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The experience at Weston High, I can say that it has shaped me into who I am today from the hard courses to the loud engaging lunch room it not only provided me with amazing people I can proudly call family but a lifetime supply worth of lessons I can use for such; A lifetime. Nothing is perfect but one thing that can be changed is how racial problems can and possibly should be solved. It is true that racism is indeed a touchy subject but not touchy enough to avoid the whole thing and for it to be swept under the rug. It should appropriately be discussed and handled. Weston High will forever be my home, forever a Weston wildcat!
My experience has been fair so far, as I have enjoyed the curriculums and learning. The environment there has been welcoming, from teachers, staff, and upperclassmen. There are many resources available for students who need help and a large arrangement of courses to select from.
Weston High offers an interactive & stimulating educational experience - with plenty of opportunities in the classroom and in the community to broaden you horizons, you are sure to be a more well-rounded individual when you graduate.
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I got a good education from WHS, but overall the culture at the school puts way too much pressure on students. This pressure comes less from the school itself, and more from other students and their parents.
I have nothing to compare Weston High School to so it is difficult to talk about it in a way that would be understandable.
My experience at Weston High School was definitely good and bad at the same time. I experienced a lot of changes within the school during my time there, including a later start time. I liked many of my teachers and created good relationships with a lot of them. However, there are discrepancies between teachers within the same course that heavily impacts a student's grade. I like how available teachers are, with office hours every Thursday morning. I also think that the environment contributes to a high stress level, but that it is manageable and prepares for college and beyond. I took all of the hardest courses and encountered difficulties but was able to use my resources to improve my grades and understanding of harder courses. I have learned that I prefer group collaboration when it comes to learning and have found that Weston High does a good job on using a variety of learning styles. I would say that the school has its drawbacks for sure.
My children enjoy the journey with my friends even though high school is generally hard and stressful
Academics are generally strong and teachers make the class fulfilling. AP work is sufficiently challenging, although the pace can be overwhelming sometimes in classes such as AB Calculus. Community is generally supportive of your endeavors, but people will try to rip off your work to sneak by in honors classes, so be wary.
Something that I liked about Weston High School was the quality of the education and the resources available. Something that I would like to see change would be the diversity among the student body as well as the staff.
I like Weston's academic system, they tend to teach very important information to get us prepared for college. I am in the metco program and have been since kindergarten. Going into Weston High school has helped me a lot to prepare me for the real world. The teachers in high school do not chase you when it comes to homework, projects, and etc to be done, that is all on you. I like how Weston is very serious when it comes to the requirements of making sure we graduate. You could be the worst student in the whole school and yet they make sure you graduate because Weston wants to see you succeed.
This school is okay. I'm a freshman here and my experience has been satisfactory, but nothing extraordinary. I chose to take mostly CP courses this year to make my transition easier, but I was shocked by how easy they were. On the other hand, Honors courses are so difficult that people develop mental health problems. I think that Weston should make the classes closer to each other in difficulty so that students changing from CP to Honors can have a better transition without being caught off guard. CP classes NEED to be harder. I'm sorry for people who can't even handle those, but they are way too basic.
I love that I get a chance to go to Weston, thanks to the METCO program. I experience here wasn't bad, I loved all my teachers and friend. Weston also had a wide range of classes you could take, which I liked
Weston schools tend to brush many issues (i.e) racial, drug use, bullying, et. under the rug until pushed against the wall They treat the town students very different than the METCO students. Different rules for each.
I enjoy all that Weston has to offer. The librarians are great, and they can help you find anything you need. The TEC teachers also help a lot with homework and concepts I don't understand. I like the classroom experience as well.
Great education. Advanced academia provides the opportunity to be ready for college.

I would change the internship program so it coincides with the field/major one is pursuing. I believe it would serve as better learning tool than just having to do an internship to meet graduating criteria.
Does a good job preparing you for college with guidance and senior internships. has new track and turf field but a lot of non-turf fields and outdated pool and showering facilities and locker rooms in both the middle school and high school. Can be very cut throat, worst school spirit ever, and people are judgmental and rude.
The academics at Weston High School are very rigorous. The faculty/teachers provide a lot of support for students with their schoolwork, and there is a good student help center. The students can be a little cliquey and unfriendly at times.
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the School school is meh. There’s a lot of racism and sexism that gets overlooked/ swept under the rug by the administration. Some of the male STEM teachers are sexiest and promote sexism. It’s outrageous.
The school is without doubt top notch in academics. Many of the teachers could have been or were at some point college professors and this shows in their teaching. The courses are demanding and prepare students well for college while having teachers with a deep understanding of the material. The school culture, however, is fairly toxic. Students are cut-throat and competitive, and there is an unhealthy emphasis on the college admissions process.
Very well educated teachers willing to go the extra mile to ensure you a good education. I also really love the food. The teachers are amazing, they truly care but the whole community in general do stress the kids out a lot because of the amount of hw given but in the future we all know it's for the best
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