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I like everything about Wheeler high school. I would recommend it to everyone. We may be a small school on the outside , but on the inside it is different. We all treat each other like family and know that if we ever need someone we have people that we can go to to talk with. For example, I have a friend that has been going through some tough times here recently and she has tried to talk to so many of her other friends, but they would not listen and she came up to me crying about it and I told her that she could always come to me with anything and that I would talk with her if she wanted me to. The next day, she came up to me and said thank you so much for talking with me it really helped me a lot . I told her that she was welcome and that if she ever needed me that I am going to be here for her if no one else would be and that if we were out of school and she needed me that she knows where I live and that we can sit outside and talk as long as she needs me to talk with her .
All of our teachers help you understand everything
The cafeteria food is the worst.
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When I go to school, I know that I am safe always.
Everyone is kind of like a family.
The staff are always there to help students.
We have plenty of after school clubs to chose from
It's okay, but we don't have enough sports offered
The teacher are very concerned about students.
At my school, we have had very few threats. I think since I have been in school we have had one shooting threat and one bomb threat but nothing every happened. Also, bullying is not tolerated and there is not really a lot of bullying going on. We have a nurse that is ok I have never had to go see her though. I feel that I am safe at my school.
For me peer pressure is not bad at all because none of my friend try to get me to drink, to do drugs, or really anything else. I don't really know how it is for others it might me bad but no one has every told me that they have been. I am sure people do but I try to have good friends that I don't do a lot of bad thing so that I don't have to deal with peer pressure.
The teachers at my school are amazing. They care so much about all of us and they are always there to help if we do not know how to do something. They really help the students that are failing or about to fail. My English teacher is going to help me study for the act so that I can do better on it. Also, my math teacher is going to do a class the day before the test. They explain stuff really good. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have these good teacher.
The food is not the greatest but its ok. I bring my own lunch because most days I don't care for what we are having. We have a lot of the same thing over and over again. We may ask for a salad if you would like something a little healthy. It is really just really food that is somewhat tasteless.
My school are just horrible but they could use some improvements. My school was built a very long time ago but they have keep it looking very good. My school as great teachers that support you in everything that you. Also I know that they will all ways help me with anything. They never tell us no.
I feel that I beat school in the whole world. I have made lasting relationship with friends. Alsoybteacher are people I feel that if I ever need any help with my school work. My school as different a thing that we do like we have a class competition. This is where we make up good clean dance and on night parents and everyone comes to watch the funny and somewhat hard dance we work hard on. My school is so different and I will always have a place in my heart for Wheeler high school.
Students are not a lot to wear pants with holes in th and shirts that show your stomach and back off. Also, we can't wear see through shirts unless you have a tank top that is three fingers wide. We have to pay money if we get our phone taken up and only our parents can come it. All other rules are really normal.
At Wheeler we have some advanced algebra and trigonometry classes. We have a verity of science and we are able to do a lot of different dissections. For example I have dissected a shark, bee, grass hopper, cray fish, two different frogs and many other things. We have greenhouse that our ag keeps different a plants in through out the year. Also we have great teacher that teach the state test classes and our school was rated number one in English and math on our state test. Our school as good teacher that care and the scheduling process is easy. The teacher only give us a workload that we are able to handle. To me my school as the best academics.
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At my school we have many sports to play and our field and gyms are excellent. In tears we have had a lot of good coaches and they have brought home a lot of champion chaps. Everyday we work so hard to get better and with good places to practice it makes it easier. Every year they make so many improvements to make our fields, tracks, and gyms better.
At my school there are great clubs to join and the teachers that are over them are great. We have beta, civics, math and science, FFA, fca, drama, jornualism, and art. Durning the school year me meet several time and going on trip that are educational. Also, we compet in many competition like in FFA we have competed in veterinary science at the state convention. We watch several plays that the drama club puts together. Our clubs are very active and we have some great clubs.
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