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I really enjoy the school overall! I love the teacher and staff, they really care about students. One down side about the school is the segregation that still occurs sometimes between races.
The school has great teachers and have prepared me for college. Do keep in mind that it is a tiny school so it lacks resources others may have. If you're extroverted and play sports you'll fit in this school.
Everyone gets so much one-on-one support here. Whenever I need help with any classwork, college applications, or anything else, the teachers and counselors have provided me with the help and resources.
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Great school but lacks the resources and programs for African American males.

Programs started but never continued due to funding being used for other areas.
My name is Arianna Collins and I am currently a Westinghouse senior. My favorite thing about my school the campus it is very spacious and beautiful with lots of tall windows allowing lots of natural light to seep in. It is definitely a calm and beautiful space to learn and work in. My least favorite thing about Westinghouse is it's disciplinary rules. I never get in trouble much, but from observing I feel as if the discipline policies could have some adjustments. It would be more effective to analyze the why of students' action than just simply issuing punishments.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time there; the teachers motivated me to chalenge myself. I did encounter some obstacles with a counselor there who constantly underestimated me.
At Westinghouse I liked how all the faculty and staff members were a big help to students. The only thing I would change would be the tardy passes.
It was excellent in the fact that the facilities were new and the overall culture was blooming. Teachers are very enthusiastic about helping and has been overall been a good experience.
It was okay– sports and sciences are heavily funded, but the arts (my interest) was still supported. I got into the third best art school in the world (Rhode Island School of Design), with help of access to arts programs across the city of Chicago that I would not have had access to without being a public school student.
I feel like it was meant for me to attend Westinghouse. I had the best teachers especially my medical teacher, I had him for all four years, and my math teacher, she has the sweetest voice. I met good friends all with different cultural backgrounds but, when we get together we have this great bond that makes us feel so special. I would allow the students to enter through the main entrance instead of the side door, it's more convenient for the students. But overall, these past four years has been such a challenge but so amazing.
The school is great because they won't let a student fail or whatever you want to call it but they help the students get their grades up. If a student does not understand how the teacher is teaching they will take the time to explain it differently in a way the student will understand and help them in the process of course. Another thing is that the school has fun clubs and the diversity is great as well and it welcomes different cultures and the school does not judge a student in any way and they are very understanding.
This school is okay academically I heard good things about this school but it is ranked # 28 in Illinois and 500 something nationally.I would shoot a little higher than this good school but you should really try to get into a better school if you have straight A's and good test scores and if you go here you could have gotten in somewhere else with better academics.
It’s a great school where you can learn so much and still have fun. It’s very diverse and that’s the best part, having friends who come from different backgrounds and cultures. And the school actually involves up in each other’s cultures and lifestyles.
Westinghouse is a very fun school. Where you can find a lot of friends. Everyone from all over the world come to Westinghouse. Many people visit our school and even students who have graduated come back.
The school has great support and helps students prepare for the future. Most Chicago Public Schools don't help students pursue the arts, Westinghouse is different. My students from my graduating class ended up in an Art school. The only con I have about the school is how administrators handle bullying. Many students would lie about bullying and the "bully" would get in trouble, without the school going into detail on the situation. There were also times when someone got away with bullying and harassing because the victim fought back.
Great school, great resources, and great sports teams. Westinghouse offers some of the best educational experiences and opportunities and they're here to help get you prepared for college and life after college.
My experience with Westinghouse has been very well for the past three years. For all of the middle school students in Chicago, I would highly recommend going to Westinghouse for high school. The academic level is challenging but it teaches you how to handle different challenges in life and how to excel in them
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I rate this my high school 4/5 stars because the teachers in help a lot. As in one on one help with students. They pay attention to each and every one and if you're struggling they take the time to help you personally to get back on track. For seniors, they set aside time in school to meet with you to make sure you finish FASFA, on track with you academics, and etc. Overall, Westinghouse is a unique school in its own way, this is a college prep school which means they prepare you for college and that's exactly what they do. The only thing I would change about this school is the Diversity of race of the teachers. I Personally think as a African American student I should have more African American teacher. In Westinghouse the majority race is Latino and African American, I think its only right to have staff more like us..its easier to connect with them , especially in this society.
Westinghouse is filled with opportunity for every student whether it be internship, extracurriculars, or even volunteer opportunities. Personally I feel like I wouldn’t change anything because I feel that it focuses on students greatness in both grades and interactions with each other. Which I feel is very important because it allows for students to be involved with the school and each other. For example, in my school we take a day in the quarter and call it “One House” during this day we focus on interacting with people we may have not met throughout the school and we have a big assembly where we celebrate different things such as Hispanic Heritage and Black History.
Amazing is an amazing simple and school and is really accepting with bringing in new people making them feel like family. I love it here and wouldn't wanna be anywhere else.
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