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It is the most diverse and inviting school. The majority of the staff are willing to work hard if you put in the work. Everyone there is in the same boat as you which makes it feel like a strong community. Sure there are always some improvements like in the bathrooms for instance, but the community of the school is where the school shines.
If you just pay attention and ask questions someone will always help you and it makes you want to return the favor by helping someone else. On an unrelated note, the bathrooms aren't the best in the district.
Westview High School was an amazing high school experience for me. I truly appreciate the teachers who push you to do your best and the diversity that is present; this helps us create a very strong community that will last a lifetime.
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Westview has a great academic environment with many opportunities to pursue the courses of your interest. There are a wide variety of advanced classes as well as language courses. The counselors set you up for success. Although, the racial environment could be improved.
Westview is a very diverse school. everyone gets along well, and our classes can be relatively hard. hard classes are good though. they offer a wide range of classes, from art to advanced math classes. they also have a really good swim team.
The teachers are very inclusive and care about their students. I would like to see more funding for the technology department because I believe it could potentially open up new avenues of learning for students.
While Westview certainly isn't the best school in the district, I does have many good qualities, such as counselors who actually help students with any problems about college readiness, scheduling, or any concerns of the student in class. Another good quality is the diversity among the student body with multiple cultures and races coexisting at the school comfortably. However, there are always things that can be improved. For example, communication from staff to students can be a bit rocky and the formation of cliques is still present at Westview, although less extreme as other schools.
At Westview High School, you might think it's just a normal high school, but it's a special school. Counselors are always there for you when you need them for support about your life in school or outside of school. For Education, the teachers know when to teach the material when they know when to plan and how it's done.
Westview is an academic-based school. With many AP courses as well as dual credit courses. It offers many career pathways and electives to prepare you for colleges or give you an idea of those fields. The community is very accepting and diverse and gives a feeling of warmth. Teachers taught well and gave more than their job description. Students didn't mind whatever race, religion, sexuality, or ability you had or were, the student body acted as one. Clubs and programs at the school gave students to become more involved and prepared for the future. However, the food, like all public schools, are lacking. There were many sports programs, but in the face of schools like Jesuit, there wasn't much they could have done.
With a lot of the teachers here, you get an impression that they genuinely love their job and the students they work with. However, there have been some negative experiences within the student body regarding race, gender, etc.
Our school does not have a lot of school spirit. At least one of the bathrooms is non-functional almost all the time.
What I would like to see changed about westview high school is the education and having more teachers understand what they are teaching. Listening to the teachers it sometimes feels like they don't understand what the curriculum is which makes it very hard as a student to ask questions and get helpful answers when they are learning it as well. Something else is that the cleanliness of our school is lacking. The bathrooms and hallways are filled with water and stuff all over the walls and floor which makes it very unwelcoming there.
Westview High School is a big school which has a lot of students. You can have variety of classes every semesters such as 3D design, food, and robotic. The math and science in Westview is strong and there is a lot of choice of clubs such as tennis club, hip-hop club, snow board club, and National Honor Society. Also, the counselors and teachers are super helpful and friendly. You can have a good learning experience in Westview High School.
I like that it is a mostly clean, welcoming school. It is very large and houses a lot of students. Some teachers are really awful, but the majority know how to get us through their classes with As and Bs. I like going here because I am in the band program and enjoy being with my friends every day. I also like the greenery around the school, it makes for very nice walks to and from school.
I am currently a senior at this school, my overall experience has been good but like anyone else I have had a few bad experiences with students. I think it is a good school with caring staff and teachers, my only issue is that some of the teachers or programs they have are not that good or do not educate well enough.
At West view, I felt my differences and passions were being embraced and admired. I took classes on anthropology, and psychology and pondered theoretical questions which I usually bothered my parents with. I was able to make art. I could swim,my high school swim team made sure I had a lane after school to call home. I was an experimenter, and West view let me enjoy all of it. Coming home with the marks of school all over me made my day, paint on my clothes, chlorine soaked hair, to do lists written on my forearms, blisters on my feet and hands from track and field. Our teachers wanted us to embrace the fact that we are all different. In a smaller school, I may not have found where I belonged. At west view, I met people like me, I embraced my inner nerd and joined the school smash bros club.I made many good friends, and felt like my nerdy side was being appreciated. Thanks to West view for letting us be ourselves without shame and giving us a second place to call home.
Great school; full of opportunities for students to start to get an idea of what kind of career that they want. Most teachers really want to be there and care for the students.
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The staff really cared and advocated for the students. I personally did not like the large population of students but the education was sufficient.
It's very hit or miss. Some of the teachers were fantastic, some of them were horrible. How can students be inspired or take initiative if teachers make it very obvious that they hate their jobs? The whole high school experience was quite subpar for me. Staff at the school were also rude, condescending, and straight up nasty at times. They seemed to let what they perceived as "power" go straight to their heads.
I might be a little bias here because this is the first U.S that I had enrolled when I set my foot on the American soil, but I love every part of it. Though, the school is not the cleanest or tidiest place I have been to.
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