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Westmont High School Reviews

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Great School.

The teachers and staff are very caring for all students.
The test scores and rankings excellent.
Because the school is smaller, there are many outstanding opportunities to get involved. The students are very well behaved and positive. Great culture and climate at Westmont High School.
The school earned the highest rating, Exemplary, from the Illinois State Board of Education. Westmont also has an amazing Advanced Placement program.

This is a special highs chool.
It was a very good high school with a very good music department. The teachers were all very caring about their students and the AP program is excellent! The principal is very caring and understanding with students and was the principal of the year in Illinois before.
There are many opportunities to discover new interests, get the grades you want, and have fun. The teachers are very accommodating. If you want to try out for a sport but have never played before, chances are you will make it because the tryout process is not hyper-selective since the school is small. This is good for when you want the opportunity to try a new sport, but bad for when you are serious about the sport you play (so depending on your skill level and the strength of your passion for the sport, it might be better to join club sports as opposed to teams in the school). The English wing could be more organized, especially in the AP curriculum. The math department is amazing, always willing to help, functional, well-informed, and genuinely care for student success. There are numerous ways to prepare for college at WHS and classes like College Readiness make it easier to improve SAT/ACT scores. I wish the fine arts department was not a mess.
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Westmont pretends to be this high ranking school when often times our bathrooms are flooding or have mold. Many of my teachers make us self teach entire lessons while they only focus on their AP classes. There’s a major push to take AP classes and I’ve been forced to take the AP test even if I don’t want to. I’ve had some really great teachers that have become role models and have taught me a lot. But as a whole, I wouldn’t recommend
Westmont High School is full of opportunities. The teachers have left a long-lasting impact on my life and have taught me many things that I cannot wait to take to college with me. The school is a little challenging in the AP classes but not as rigorous as most people perceive it to be. The school is very helpful and they want us to succeed, but in some ways you get too many chances and those who achieve the first time around and those who achieve second or third times around can receive similar grades or the same experiences. As a student who went k-12 in the Westmont CUSD 201 School District, I am glad to have had the experiences in such a warm and loving school atmosphere. I truly believe that the teachers really care about their students and its unlike other schools in the area because of this. I am extremely grateful for my experiences at Westmont and I am glad to have attended such a great school.
Westmont is a great environment. The teachers and the students that attend are overall very excepting. The classroom size is fairly small so it gives you more one on one attention with you teachers. The only downside of going to a school of this size is that many activities struggle to strive for long periods of time and/or get the attention and funding from the school as needed.
I currently have one student enrolled at WHS and I am very pleased. My child is thriving within the classroom and being challenged. The staff is readily available to assist my student and help him when needed. There are plenty of opportunities for involvement as well. The teachers and admin are preparing the students for the next step of life and I believe my student is benefiting from all that WHS has to offer. The class rigor is top notch and while it is a small school, it offers just as much as a large HS. I am very pleased with my experience thus far at WHS and would highly recommend WHS to any family.
We are so impressed by the school’s strong leadership and curriculum.

The students are constantly motivated and encouraged by the principal and the teachers.

We like the flexibility the adminstration offers preparing the kids with AP level and honors classes.

The state has rated this school exemplary in October 31, 2018. Well deserved.
Westmont is a good school but they are small which makes it easier to get into activities. The teachers are friendly and are always there for help when you need it. Due to the small size Westmont lacks some opportunities in the sense of sports and some classes.
My experience at Westmont highschool was fantastic...All of the teacher would do anything to help you. The school was on the smaller side so connections between classmates and teachers was amazing. The food was below average, the only meal worthwhile was the spicy chicken sandwich. Taking AP courses is heavily stressed here, even though you may not be prepared for the test. Safety is not a problem due to everyone knowing everyone along with a strong police and administration presence. Sports are fairly easy to be apart of but good luck winning any conference or sectional championships due to playing much bigger schools. Overall a great experience my four years but small things could be fixed such as bathrooms, food, and college readiness.
not the best high school to prepare you for college. small school with only about 500 students. programs and athletics are not very competitive but you might have a better chance to stand out. be a big fish in a small. sat scores are some of the lowest in the state. but the teachers give you great one on one and truly do care about the students future.
The school has a very open and welcoming vibe the second you walk into it. The teachers make you feel as though there is a point to push your limits to do better everyday, and never give up on you or other students.
When I first came to WHS as a freshman, we had just received a new principal (Mr. Baldermann, Principal of the Year 2017) who really changed the school for the better throughout my 4 year of being there. Our school was recognized for three national rankings: U.S. News & World Support "Best High Schools rankings", America's Top High schools 2015, Washington Post "America's Most Challenging High Schools 2015."
It was such a great community that was accepting and supportive. Also, this school had such a great staff!
The school is really small compared to most in the suburbs so you really have a chance to be a part of any activities that may interest you. The staff and school resources are definitely above average and the teachers are very involved. Overall it was a good experience!
A very small environment, but very good teachers and good learning environment. A close knit group of students and teachers, teachers genuinely care about your performance and encourage you to do your absolute best.
I am so thankful to have gone to Westmont High School, I was challenged academically throughout my four years of high school and this has developed me into the person that I have become today. The entire staff is not only extremely supportive, but they truly to care about each and every students education. We are a strong but mighty school and I will always carry around my Sentinel pride with me for the rest of my life.
I think Westmont High School is a gem. It's like a private school, in that the kids get individual attention and they are able to compete on almost all Varsity sports. My sons have learned life experiences from this wonderful school.
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Nurse is always available and she's so caring!
I hardly attend any after school activities since I used to go to teachers for some help if I needed.
If I had a chance to choose this school again, I'd say no because I don't like kids behavior and most of the time they wouldn't even let you study if you're trying your best because they are literally jealous of what great students do.
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