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Westridge is an amazingly diverse and supportive environment with fantastic resources and excellent teachers.
I would like to see more social and community activities. Overall, the academics are excellent and most of the teachers are very nice. Though, I wish the students had more school spirit.
I love Westridge's atmosphere and the welcoming community it offers, however I think at times the culture can be toxic. There is a large problem with comparative suffering, whether it's talking about who slept the least or how many hours you spent studying this weekend. I have had amazing experiences with some teachers and less than ideal classroom experiences with others.
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I absolutely love Westridge School. I have been attending since the fifth grade, and could not be more honored to graduate this amazing school this year. Before coming to Westridge, I was a very shy kid. It took me a while to open up, and I was never the student known for raising her hand to answer a question in class. As soon as I got to Westridge, the confidence in myself and my ability skyrocketed, and all I have to credit is the community Westridge offers. It is like no other than I have ever seen or experienced. I can easily guarantee that each teacher, each faculty member, and each girl in your class not only knows your first and last name by heart, but probably knows something personally about you off the top of your head. I could not have asked for a better 8 years, and cannot believe I have to say goodbye to this beautiful campus.
I'm in my second year here. The tuition is too expensive for what the school has to offer. The school is advertised to empowering girls but the environment here is a little toxic because many people are competitive, but that is also a good thing because it pushes the girls to their full potential. The teachers are good and supportive. The athletics are not competitive; anyone can join a JV sports team.
Before going to Westridge, I had never given going to private school a second thought. It wasn't until I experienced the truly accepting culture there that I began to broaden my horizons. Like every school, Westridge has its faults, but it blows any other school I've been to out of the park.
This school is obsessed with controlling its image, often to the detriment of its students. Though it offers some great programs, academics, and faculty, the school disregards its students’ mental health and fails to address issues within the community, preferring to just cover them up.
Westridge helped me become the kind of student I never thought I'd be. I have just gotten into college Early Decision, and I don't think that would have been possible if I hadn't gained the confidence and skills I learned at Westridge.
Westridge seriously lacks diversity and the leadership cares more about liability than it does about its students, but the teachers really save the school. Teachers are talented and care greatly about their students. Westridge is academically rigorous, but the teachers make material comprehensible. The college counseling staff is fantastic.
The food is excellent, as are the student support and arts departments. There is often an excess of work and social drama, but overall, my time here has been well spent.
I'm currently a student at Westridge and I am hoping to move schools next year. I'm a freshmen and I've been at Westridge since 7th grade. This place teaches in a way I've never seen before. I sit in a class, focus for 15 minutes at most, then come out and have no idea wth I just learned. Teachers are quirky and don't really help much. Students are very fake and friendly. Many of my peers can agree with me when I say, this place will ruin your life. Welcome to Depressedridge!
Westridge School for Girls is a great high school that successfully prepares their students for college and beyond. Equipped with an excellent college counseling team, seniors start working during their junior year and into the summer to begin their college process. Teachers at the school encourage students to meet with them on regular basis if they see students struggling. The campus culture is leans towards collaborative versus cut throat. The students understand their desire to succeed does not come at the cost of leaving peers behind. Although the school is not the most diverse, students understand promoting the celebration of cultures through different affinity groups on campus.
Westridge is an academically rigorous school that prepares its students well for college. However, its environment is stressful and often is competitive. Because of this, students can feel inadequate. But overall, Westridge teachers want their students to succeed. Teachers expect nothing but excellence from their students. The students support each other through stressful times and genuinely care about each other. If a student is in need, the entire school community will come together to support them.
so far westridge has been my favorite school i’ve ever attended. the teachers are very dedicated to the school and their students, there is clearly a lot of effort put into their lessons. the students are all very kind and supportive as well, and westridge has a very supportive community.
I am a rising senior at Westridge School and I would highly recommend attending. There is a stress culture here, as the academics are rigorous, but each grade forms strong bonds and everyone experiences the same stress and helps each other succeed. The teachers really care about your success too and are always open to meeting about anything you need.
I absolutely love Westridge! Not only is the all girl environment refreshing, but it has helped me to become the strong, smart, and independent young woman I am today. The community and the teachers are amazing... I could not ask for a better school.
I really like the school and the sense of community. I think that many students focus on the stress culture at Westridge rather than the amazing resources and opportunities that we are privileged to have. This then, potentially, creates a false facade. While there will almost always be a new problem to complain about at any school, I think the opportunities, education, and experiences that Westridge has provided me are truly unique.
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Great school and academics are very high caliber, however students are often more stressed than is usual for the average high schooler. Fantastic opportunities. Small class sizes.
if your child is not rich, privileged, and white or east-asian, this is not the school for you. westridge is the type of school where only one type of person can thrive, and the students, teacher, and administration continue to perpetuate a toxic culture that teaches girls to be self-centered, ignorant, tear each other down, and define themselves and each other by either grades and colleges.

once westridge girls enter the real world from their bubble of privilege, i am sure they are going to have a really hard time once they realize that everything is not going to be catered to them. many of the students are clearly poorly raised, as many of them are rude, unaware, and offensive. there are maybe 12 black students in the entire school, and not many more latinx students. if you want your child to become a bright and kind individual who can take care of themselves, do not send them to westridge.
A good place to go for an average education. Worth the cost? No. Administration and diversity at all time low.