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W.H. Ford High School Reviews

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I loved Quinlan Ford, it gave me the best high school experience. The really focus on community. Going to Ford High School allowed me to participate in duel credit courses FOR FREE, which essentially lead to me graduating with my associates degree 1 week before high school graduation.
This school has helped me through hard times helped me get back on to my grade level when I was so behind if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be graduating in 2020.
The experience I had at Ford high school was not as bad as others may make t seem. The classes are not terrible, the teachers actually teach and the amount of things that the school offers now is crazy, overall good experience with this high school.
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Students are very clique-y. Teachers are mediocre with the exception of a few fabulous ones. Counselors are wonderful, but overworked. Administration is terrible at communication. There are very few AP classes, however the dual credit college program is amazing. For the size, the band is pretty large, and the theatre department is very involved. People here are very friendly, though.
Over all, I loved Ford High school. The school was much smaller than what I was use to and I felt like I got more one on one attention. There were too many distractions in the school I moved from. There is a lot of hooblah about whether the Quinlan school district is a good enough district but as a graduate I have to say that Quinlan was the better option for me. I hope to allow my children to go to Quinlan in the future.
W.H. Ford is a high school like no other, confident, caring and driven to see each and every one of their students succeed in life. W.H. Ford High School is a school that sees beyond what students have to offer, they what see what we don’t see in ourselves. From the custodians to our principal and everyone in between, Ford High School feels like my second home. I know I will be safe here, I know I will be valued. I think I speak for all of the Class of 2019 when I say that I am heartbroken that this will be my last year attending, I will miss seeing the friendly smiles that made us feel safe and cared for. Thank you FHS staff for all your hard work and all that you do for us, it doesn’t go unnoticed.
I enjoyed W.H. Ford High School as I met new friends and enjoyed how some of the teachers there took the time to explain a subject to a student if he or she was confused. They had many options as they had a accounting course for which I took part in for 2 years. I also enjoyed the dual credit program they had to help prepare the students for the college life and it does help students get their associates the same year they graduate.
The school board for Quinlan ISD has paid the college tuition, schoolbooks, and provided transportation for junior and senior students to Paris Junior College in an effort for them to earn their Associate's Degree at the time of high school graduation. I would never have been able to afford a good college without this opportunity. Thank you for the opportunity to meet my future prepared.
My experience here at WH ford has been a blast. Many things have came and gone but I will never misplace or know the impact here at the school. We have good food like Hamburgers and other things but I wish there was more options. However the outcome of the school is very crowed we keep growing so were getting bigger and bigger.
I hate Ford High school. You don't learn the information you need to, the schools average STAAR scores are below state standards. The teachers act like they hate their job and could care less. Some like to just bully students.
I used to be an exchange student at Ford High School back in 2004 and it was a great experience. Academically speaking it could be better if students worked harder to learn beyond obvious and teachers pushed harder to make students more interested on learning. As a very small town in a very republican state there wasn't enough culture variety to make students learn about the rest of the world.
Here at Ford, the involvement is very fun. Everybodyś one team here. But what i would like to see change is the Food. The food here isn't the best. But also the room provided for the school. This school is growing like crazy so the lunch room or even the hallwayś are very smashed.
Ford High school is a good school to attend it is open to all students. I have been going to this high school for four years now and it only got better for me. as the years have gone on I have become more active in the school and doing what is best. The relationships that the school has with the other schools is great. The teachers want to teach and help the students succeed. Over all its a good school to attend to.
Most of the teachers are good, some need more experience before coming into a place like this. Ford has good administration that cares about how we are doing and push us to do our best.
Me being a senior in Ford High School i have had the experience of all of the grades. I have liked this school throughout my years here. Its like every other high school, you have the talented and the brains, yet we all get along.
The people were very nice and kind. I would like to see open campus. We have plenty of food choices to choose from that are in walking distance as well so open campus should be highly considered.
I loved how all the teachers were always so supportive of everyone. I know that I would not have gone to college unless they started to tell me that I could accomplish it.
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I honestly loved going to Quinlan schools, even though they tend to get a bad rep. The only problem I ever had was that there wasn't a lot of variety in the classes you could are, but that was simply because we're a small town school and we don't have the money for all those other classes.
There are definitely some issues with the emergency protocols, such as tornado or lock down drills. There are always school cops around and the doors are all electrically locked. I'm not sure about bullying issues in the school though.
There are a lot of different options and almost something for everyone.
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