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Westside has an incredible community. My daughter has flourished socially, academically and in sports. There are so many opportunities to serve, get involved in sports, even if a student has never played before. The teachers are amazing, very invested in the students lives. Most of all, I’m blown away by the quality of community the kids have with one another.
I am a parent of two Westside students (one now in college). Our experience with the school overall has been excellent. Our kids have taken challenging courses, have been well prepared for college, and have received college credit for classes at Westside. They both enjoyed participating in sports at Westside and also at our local high school. The staff truly cares about the students and works to nurture both their minds and their souls. The facilities are above average when compared to many public high schools.
I came to Westside as a Sophomore, and I was really surprised at how accepting everyone is. Even if you don’t know someone there, most people still treat you respectfully and with kindness. Most of the students here have a genuine relationship with God. The classes are all through a factual, biblical lense, and for the most part I would say that they prepare you for college. Great school overall
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More college prep and more extracurricular opportunities would be good additions to the school's program.
The best thing about Westside is that every person feels like they are accepted and valued. No matter what grade you are in, no matter what sports you play or activities you are involved in, everyone has friends and is not afraid to be who they are or do what they want to do. However, this school is very small and very restrictive in a lot of ways. Now, it is a private christian school so its not unfair or dumb for it too be small and restrictive, but there are some things that they could improve.
I enrolled at Westside Christian halfway through my freshman year. Upon arrival I felt accepted by the students and teachers. I have enjoyed my three and half years at the faith based school that encouraged me to dig deeper into my faith in way that I was not able to in a public school. The academics area also extremely rigorous and I feel have prepared me to succeed in college. I was able to participate in both track and field and basketball at the school and although they did not offer all sports I could still play at public school which I did in football.
I feel truly blessed to be able to have the teachers that I have had during my time at Westside Christian, many of them have brought real world experience in the workforce and the passion that they had for teaching was contagious and I thrived learning from them. I highly recommend Westside Christian to any student looking for a great education, with smaller class sizes and better teacher to student ratio.
Westside is a small Christian community, where each student uses their strong faith and beliefs to share the Words of God, to become a leader of themselves and others. The most valuable tradition of this school for me is Chapel every week and focus groups, we have chances and friendly environment to share our thoughts, personal stories with a group of friends and teachers. Through it, we encourage, take care of and cheer our friends about what are going on in their life, family, school, etc. We also had chances to go out and serve our neighbors as a group with all our heart and passion. Each student of Westside is contributing their unique characters, faith, talents, and love to create big family, where we can always trust in, grow up, and serve our community. Our school is not as large as others school, but I believe that our hearts, our love, our mind are big enough to share the light of Christ to others.
I have gone to West side Christian High school for 3 years and this is my 4th. I have generally been pretty satisfied with the education, and the school in general. The only problems have been with the staff. There were a few instances where I felt I was being punished unfairly or others around me were being punished unfairly without explanation or reasoning. Other than that, that school has been pretty good. The food is great, and community is great as well. The sports variety is on the small side but decent relative to the size of the school.
Academics is great, most of the teachers are very welcoming, helpful, caring, and encouraging. It has a good community overall. However, personally, I think the community is not very inclusive, active, or diverse.
I have been attending WCHS all four years of high school now and I consider it to be an average school. The small class sizes make it easy to make connections and have personal interactions with your teachers. It is also nice being in a smaller school environment because it makes it easy to be involved in sports or other extra curricular activities. Our school facilities are also amazing!
However, the one thing that I have consistently been disappointed with is the administration. Some of the times staff/teachers behave in a manner I would describe as unprofessional (bringing their personal life to their job/favoritism/laziness).
Leaving Westside was one of the best decisions i've ever made. There are extremely limited opportunities at Westside because of the size (just over 200 students in the entire school.) The administration is beyond strict on majority of the students - especially with dress code. If girls are wearing leggings, shorts above fingertips, or a shirt that has a little too much cleavage, they are held out of class until they can find something to change into. (and now they give girls detentions for more than two I believe.) The classes themselves are pretty challenging but I only liked a couple of my teachers. Sports are fun if you have a good friend group, but majority of the sports are not very competitive because of our division. Lastly, there is literally 0 school spirit. And it's just not fun at all. Do yourself a favor and do not go to Westside
Staff is good. Students are not. Majority of students don't care about their faith and just screw around in chapels/bible class. Its an extremely small school with not a lot of school spirit. The food is good though.
Westside Christian is an academically rigorous high school with excellent fine arts and athletics located in Oregon.
I love Westside Christian High School and have attended for 4 years. The students are very friendly and the teachers are very helpful, kind, and prepared. I have built very strong relationships there with the faculty and students. Good Christian environment.
Awesome school with great community. Would like to see more people coming to this school. Supportive teachers and friendly atmosphere
When I transferred to this school as a high school sophomore, I was really nervous because I'm usually a very shy person, and I didn't know anyone! However, everyone welcomed me in with open arms and hearts. I felt a sense of belonging. I liked how the Westside community so readily accepted me into their family and continued to offer me a sense of security and well-being throughout the year through college prep, the amount of resources I had access to, or even a teacher asking me about my day. I would like to change or make better the relationships between the students and teachers, or the foreign exchange students, to help promote the attributes that Westside adopts and prides over!
Westside is very very community oriented. The teachers are caring and very friendly. The opportunities are amazing. There are chances for so much help, participation in sports, drama, art, and choir. Choir is amazing. The staff really sincerely cares about each student and each member of staff. Parents are very very involved. The school cares about its students and its community and city and world. Westside is a great school. It is pretty conservative and not very diverse. Also some of the teachers are not very good and probably not qualified. Most are over-qualified and care deeply about students.
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Well balanced... Caring...personable and truly interested in their students and engaged.
School is safe. No issues with bullying. Locked campus.
Sports, cheerleading and dance. Great drama productions. Great choir... Mission trip experience for those who get accepted to go.
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