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The teachers and staff are all so understanding and passionate about helping their students succeed. There is such a great diversity in the type/style of classes, whether it be arts or labs or theater; there are so many options. There's also a great support system for students who might be struggling with school work or family issues or time management. Many students take advantage of the great sports and clubs offered.
Students are challenged in higher-level classes, and teachers genuinely care about the well being of their students. The administration however does not take into account student input regarding new policies and changes. I honestly wish they would have prepared students better for life after high school, getting them ready for college-level work earlier.
Terrible school, terrible teachers, snobby students who think that they are better than everyone. Stuck up parents as well. Don't believe all of the hype around the school.
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loved how open minded and caring the teachers and faculty were. they strived to make us comfortable and less stressful with mental health weeks and dog visits.
Westwood high school is a great school. Great people, great resources. The people are supportive. The work load is sufficient, but not heavy. I would definitely recommend.
At Westwood High School there are a lot of opportunities to learn new things with the variety of electives they have that students can take during the school day. Not only that they also have really strong clubs where us students can have fun with our friends after school. Our teachers are always there to help us even during after school hours. I have also found that all our teachers love what they are doing and love to help their students. Their motivation to help us has made me as a student more motivated to do well. If there was one thing I would want to change it would be that we need more educational knowledge on different cultures because our school is very white and we do not get to expose ourselves to the way different people live and I think it is important for us to know this going into the real world soon.
The education offered at Westwood High School is phenomenal. However, the school can improve upon the diversity within the students and staff population. Being a student of color, there was no one in the school who looked like me. This can influence your education as you are forced to learn about a history that isn't yours.
There's a great variety of electives to choose from. There is also a push towards progressive conversations and explorative thinking. They offer a wide range of rigorous or lower-level classes to match the abilities of an individual student. The teachers, generally, are helpful and supportive. Different classes work in different ways so that each student can learn how they learn best.
Westwood is not diverse but they try to include all. Academics is superb but there sports lack coaching
Westwood High School is a great school. The clubs offered are phenomenal and for the most part, the teachers are engaged and want to learn. The most prominent shortcoming in my opinion is the lack of diversity: of the ~250 students in my grade, there are less than 10 African-American students. There are a decent number of Asian students, but for the most part, the student body is white. For the kids who want to do well, there are good resources. The staff is helpful and more developed/organized clubs like Model UN and the Science Team are great opportunities.
the community here is amazing, everyone is so kind and helpful when need be. i go to school in a very caring place where the teachers are fully focused on the students well-being and success. it is a great place to learn and start our future. our teachers are always looking for a chance to make things better for our students and let us share our thoughts about how the school is running. there is so many different opportunities for students to thrive.
Excellent Special Education Program. Well trained staff, partners with parents.Listens to parent and neuropsychologists suggestions. Open to scheduling meeting with teachers as needed and/or requested. Stays on top of students performance, attitude and behavior. Communicates with parents with any concerns and/or suggestions.
Westwood High is a great high school to prepare you for college. All the teachers are super passionate about what they teach and are always willing to help. As for the students, everyone is very welcoming and nice and it is overall a good learning environment. Classes are challenging but there are many resources in order to do well. The one thing Westwood lacks is diversity since it is a predominantly white community, but the METCO program has helped the issue a bit. There are an abundance of clubs and activities to choose from and numerous ways to get involved at Westwood High. The school itself is very nice, clean, and big. It is overall a wonderful school and a great experience.
Academically, Westwood High School is great, but the social aspect isn't, students are very cliquey. The school is great with support for students with mental illnesses and well-known diseases, but if you have a rarer illness or an invisible physical illness, it's hard to get support. Great teachers!
Westwood Highschool is very well equipped with lots of different labs and activities. They do need a little more diversity on the staff and students other than that its a great school
Westwood offered me some of the most important lessons that I will take to college - I know I am prepared to take on any academic or social challenge.
I really appreciated the smaller class sizes and the dedication and caring that teachers had for their students.
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I went to Westwood as a METCO student. I always felt included and felt like I belonged although I did not live in the town of Westwood. I feel my teachers pushed me harder than any teachers I ever had in my academic career before I attended Westwood. When I go back to visit my teachers, they are extremely proud of how far I have come and are still pushing me to go beyond the goals I have set for myself. My METCO director was one of my biggest advocates as well, she taught me how to communicate with my teachers and other faculty. My cheerleading coach always made sure that I was able to attend practices and sports events. My peers were more than helpful and generous to extend their homes to me so I wouldn't have to go back home after late practices or after school study or projects that I needed to get done. I always say I do not know how strong of an individual I would be academically if I did not attend Westwood High School
Not enough student services support and diversity in student body.
Very clique.
Great athletics and school spirit. Great faculty.
Great experience with everything. Really prepares you college you get a good foundation and a lot of resources to help with college readiness. A lot of activity and sport options. Facilities are very new. A lot of excellent academics and many subjects to choose from.
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