character. Students all know each other, whether in middle school or high school; and more importantly, they all acknowledge each other. The teachers are nurturing and continuously help students build self-esteem, while also giving them a life-long passion for learning.
This school provides an excellent education, which great teachers. The teachers will always be willing to work one on one with students. The only thing is that the school is very small, and there is a lot of drama within the grade levels.
I Really like it I go to it and It's fun and gives u the greatest experiences ever in my whole life.
I liked Whitfield because it supports and encourages each and every student to pursue their dreams. The culture is inclusive and the teachers are genuinely interested in helping their students reach their full potential.
Great experience ! Excellent support from all teachers! Wonderful philosophy on managing work load with academic excellence.
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There is a principal, assistant principal, head of school, and a middle school administrator. At Whitfield, the administration is incredibly involved in other activities. They participate regularly in schoolwide events.
There are a number of different sports at Whitfield. There is a lot of school spirit, especially for girls and boys basketball games. We have a group called the "Green Scene" and they support all of the sports games. It somewhat like a club. My only complaint would be that we don't have a football team or a swimming team. Our school is too small for these things, considering we only have about 400 students (includes middle school and high school).
There are a number of options in the cafeteria. The lunch is included in school tuition. There is regularly a hot lunch, a lighter choice, a soup of the day, and a salad of the day. There is also a salad bar, sandwich bar, fruit bar, and a cereal bar. Yogurt, nutella, bagels, chips, peanut butter, etc. are also available. One may ask the kitchen staff about vegetarian options; garden burgers are available daily. Chicken breast is also available daily for people who need to keep a gluten-free diet.