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Overall my time at White knoll is pretty chill. The people there are nice most of the time. one thing i wish we could change tho is the school lunches
White Knoll offered me the opportunity to play Soccer since 7th grade.
It has taught me to be responsible, challenged me to overcome adversity, and gave me opportunities to grow.
The teachers are very understanding and will help you anytime you need it. The teachers are dedicated to having a fun learning environment in order to keep students engaged.
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Great school with great teachers. Always ready to teach and very friendly with everyone. I am about to be a senior in high school and I have made many friends that I will remember after graduating. This is a school where you will learn with intelligent teachers and staff who’s job is to make sure you’re learning.
Some things I would like to see change in White Knoll High School is the way certain teachers talk to the students. When coming to school you should feel like you’re in a safe place. Something else I would recommend changing is the “he say, she say” policy, in the court of law you’re innocent before proven guilt at White Knoll high school Administration goes off of the first report someone tells them.
White Knoll high school has an amazing amount of pride when it comes to school spirit. Sure, we may compare ourselves to other schools that have more money than us, or that are way bigger and beautiful but you should see how fast those bleachers fill on Friday night for the varsity football game while the seniors and juniors scream for the timberwolves! The overall experience during a normal school day isn't very exciting, and we might have some issues with cliques but it's all normal for a regular high school. I wouldn't say White Knoll isn't anything special, but it all depends on how involved you are, when it comes to sports, academics, or the arts. One's experience at White Knoll is what you make it to be.
I love this school and the school district. The staff make sure to take care of you as a student and fully prepare you for the college lifestyle that we are about to jump into. However, I wish the school was more educated on diversity and up to date on issues in certain communities so that situations could be handled in a more effective manner.
My personal experiences at White Knoll High school were a far stretch from what I wish they had been. I struggled there for 4 years, not academically but mentally. While there were amazing teachers who took time to listen and understand, there were also quite a few who personally bullied me as a student—making me feel like I was a disgrace in their presence.
When I think of high school, I get sick to my stomach. This is also because school was always a safe place for me to get away from home. It was very challenging to not feel safe there. There were always fights and I strongly believe it had very little to do with the teaching and administration, rather poor parenting at home.
Although a lot of it hurts to look back on, I am thankful for where my academic opportunities there led me—Clemson University.
I had a good school experience at White Knoll High School. Overall the teachers were caring and good teachers. The sports was overall competitive in the district. There are many options for clubs and involvement. The administration is supportive and encouraging. The school culture is one of inclusion and everyone has equal opportunities.
Great school. High standards. Awesome teachers and curriculum. Staff is always willing to help or talk through any issues ir concerns student or parent may experience. A++
I liked the amazing fine arts department, as well as attending the many fine arts events. Most of the staff is amazing and cares deeply for the students. The building itself needs some touch ups but isn’t in terrible or even poor condition. It would be nice if administration would stick to one schedule instead of changing it every year if my high school career. The food is alright but is lacking compared to the other schools in our district. The teachers do not do well at being standardized and all following the same rules. Rules vary widely from teacher to teacher including teachers ignoring rules set in place across the entire campus by administration.
Overall good, very standard education but good resources to use and events to experience new things.
I loved the teachers at White Knoll. They kept the classes interesting and helped anyway they could. I also thought our principle was the coolest. I remember he would give out high fives in the hallway and if you introduced yourself he would remember. Our football team was nice and weren’t your average “high school jocks.” If I could change something about White Knoll, it would be there rules on fighting. I wish there would have been a bigger punishment so there would have been less fights and bullying. Other than that, I believe White Knoll is a great school. White Knoll High, we love you!
The teachers are the best part of White Knoll High School-- find the right ones, and you will have a mentor and friend for your entire high school career. The school is adding on to its arts facilities, so in a few years it will be one of the nice schools in the area. The arts and NJROTC programs are the shining gems of White Knoll.
White Knoll holds a lot of memories for me. This high school was home for four years and I wouldn't have chosen a place any better. While there are teachers who frustrate you or refuse to give second chances, there are also teachers who believe in you and believe that you can always prove yourself.
i like that the atmosphere as a student was very supported. the class sizes are small enough to get the one on one attention. Lexington one really focuses on technology based learning and getting resources to better learning.
I like the district that White Knoll is in because everyone has the opportunity to take specialized classes at other schools in the district. But a thing that I would like to change about White Knoll is the schedule because there is not enough time built into the day for students to have time for homework, retakes, and other things like other schools in the district have.
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The Ap experience was great and easily the best part about the highschool, all of the Ap teachers really care and do great work and make learning as enjoyable as it can be.
My experience at white knoll high is memorable. They have great sport teams and students can really connect with teachers.
White Knoll treats all of the students like we’re still in middle school instead of high school. Most of the rules and codes in the school are unreasonably strict. For instance we aren’t even allowed to leave the cafeteria during our lunch unless we’re going to the bathroom. Also we only had one designated bathroom we could go to during our lunch even though there are at least eight bathrooms in the school.
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