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If you are a Christian, white, and rich, you’ll love WCA. The overall atmosphere is very judgmental towards students who do not fall under those categories. WCA is very conservative and there’s no diversity. People make sexist and racist comments all the time (even some teachers) but no one corrects them I guess because of this extreme lack of diversity and ignorance
Academic rigor is top notch. I would recommend the school to all students who would like to prepare for college readiness.
Things Westminster Christian Academy cares about:

1. Money
2. Their Reputation
3. The comfort of their administration
4. Appearing like a Christian School without having to act like it
5. Rules
6. Tradition

Notice how Biblical truth and students aren’t on the list. It’s a joke how little they care about the student’s education or well-being while being so involved with themselves and their level of comfort. The only part of Christianity they focus on the rules. The entire sophomore Bible curriculum is based off the 10 Commandments and how that should control our life. I spent 6 years there with very little mention of love, grace, or Jesus’ sacrifice unless it was to memorize the definition. They add so many rules in the name of Christianity that it causes students to leave the faith. If you’re going to pay $17K for a school, there are so many better options in St. Louis. I beg you to consider something else.
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Good luck going here if you’re not a entitled spoiled white kid. The student body in general reflects nothing of Christ. Racism is rampant and administration does little to nothing to address itEven the LGBT students that are forced to attend the school experience constant bullying by both staff and teachers annually (I get it’s a Christian school but really?? Come on). I’ve heard only terrible things from minority students attending this school and the majority said they would transfer if possible. Seriously there are better more diversified schools in the St. Louis area that will better equip your child.
The community at Westminster is amazing. My daughter has been there the last two years and we are seriously impressed with the school. She didn't know anyone coming into the school. They have an amazing process to orientate new students and make them feel an immediate part of the community. She is doing well academically and the teachers there are top notch. They invest in the students and work with the students to make sure they have the skillsets to be successful. We were happy to see her join an after school activity, a school sponsored sport and spirt week.
Great school and fabulous teachers. Lots of clubs to join. Terrific facilities. Definitely worth visiting to see if it fits your family.
The teachers at Westminster Christian Academy are incredible. They care about you and your education and its the biggest reason why I stayed there. Also the people you meet along the way are unforgettable and will forever be remembered. There are some technical things that need to be fixed, but overall the experience was amazing.
Parents have no voice. Difficult to determine who is making the decisions. Parents have no access to the schools governing school board. The contact information or list of the current board is listed nowhere. Parents are not allowed to attend board meetings. Board meeting minutes are never shared with the school community. The school is governed some set of by laws that the community has no access to. The by laws of the school are said to state that no women are allowed on the board and there are none.There is no parent teacher organization to become involved with. The only parent organization is a set of parents who are hand picked by the school to represent parents. Other parents are not allowed to attend these meetings and no minutes are made public. New rules and policies roll out on a consistent schedule with no accountability by anyone at the school. Parent opinions are not valued.
Far more drug and alcohol abuse among the students (even during the school day)than anyone especially the school will acknowledge. The school is preoccupied with the image they portray to the community and race relations and school safety and not the “real” problems.Student misbehavior and drinking even at the middle school level is the norm.If you are considering this school, look further than skin deep.I will be moving my oldest at the end of the year and my younger students will not attend. This school has some serious issues.
What I have learned? WCA is not for outsiders.Even Spirit Week which is supposed to be the best week of the year is only allowed to be judged by the INSIDERS. It is the most rigged process ever. The seniors always win.This year the MC script was found to confirm the lies.No explanation to the students.Surprise! Surprise! WCA does not at all practice what they preach which is truth and the Bible.The administration twists and turns the truth to get the outcome the want andshow the image they want the public to see. Truth is, it's not all that.It is a bunch of lies.

Back to my point of being an outsider.Everyone who works here is an alum and literally someones brothers, aunts, cousins, sister. Truly everyone is related. No one cares what students think or the parents think either. Especially if you are not a presbyterian or an alum.If you are of the presbyterian faith and an insider it is probably a decent school if you don't mind the lies and deception.
To consider before paying ~$20k:
- grades > development
- baseball players = legend status
- never been a friday night lights and never will be
- security is off the charts
- students are not trusted to do anything but find ways around it anyways because... they're not idiots
- no school-sponsored homecoming or prom, just banquets followed by parent-sponsored DJs. Take from that what you will.
- cheering at athletic events is watched and reprimanded
- image > reality
- constant lectures by administration to students, especially upperclassmen, to which they eventually brush off because it's essentially a weekly occurrence
- literally everything, on and off school property, can and will be used against you
- alumni come back way too much cuz they peaked here

The pros:
- the teachers are amazing and truly care about their students

Overall: your student will likely end up at mizzou or another midwestern state school and be prepared. but like also... WCA do b dum. The end.
My experience has changed over the past 5 years. It is definitely on the decline. I am very academically prepared for college. Socially, I feel college will be a total and complete shock. From what have seen on past Westminster students social media.We have not had one mention must less education on alcohol and drug use during my 5 years. And yes, students are known to party like rockstars. Nothing is taught about safe sex or sexual abuse. The only thing mentioned is don’t do it and girls should dress so as not to “ask for it.” Even, girls where leggings not to distract the boys. We have no school sponsored dances where we might learn some social skills. We actually have very few school sponsored activities. We have one Spirit Week. Middle school was good, high school is not. Teachers are excellent although they do not seem to know what the real world is like and again only academically prepared for college.
Westminster is best suited for Reformed Presbyterian families. All of the teachers and anyone who interacts with students must be of this faith. The school is excellent, however very ultra conservative and most all of the staff were educated at small Christian colleges. It seems those families outside of this faith struggle with the lack of transparency. Again, excellent school for Reformed Presbyterian students and families.
Westminster is a great school with teachers who care. I wish there were more opportunities to serve and be present out in the community. Overall, it's been a great experience and I have met many amazing people. It is a school worth taking a look at if you live in Saint Louis, Missouri.
Most everything about the school was superior. I found the teachers to be superb, the facilities were fantastic, and it ministration did a great job!
The school is very open with animals. And While the school has a good taste in dog, their choice in mules is not my cup of tea.
I am leaving this school because I can get the same education without the pain. the education is good, most teachers are good. The number of rules created to avoid punishing the students is insane.The constant lectures on social justice from administration and teachers is painful.Very few fun school events. No school sponsored dances.Had no idea when I started that there were people who didn’t believe in dancing in 2020. Can’t wear my Apple Watch or carry my phone, can’t buy a bottle of water 8am-3pm and I’m in high school. We can no longer play 9 square at lunch(the only game we had), no longer even allowed to go outside. Can’t use empty gym to play volleyball or play anything after school. Nice building - means nothing. It’s empty, Students are miserable and have no voice and no one cares.This is not the high school experience I wanted.
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to start we have absolutely no freedom. walking into this school makes me feel like I'm walking into a prison. the majority of the students can agree that it is miserable being here. the students have no say so there is no way in making changes that the students would like.
I am new this year but there seems to be some serious racial issues.We have meetings where the separate everyone and tell us how bad we are because of some racial problems that I don’t even know what they are talking about. My experience so far has been very so-so. Not much fun happens.Lots of rules.I keep thinking it will get better.
Academics are above average, but even that is questionable since grades seem to be very inflated. I didn’t know one person who ever repeated a class or grade or was required to go to summer school to catch up. After starting college, these problems became very apparent to me. I do value the education I received but everything else about WCA did very little to prepare me for college and life. WCA is very backward and instills ultra conservative beliefs. Most all teachers attended WCA and then a similar small Christian college. Open mindedness or new ideas are not welcome. Everyone seems to think alike.
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