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Westlake will prepare you for college. The academics are superior to all the schools we are surrounded by. The teachers at the AP level are phenomenal and will push you to do your best. The school environment is extremely positive.
Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Best school ever! A million times better than Lake Travis. The overall environment has helped me strengthen my sense of self and form my goals for post graduation success! All of the programs are top notch, some of the best in the state if not the country! Even though I’m only a freshman I feel prepared for college and can’t wait for the challenges that await over the next few years here!
Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Westlake. From the teachers to the challenge level of academics, Westlake made me feel prepared for college. While they do encourage excellence in every area, it does come with a lot of pressures to fit the mold -- that would be the only thing I would change about my 4 years.
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Great for education terrible for everything else. Staff and faculty focus way to much on GPA, college admissions and the next test you have and fail to prepare you for life.
Westlake is a great school to go to due to it's high reputation. It also has a lot more resources and classes than most schools which makes students really lucky. Though, it is a very competitive academic and social environment. There also is a lot of cheating that takes place.
I had a fantastic high school experience at westlake, I am now in University and I am very prepared for my course load. The only thing I’d like to see change is the diversity, westlake is not a diverse school but that is the only downside.
Westlake is the poster child for rich, suburban, and white neighborhoods. The teachers are wonderful, and the students are in general niiice neigh, but the GPA culture results in the awful mental health of the students.
Overall I have really enjoyed my time at Westlake. The academics are amazing and there are so many options for clubs, sports and more. Westlake has really prepared me for college with the amount of AP classes available. One thing I have disliked about this school is the competition and the pressure to do well and take AP classes.
Westlake High prepares students well for college and has course diversity in STEM, Arts, entrepreneurship and offers incredible leadership opportunities. But it’s a large school dealing with shrinking budget. The administration needs to be more proactive regarding the college application process. Limited one on one college counseling.
Westlake is a very academically rigorous school. It lives up to the "rich-kid" identity that other schools perceive it as. Going to Westlake has given me a better education than I would have if I had gone to another school in Austin but it does put me at a disadvantage because compared to other kids that have more resources, my academic achievements are dulled.
Westlake High School was a great experience and had a lot of resources for us to be ready for college.
Westlake is an incredible high school with nationally ranked academic, athletic, and fine-arts programs. Students are prepared well for college coming from Westlake's rigorous course-work and abundant resources.
Westlake offers excellent education, but it comes with an extremely high pressure environment. Competition at Westlake is cutthroat and the academics are very demanding.
It's a very competitive school but it is equipped with the best facilities available. It has good food good location, ample parking available, and some of the best teachers in the state.
From an academic perspective, Westlake is one of the best in the nation. All areas are well represented. AP classes have especially good curriculum and teachers. Though with this comes an extremely competitive environment. The craze to get into the "top 10%" is evident in and, in many cases, central to student life.
Westlake is a very good school and it's also very competitive. There is a slight stereotype of a Westlake student, but there are many exceptions to that stereotype, so it's still pretty diverse.
As a student my time at Westlake was some of the best time of my life. Yes I loved college, but westlake prepared so well compared to my peers. Having a disability, the teachers were aware, but that didn’t stop them when it came to pushing me to my best. The coaches in the athletic department are not just great at coaching sports but also coaching life. Every single coach I had there was like a second father to me and I quote them I’m my life to this day. The people in this community are absolutely great people. Words can not explain how much support my family received from other westlake families when my own was dealing with crisis. Make no mistake, Westlake is a excellent school!
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I love Westlake, its a really good school if you want a challenge, however every kid is a giant walking ball of stress, people are way to competitive, the homework load is too much, everyone is an athlete so nobody has time to do any work, and the parents are all tiger moms. other than that westlake is great, we have good sports teams and we all are really prepared for college. the teachers are also really good so long as they are not in the history department.
(I would rate Westlake as terrible if I didn't value academics so much. Please keep this in mind.)

The Good: Academically the school prepares you extraordinarily well. Top 20 colleges are easy in comparison. Westlake Hills is particularly wealthy so funding affords the school some pioneering educational resources.

The Bad: Too conservative. If you are looking for a diverse, accepting school over academic prestige and intensity, don't come here and go to school in the true North or SoCal. Outright bullying isn't a problem here; discriminatory microagression and psychological battering are. Poor emotional health is a serious problem and undiagnosed depression is rampant (because people just don't believe in it). Causation stems from a mixture of work stress, social pressures, and "we're cordial but we'll never actually be friends" judgments.

A very specific, small group of students and parents actually care about sports here (aka those who play them).
What I like about Westlake is the camaraderie of the students. Everyone supports one another, and bullying or disrespect of other students is rarely an issue. It's a very safe environment, also, and the teachers are all very skilled in the subjects they teach and put forth a lot of effort so that students can understand material and be ready for academic challenges in college.
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