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A very good school overall. A very diverse group of students and wonderful academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. One of the better schools in CCS. However sports team coaches are heavily prejudiced
Most of the teachers are cool enough to talk to if you need to. There is a decent range of activities to participate in so there shouldn’t be any boredom throughout the school year.
I came to Whetstone my sophomore year of High School. I’d say it was much better than my last school. Whetstone has taught me a lot of things and a few of my teachers were wonderful.
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I would like to see better food in the cafeteria.
There is some violence involving students. On the other hand I have good resources for readiness for college. Also I have great teachers who teach and understand me.
My son loves every minute at Whetstone High School. He has been able to connect with all of the teachers and succeed beyond my expectations.
I've been attending Whetstone High School since my sophomore year. Overall, my experiences were good. The students treat each other well, there are little to no cases of any bullying. The teachers are supportive and offer a friendly environment.
There is so much potential here. The teachers and administration are wonderful. The diverse student body at Whetstone makes it truly unique and the Clintonville community is very supportive. Sadly, the resources are extremely limited and the facilities are sub-par making it challenging to provide the students with the academic experience that they deserve. The failing grade that Columbus City Schools received is indicative of the lack of resources necessary for our students.
Whetstone has an extremely diverse student body, people of all different races, religions, and economic background. There is a sense of connection among students and all are accepted. While the general classes are not particularly challenging, Whetstone offers plenty of opportunities for students to challenge themselves. Such opportunities include dual enrollment at Columbus State Community College or OSU, and AP classes. The building itself is lacking many proper facilities such as air conditioning which can often make learning more difficult.
I've been going to Whetstone the past 3 years and am currently in my final year here. The experience has been nice since I've been here. I love my teachers and I've made many friends. It's been a good time.
Whetstone high school has some very good teachers that are good at teaching and creating relationships with their students. The dual credit program is very good and benefiting.
I like how they try to make everyone feel involved in some sort of activity. Along with cultural night demonstrating how diverse our school is accepting everyone ethnicity and what we as a school can learn from one another. This making our school having a closer bond. Also I like how we have intervention giving us a chance to have one on one time with our teachers to get more help if we need to that’s what makes my school unique to me.
Overall, I have been given many opportunities because of Whetstone high school. At whetstone I’ve made great friendships and realtionships. I value this school and I have learned so much in my past years at whetstone.
It’s the best school for my courses and I loved it . The teachers are great. The principle is my favorite human there. Whetstone is a school for every student, in terms of culture and diversity plus academics.
The conditions were really challenging due to the lack of air conditioning, roaches, and bed bugs located across the school. The administration wasn't very helpful, and the sports programs were not well-organized. The school lunch was awful, considering the bread was moldy and there were hairs in my lunch. There's were several fights, and students cussing out teachers. My experience was very bad needless to say.
It's not a bad School. Maybe not the best of the best but it's not the worst of the worst. You can get a great education here, I know I do. Yeah, some of there sports teams suck, but you still win a few games with team leadership. That's all for my review.
This is a violent, drug filled school. Fights aaaaallll the time. The teachers have a really difficult time controlling their classrooms, and some just throw up their hands and give up! The classes are challenging academically, which is good, but there is so much going on all the time that it's hard to stay on task.
I would like to see more interesting classes. I started taking classes outside of Whetstone because of that. there was also alot of pressure on testing. I would like to have less testing Building needs to be remodeled.
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I really loved Whetstone High School. The teachers genuinely care about you and what you do with your future, they give you the best method to teaching, they were very kind. Also the administration! They gave you the best advice in what to do with your future.
Whetstone high school has a fine education program. A diverse school with multicultural students preparing for college through their four or less years attending whetstone high school. Sport and resource programs increase each year with students, teachers and the community come together to raise money for the better of the school.
I've been at Whetstone for 4 years and it's been a great experience. I am the 3rd in my family to graduate from this school. There are lots of opportunities to take college prep and even AP and college classes. I've played soccer and swam all 4 years. Great teachers and great coaches.
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