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The teachers are very supportive. The campus is pretty. The students are not that great, but better than in some areas I guess. There is a lot of variety in the classes to take, and they are pretty competitive to get into.
Although there were problems with certain areas like all schools, overall I would say it was a good experience and very open minded
It’s a pretty amazing school! The arts and sports programs are incredible! The academics can definitely be a challenge, but it’s for our own good and knowledge for the future!
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Westlake High School is a very passionate community of high achieving individuals. I am very grateful for the 4 years I got to spend there.
While the atmosphere is extremely academically competitive, Westlake High has an extremely welcoming school environment that made transferring to the school extremely easy. A multitude of AP courses are offered and the teachers have good relationships with their students. The counselors are also extremely understanding and help a lot with college prep.
I transferred here and loved it. The teachers are top tier, and the students are the most hardworking in the area.
Westlake High is very academically competitive, pushing their students to do their best while taking advantage of different opportunities, such as the many student-driven clubs.
Westlake High School is a public high school that offers a range of AP and CP classes. I wish they offered more Honors classes since there was such a broad difference between CP and AP classes.
My experience at WHS was incredible. My classes and teachers were great, and I was very involved in school activities. I wouldn’t want to trade my 4 years at WHS for anything! I made my best friends here, and I cannot wait to go back and visit.
Great school with some amazing teachers, pretty good sports program, and competitive academics. One thing I like about Westlake is how many of the teachers and staff actually care about the students, and I haven't seen anyone get bullied at all. Band, orchestra, and choir programs are also exceptional.
Overall atmosphere and aesthetic. Great campus in a great community. Athletic programs are some of the best in state!
Westlake offers an exceptional education in a safe environment. The faculty are dedicated to the success of every student. If you are interested in getting involved, the school offers something for everyone. The top athletic programs give students the exposure to top colleges. There are many Honors and AP courses offered to prepare students for the next level of education and give them an advantage by providing hands on experiences. Going to Westlake High School has prepared me for college and everything that the future brings.
WestLake Highschool was a great school, so many caring and loving teachers who wanted to see students succeed. Teachers knew how to challenger their students and help them be prepared for college. The student life is very involved in clubs and sports, a lot of different opportunities for kids and clubs were amazing.
Coming into Westlake, many people told me it was "the rich school" compared to the rival school, Thousand Oaks High School which made me doubt my decision, thinking I would end up surrounded by the stereotypical spoiled rich kids. This quickly changed as I started to notice how most students were welcoming and friendly. As for the staff, there will always be teachers and staff who others want to avoid due to reputation at the school. Fortunately, most of the staff at Westlake is very friendly and most have good, if not great reputations with the students.
I learned how to be an independent individual and to use my voice in order to advocate for myself , since there are so many students at the school . I also really like how challenging my classes were and how understanding and helpful the counselors were.
This is a great school for anyone in the Conejo Valley! All my teachers rock! There is a lot of opportunity to get involved and stay involved.
I had an average experience throughout my four years at Westlake. Some of the teachers I have had have been absolutely wonderful, and others have been horrible. They focus most of their energy and money on sports, not on music or arts.
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I really enjoy this school. It offers a lot of classes wether you need help or you more advanced which is what i really enjoy. The only reason i’m giving it a four is because the classes are pretty big and the school is pretty crowded as well since lots of kinds from different districts want to come here.
Westlake High School is competitive. However, it can give you great opportunities if needed. It has various clubs and sports, but it can be difficult to start a club with a lack of advisors.
The teachers are amazing. They care about you more than just as their students: they spend time and effort on getting to students on a personal level.
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