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Westwood High School Reviews

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The school facilities and resources are decent.
I have loved this school. I would definitely attend this school if I had the chance again.
The health and safety policies at this school are decent. There is not really any bullying and personal safety is grand.
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The food services at this school are acceptable. The cafeteria and value reflect that our school cares about our children and their health.
The school administration and school wide policies are irreverent but they do enforce them well.
We could get better facilities and the fitness programs could use some work.
The teachers at my school are fairly exceptional. We have a few that could use a little more help on their teaching skills, but most of them are very knowledgeable.
The level of commitment for different clubs and organizations vary vastly. We have some dedicated students who thrive in sports, clubs, and other organizations, while others seem to only appear when there is a benefit and they choose not to get in to the hard work. The most popular options are the sports teams and Future Farmers of America. The offered after school activities are sports.
At Westwood High, students don't like to participate in a lot of school functions. Most students do not like to accept most new students or homosexual students. A lot of students here are looked down at because of what they wear, what they look like, what they like, etc. Being Hispanic wasn't a huge challenge for me because most kids here aren't too racist. I would say that Westwood High is like any other school around though, there are students that do like to participate and are great here.
The extracurriculars are in very short supply i would say. We have FBLA, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and softball. Not very much students participate in these activities either so its hard to find kids to have a team for sports. Westwood High is a very small school, so that might be part of the reason why its hard to get students to participate. the most popular option would probably be being on the Volleyball team.
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