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I liked the amount of classes that we were able to take due to the quarter system and the amount of AP classes that were available.
Since I am still attending this school I can’t really say how my experience was because I have just started.
It's a great school, there are great staff and the music program is great. The support system is very strong, and everyone is included with something, whether it's a club, sport, or academic subject.
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It's just about most schools, honestly. It's filled with really great staff and a good community, but it's all about the students. My year is well loved and I'm grateful for a class filled with so many supportive students.
I enjoy Westview High School very much because of the different opportunities presented that helps their students. There are some minor details that could/would change but other than that, it is an amazing high school.
The quality of education at this school are fantastic. The staff does a good job of preparing students for college. The sports teams are mostly decent. My only problem with the school (this is from personal experience, this may not apply to all who attend this school) is that I have witnessed countless instances of teachers showing very evident personal preference towards certain students to the point that poor behavior is almost rewarded.
Pretty OK place. Very big on AP culture, which usually isn't too bad since most (stress on m o s t) of our AP teachers are good. Teachers lack the most in Integrated Math, but you can always get free tutoring from peer counselors after school. School food is edible. I personally really like Westview, but I know that other people don't, so I guess it depends on the kind of person you are, the classes you take, and the people you find there. I hope you'll like it as much as I do.
All of the teachers want to help you succeed at Westview. Sometimes, they are difficult. But you really learn the most of what they teach. Great school for preparing for college
Amazing school. The teachers and faculty help you out throughout your 4 years. The academics are great and the school spirit is outstanding. Sporting events are a lot of fun to go to and hang out with friends.
I enjoyed how clean this school was in addition to the challenges in curriculum Westview had to offer. There are plenty of AP courses that students can take to challenge themselves in fields they enjoy such as AP Art History and AP Biology to name a few.
Westview High school is a pretty good school. Overall pretty academic heavy and the expectations for the students to do well is really high.
Westview High School is an amazing school to attend, with many fantastic teachers that help students with the content they need to be successful at school. The school offers many different classes, allowing students to pick their own path through the course of their high school career. The school also provides a few college readiness and business related classes.
I had many friends at the school and I LOVED every single one of my teachers. The administration can be very overbearing in their enforcement of rules in regards to "safety". Not allowing senior pranks and bursting into the bathrooms is a little over the top.1
The teachers were super nice and many students connected with them. They really care about their students. Attending Westview made me feel confident and prepared for college since it's on the quarter system similar to the UC's. There are tons of clubs for everything, many of which give great volunteer opportunities. The athletics are pretty average overall. I played field hockey and softball. Field hockey was really good, but the softball program declined throughout my four years.
I am currently a Junior at Westview Highschool and I have found it to be a very good school. The culture and diversity are very strong and that is what I love about it. However, there are many teachers that are rude to their students which is the downside. Also what I would change in this school would be the food because of its poor quality, very unhealthy, and way overpriced.
Overall, the school is a very highly academic school, however still has a strong theater and band program as well as an athletics department. Through my personal experience I did the most possible out of the academics making me wildly prepared for college. The teachers at Westview were overall super kind and were passionate about the students and teaching.
Westview has incredible academics, facilities, band, athletics, newspaper, and school spirit. The campus is a little bare and colorless, but the staff and student body do a good job bringing joy and life to campus if you participate in the activities they put on frequently. There is a huge stigma of there being far too much academic pressure placed on students by faculty and peers, but honestly you get out what you put in. If you don't want to be in the elitist circle of Harvard pursuits, you definitely won't feel that depressing and dangerous pressure. I will say that it's split about half and half white kids and Asian kids, so there isn't much diversity, and the counselors really suck in the realm of college prep and general wellbeing counseling. But everyone these days had their own college counselor and therapist.
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Westview is really spirit driven. The principal and vice principal are both really cool and accommodating. The only change I would like to see is a better special ed program for higher functioning disabilities.
Westview had an extremely competitive environment where you felt like if you weren't enrolled in 4 AP's each semester that you were behind. There were very segregated groups of people and lots of unnecessary drama both among students and staff.
Screw this school. It ruined my life and I've only been here 2 years. The kids are indifferent, uncaring, demeaning unless you have very, very, very specific personality traits. Then they will befriend you. Otherwise, you're screwed at this place and no one will even care to look at you. I personally have always been a very confident and energetic person, up until I moved to San Diego and had to attend this school. It quickly stripped away all my self-confidence due to my type of personality being unlike the other students'. It is tough to make friends here. People aren't very willing to let you into their circle. Full of stuck-up and condescending people, this place just wasn't for me. I'm glad to be leaving. So long, and thanks for ruining me. 50% of the people at this school also have anxiety/depression and depression showed up on the news channel so I hope that tells you something about how damaging this place can be to a child.
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