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I enjoyed my first two years at Westmoor High School as everyone seemed close to each other and there weren't many issues amongst students. However, with my last two years, a lot of students started fighting more and acting up. Thankfully, there wasn't anything too serious done. Overall, my general outlook towards Westmoor went down ever since.
The environment of Westmoor is not the best. The teachers can improve on their teaching skills because I am overwhelmed by my classes. Students are also very ignorant, which is why I don't like the environment of my school.
I liked most of the teachers and how some of them taught. I especially love a club on campus called FBLA. The advisor is a great teacher and really cares about his students. However, there are a lot of faults with Westmoor as well. The facilities are pretty old and there is always dust and trash. The administration is also very lazy and don’t interact with the students. They also do not treat teachers well. The teachers are paid very little.
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Westmoor is poor as I would like to call it. Students aren't given the best materials or resources in order to succeed, and teachers have to scramble to equivalently distribute funds to students. It sucks seeing that Westmoor doesn't give students opportunities that students from other schools receive and so this caused the negative experience at school. I felt like I could never succeed and be a competition for other students. However, Westmoor's community has also taught me to be open-minded and to take charge of my passions.
Westmoor was an okay school. There are a few teachers that are more understanding of each of their students' needs, and even fewer teachers that actually taught well. I think that speeding up the construction of the buildings would make the environment of the school better and safer because the dust caused by the construction causes some problems to the health of its students.
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I am currently a student at Westmoor High School. I have attended this school for the last three years and have grown to love it. The faculty are dedicated to helping students grow and develop as not only students, but also people. However, as excellent as our teachers and staff members are, we don’t have enough resources or money for our students to have the best experiences they can in their departments. For example, our music and science departments get nearly no funding for the entire year and must rely on donations and fundraisers to maintain them. In my few years here, I’ve learned many things from these two departments and I can only imagine how many more students could develop and grow if all our departments had adequate funding as well as equal resources. Overall, Westmoor is an amazing school with incredible potential to become a place for students and others to become outstanding human beings!
Although I love my experience at Westmoor, I do feel that it has an extreme lack of funding. Participating in a sport was difficult because equipment was limited and made certain tasks require more energy to accomplish. In addition, academic course material is also limited due to lack of staff and equipment.
Westmoor is a very diverse school and is strong in academics, but there could be some improvements. For starters, the facilitates could be renovated. The theater is dusty, the lockerooms are outdated and the science labs don’t have proper equipments. There are some teachers who could care less about the students, but overall, the majority of Westmoor teachers are excellent and truly care about the students. I would say that the biggest improvement needed would be the administration and counseling department. They seem to never be around when students need help and when they are around, they are no help whatsoever.
Being a student in WHS for four months is both fun and upsetting at the same time. I was happy I am able to graduate high school on time yet I feel bad not being able to have friends and experience the things I watch on movies and televisions.
My experience in Westmoor High School isn't the greatest, though not the worst, either. As i'm about to graduate in about 35 days, looking back on my 4 year journey, the school's definitely improved. Freshman year, I felt scared and alone (like most freshmans), but it was for the reason of not having any resources at all! Counselors were always busy, teachers weren't friendly, and bullying was everywhere. Although, believe it or not, the people were friendly- most of them. Now, with all the new workshops and faculty that's been added, it's not that bad anymore. One thing I'd like to see improvements on is the school spirit and their ability to help others with their mental health since not many people struggling with emotional issues know where resources are.
Westmoor Highschool is a very friendly school with many staff members who communicate with their students and associates. Everyone here is respectful of each other and there is rarely any troubles on campus.
Westmoor is a great school and has great resources, but it's up to each student to make or break their high school experience. If you hang out with the right people and are very active on campus, you'll have an amazing experience at Westmoor. The best events to never miss are Winterball, rallies and prom, especially during your senior year.
Westmoor was a complicated school for me. I transferred there during the second semester of my freshman year and I struggled like crazy in that school. Even being new doesn’t let you get a breather because they instantly piled stuff on me without telling me anything that’s going on in class. I never really ate lunch there, but from what I saw, it looked okay. The teachers are average, I guess. There are teachers who want their students to pass their class, and there are teachers who are lazy and doesn’t care about what happens. There are many clubs in the school, and I’ve been in a few of them but decided to quit after awhile. Academic wise, the school isn’t bad, but I honestly felt like I didn’t learn a thing because the teachers couldn’t teach well, or they just didn’t really allow me to follow what they’re teaching. I’m honestly surprised that I’m passing the classes with average grades with how much I don’t understand.
Westmoor is a safe place to be in for academics, but upon reviewing my experience as a freshman I could have used more support from the staff; encouragement and personal experiences that would've let me know that I wasn't alone through that journey. Throughout the four years, I would say that my view on Westmoor has changed drastically. From feeling that the school only focused on the surface of the environment and people to feeling that I could have a helping hand if needed be.
Westmoor was very on top of their education at the time i was there. They were really caring to the students and wanted to make sure we performed to the best of our abilities. The teachers that i’ve had there would check up on me to make sure i was doing okay. The friends i’ve made there are still my friends till this day. I loved that school.
Westmoor HighSchool is a pleasant school with great staff and students. It was safe and has a good diversity. Although it needs to improve on the food and to give more information on colleges.
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I love how diverse our school is and I truly believe we have teachers who care for the well-being of our students. Not only are our students motivated, but we also have a lot of school spirit! Regardless, Westmoor isn’t perfect and I believe that we can work on being having more activities and courses available for everyone. However, for what we do have, we thoroughly enjoy!
creative environment and good atmosphere, positive school community. Westmoor has a lot of diversity and a positive environment where students can learn from each other. On top of this the campus is always clean thanks to the amazing custodial staff and the diligence of the administration. Westmoor is definitely a very unique school where i have made many unique experiences.
Having been a student at Westmoor High School for almost 4 years now, I can say that this school is not the best around. Westmoor High School is part of the lowest paying district, which, in turn, leads to low incomes for the teachers. Because of these low incomes, many teachers have burnout or are just clearly unmotivated about their jobs, leading to unsatisfied students across the campus.
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