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White Mountains Regional High School Reviews

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White Mountains Regional offers a variety of different classes in order to reach all the interests of students. Newly offered classes including JROTC, criminal justice, and culinary prepare students entering the workforce directly after high school, and connect them with local future employers. This school also allows students to explore future interests, such as majors they wish to study in college, by allowing them to have these extended learning opportunities such as job shadowing, during the school day in order to give them a chance to explore their career of interest and connect them with individuals and companies of the community.
White Mountains Regional is a beautiful campus with plenty of opportunities for all career fields. If something is not offered at the school, students can be transported to surrounding schools for extended learning opportunities such as a business class, LNA training, teacher education, and so much more. The atmosphere of the school is very good and students tend to be cooperative and happy with their class choices. Overall, this school has improved with every year that it has been in business and will continue to change for the better of education.
The White Mountains Regional School is a fantastic school with plenty of opportunities. The school takes pride in the wide range of opportunities that they let the students use such as extended learning opportunities and the different classes the school offers. The school has a very close community, if you ever needed you could talk to any of the staff and they would gladly help you out. The administration is very involved with students and talks with the student body every week. If there was something that I would want to see change it would be the guidance system, it's not bad but it could be better.
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A "Culture of Teaching" to a "Culture of Learning" has encompasses the goal of White Mountains Regional. While it’s nestled in Northern New Hampshire, this school has achieved what even some larger schools can't, the ability to push and prepare students for the real world. Not only are VLACs, Running Start, and Duel Enrollment courses encouraged, students are able to individualize their schedules to get the most out of high school. With internships, ELOs, and work releases available, students can begin learning to network themselves outside of school. In addition, STEM academy, an upcoming program, reinvents the classroom. Above all, this school's atmosphere is unmatched. Teachers, Faculty, and Staff care about the students and have the ability to be flexible. Everyone knows everyone. White Mountains is making great strides to cater to the students, making them the most prepared they can be no matter their plan after high school.
Wonderful teachers and administration, you really feel like you are at home. The sports and academics are both very open despite the few students at the school.
This school is one of the most terrible schools ever. the teachers are awful and care more about making money than actually teaching students new information. They assign homework that has nothing to do with what we are learning. The teachers also rather assign stupid things because they don't feel like assigning us class work, which puts us far behind other classes. Also, the school officer is a joke. He rather be "buddy buddy" with the students and pretend like he's back in high school than do his job. The principle, Mr. Berry, thinks he's all that and some big badass then an actual principle. He thinks he's Mr big man, and thinks he has higher authority than the super attendant . The last thing I would like to cover is the boys bathroom. The bathrooms are disgusting. In one of the urinals in the boys bathroom has snot all over the wall. They do not keep it clean and it makes me not want to use the bathroom.
Our system is broken period. We need new staff and the schedule is awful. The food tastes like trash and the portions are to small. Mr.Berry isn't the best principle, that's a promise.
The school was very inviting. It allowed you to connect with the teachers and they would help you with anything. You had the ability to create bonds with people that you might not normally interact with. The school provided many opportunities for students and set them up for success in the future.
There is a wide variety of clubs. There is something for everyone.
WMRHS provides great opportunities for students. There is a wide variety of activities and classes.
The teachers genuinely care about the students and provide high quality lessons.
I was involved in Drama, Skiing, Track and Field, Student Council, Technology Student Association... very active in all - all years! Loved it - friends, time, fitness oriented, just overall amazing.
Small town high school - everyone knows each other and pitches in to help, very caring and outgoing community!
Small atmosphere and environment - teachers are able to work with students more easily and ensure students are understanding and mastering material covered.
Most classes I have are great so far. Teachers are generally nice and care for students. Workload is manageable. Content of study is great in my opinion The only sad thing is there are not many choices of classes as in big schools.
It's mostly nice here, though people would mostly just hang out with those they like. There are not much diversity though the school does its best, and generally tolerance is for closer cultures.
There are clubs but not all of them are active throughout the year.
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Teachers are nice and knowledgeable in their fields. Many care for students' problems and are very helpful.
It's not absolutely out of negative aspects but is relative safe and nice.
The school does a lot to make sure the students are always safe and in a comfortable environment.
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