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Westlake is great because of the amount of choices you have. Nearly every single person at Westlake can find their "niche," whether it be Robotics, Speech and Debate, or Football.

Additionally, there are a wide variety of academic choices due to the large amount of AP classes available, including newer "experimental" classes like AP Capstone Seminar/Research.
Westlake high school is one of the most highly ranked high schools in the nation in so many different ways. Its academics are unmatched and the culture is so welcoming. The environment breeds success and this success is seen year after year in national rankings both academically but athletically as well.
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Westlake is a great school but the toxic culture that pits students against each other for higher test scores and more meaningless notches on their resume creates a really damaging environment for students.
Westlake is a very good school, not just because of the teachers and students, but because of the atmosphere and how everything is done there. But at the same time it’s a very demanding school, that really tries to get the students into going to a college and being successful.
I like the amount of clubs the school has to offer, and the nice things like good computers and such. However, I am a sophomore and I feel that my classes are overflowing. The hallways are always very crowded and in some of my classes there aren’t even enough desks for all the students! Some teachers are okay, and some just don’t seem to be able to do their one job, which is to teach. Also they don’t always have time to go one on one with you when there are almost thirty kids per teacher. The sports at Westlake are average, and the diversity is pretty much average. Of course there are lots of white boys walking around with their chained necklaces that have a cross, since that’s the Westlake style. Anyways, overall I would say Westlake High School is great at college readiness and academic prep, but still could use improvement.
I think Westlake did a good at preparing me for college, however, I think the school could do a better job at focusing on academics more.
Its pretty stressful, but most people can handle it. There are plenty of clubs and teams to join. But you may have a hard time if you don't like football.
Westlake is a very competitive school which is good, as it brings out your full potential in the long run. It’s easy to get behind, but if you do start to fall behind, there are steps in place to help you out. Many however do not know where to find this help, so they claim the school doesn’t care, but if you take the time to talk to your counselors (academic and social) you’ll find a wise source of help and that they genuinely just want to help. The reason for four stars however, is the fact that the school can be so hard, it feels like it’s too much. But if you use the resources available, you’ll find school isn’t as hard as it seems.
Westlake is a nice clean school with friendly staff and lots of cool classes that you can take. I especially like their menus and things you can buy, I almost always get a smoothie everyday from there.
Westlake overall was a relatively positive experience, if you're a top of the class student. There is a big divide between the top 9 of class students and the students with a lower performance. The better your grades the better your treatment, where as for the student who struggled they got worse teachers and seemingly harder work. As a student who did very well in some subjects but struggled in others I got to experience this divide for myself. This is why I rate Westlake high school as an average experience, not because it was truly what you would consider average but because with these two polar sides of my experience I would level it out as average. Please keep this in mind when review the rest of my rates.
Westlake has given me the utmost confidence that I will be able to succeed in college and life after school. It taught me the necessary study skills I need that fit my learning style and challenged me academically. It also provided me with endless opportunities to further my knowledge outside the classroom and helped me find my very best friends.
The academics are prestigious, but the pressures to take advanced classes are extremely present. The stress levels go through the roof here and mental health suffers because of it. The way administration handles bullying and mental health is extremely poor. However, because of this, students band together and support each other to make up for the lacking outreach from staff.
High academic standards. Great community support! Teachers are involved and really care about the personal as well as academic growth of students.
I'm totally satisfied with my high school experience at Westlake. Even though I was only there for one year my expectations were exceeded. I would like to congratulate the school administration and thank them for all their help in the college seeking process.
It’s crazy to look back at my four years in high school. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Although high school wasn’t perfect, Westlake prepared me well for college and for life. I’m thankful that Westlake offers a wide variety of educational opportunities for their students. Sometimes there seems to be many flaws at school, but it’s important to remember that many children around the globe don’t have the opportunities I have.
Students are in a very privileged position to be in the Westlake community.
Westlake is a highly competitive school and I’m truly grateful for my peers and teachers for pushing me to become the best student possible. It wasn’t easy and I wish I had gotten more sleep, but I can confidently say that I am walking away from Westlake with a strong education.
Westlake is a very competitive school academically, which challenged me to be better. It might be too competitive though and I think that they should work on their GPA system with APs. Very social and involved school.
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We have loved our time at EISD. Westlake has a lot of great resources, kids, extracurriculars. Sad to say not all of the teachers are as outstanding and we would like them to be.
The school is absolutely amazing and have great teachers that strive to make students better and prepared for both College and their lives. The school is known for having a hard AP culture where students feel as though they need to fill their entire schedule with AP and Pre-AP classes in order to compete with other students. However the competition at the school has made myself and my peers more motivated to work harder and push each other to the limits.
Westlake will prepare you for college. The academics are superior to all the schools we are surrounded by. The teachers at the AP level are phenomenal and will push you to do your best. The school environment is extremely positive.
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