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This high school is excelling given the location, socioeconomic area, and limited funding. When I attended this school there were numerous extracurricular opportunities and advanced academic opportunities as well. Some of my specific experiences were in band, tennis, STEM outreach programs, Health career programs, and AP courses. As time has passed there has only been improvements made at this school. A greenhouse was built, solar panelling was placed, and construction on sports fields have benefited the students.
Weston ranch has a great teaching method. The faculty are always present and provide excellent Help when needed. Classrooms are full and students participate regularly. Classrooms are move driven on a learning basis.
Weston Ranch High School offers a lot of diversity and after- school programs for students to get involved in their community. The teachers there are very supportive and are always willing to help students in need. Although, the school has terrible school spirit that shows little to no attention to the sports programs.
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My experience here in Weston Ranch High School has been a rollercoaster ride. I have met some amazing teachers who care about you academically and personally. The people in administration are cheerful people who greet you the moment you walk into the office. However, some of students enrolled in the school cause a lot of problems to admin, teachers, and other students. Some of the students are destructive, irresponsible, and selfish. As for clubs, they show a lot of diversity between the students, and teachers are very supportive and involved. There is no discrimination at this school as its filled with diversity. The sports teams could do some working as its really corrupt due to the coaches, parents, and athletes bumping heads 24/7. Overall, every high school has its flaws and every student has a different perspective of their school.
I like that most of the teachers and students are friendly. I wish there were more class options for Performing arts and languages. I also wish that the classes were more challenging to prepare us for college.
My overall experience in Weston Ranch High School was great. The diversity within the school was broad. There were many people from different races and backgrounds. The only negative thing I have about Weston Ranch High School are the constant fights there. The fights in Weston Ranch High School is quite frequent and gets in the way of staff members.
I have enjoyed attending Weston Ranch high school. I have attended that school since freshman year, and the only thing I would like to change Is the variety of electives they have. But overall I enjoy the school, the best thing about I would have to say is the diversity of ethnicities. I love attending a school that has people from different cultures, and religions because it opens up my mind set.
My experience attending Weston Ranch High School was good. There is a lot of diversity and fun clubs to join. From day 1, I was welcomed and found it easy to make new friends. However, I don't think that parents are very involved, the school does it's job to get parents more involved but parents aren't really interested. I do hope to see more parent involvement in the future.
There are good teachers and there are poor teachers. The school itself I believe has an attitude problem, but like anywhere else you can find people as motivated as you are.
In my experience, a lot of the teachers don't care much about the students. There are a select few that genuinely find interest in setting students up for their future. Teachers should put more faith in their students and provide resources for the students to prosper.
My freshman year was amazing there but I became a sophomore the school went down hill. New teachers came and didn’t know how to run their own classrooms. There wasn’t so much activities to do as a student.
This school is very awesome. There's teachers you'll really like because they take their time to help students out whether it's personal problems or homework afterschool. The events that we host for our community for parents and children to bring the family closer and to enjoy the experience that we as community bring.
No school spirit and dull school. The school could be overall better if there'd be more community involvement. Activities after school are dead and boring.
The teachers is what I like most about the school. I have teachers that will always try to help me and guide me. But mainly I like the diversity we have at our school.
First impression - beautiful and very clean campus/landscaping, along with very friendly office staff. Ever since I moved to Weston Ranch as a sophomore last year, I was pleasantly surprised and quite happy that I had transferred there. I had doubts, but once I actually enrolled there, everything was amazing! WRHS has given me many amazing opportunities such as the HOSA and Be.Vital Academy. The clubs are lively, and the staff and students are generally very kind and willing to excel on campus. Mr. Wayman (business teacher) is one of my favorite teachers there because he makes every student shine with potential and has a great sense of humor! Additionally, I'm never concerned about anything that may harm the staff and students. I think a high school is what you make of it and if you intend to excel, then you'll have an amazing time at WRHS or honestly anywhere. I am so exciting and proud to be graduating as Class of 2019!
I would have liked more AP and college classes to be available so that when you go to college you are more prepared and it would be better for us to learn about scholarship applications in high school
Weston Ranch High School is one of the most diverse high schools anyone could ever come across. There's so many different cultures and ethnicities at this school, and we all seem to share something, whether big or small, in common.
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Weston Ranch was a very diverse school, I loved competing in cross country in track. One of the bad things about this school was the lack of support towards athletics, specifically track and field and cross country. Other sports got a lot of attention and money but cross country wasn't really a priority.
What i like most about Westo Ranch High School is the activities such as rally's and the cool people i've met over my four years. if i had to change one thing it would be how long the classes are.
I loved the diversity, outgoing nature and mix of culture at this school. You learn a lot about people and the world when you move around a lot, and here I learned about the difference between a struggle and having it easy, mainly because the school was in-between in terms of both extremes.
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