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Education at WA prepared me well for college, as I found that college classes were around the same difficulty as WA classes. Overall, teachers cared about education, and were clear in what they were teaching.
Although Westford Academy does insure good grades the amount of available resources and communication sources to the staff is not there yet. It took me a whole day trying to reach a dean and the staff were impatient. They do not put mental health as an important factor into these students lives.
Westford Academy has a great learning environment, and overall is an excellent school. The teachers are great and they prepare you well for not only college but college level classes outside of school. However, funding for the school is limited and sometimes impacts the student experience.
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I like the facilities about Westford Academy. I also like most of the teacher however some are quite bad. The academic side is somewhat rigorous.
Westford Academy is an excellent school with excellent teachers and classes. The sports teams are very good, and there is lots of talent circulating through the school in all aspects of learning, athletics, etc.
Westford Academy, at first glance, is a great school. It has everything you would need/want in a school, such as school spirit, great teachers, and especially academic brilliance. There are many clubs to choose from, each which have somewhat adequate funding. This school has taught me that there is always room for improvement, which has pushed me to work harder but has also lowered my self-esteem. Although I have only been to this school for one year, I believe that with the right guidance students here are fully capable of achieving success.
It is hyper-competitive, but I met some really good people here which made the experience a lot more bearable. The teachers are very dedicated to their students. Many of the courses offered are challenging, but provide good preparation for college.
I really liked my experience at Westford Academy. The teachers, staff, and students are all very nice and care so much about the school and community.
Westford Academy is an overall great place. Most teachers are helpful and amazing, with the exception of a few. There's a problem with a lack of diversity, both racially and economically. There are many ways for students to get involved in the school and students are dedicated to their education. However, the academic environment at the school can at times be extremely stressful and toxic.
As a senior during the current pandemic, I have come to realize how much the administration and faculty are caring of the students. I was unable to realize this during the past three years of high school because I was jumbled in all of the coursework. However, Westford Academy's academic strength and competitiveness is definitely high up there.
There are some very good teachers here, some make it fun to be there. However there was a issue in this past year which resulted in some of the boys bathrooms being locked, then all the doors to the boys bathroom were removed, then close to the end of the year about half of the doors were put back on only to be locked again
The caliber of the administrative and teaching staff at Westford Academy is unmatched. Each of these professionals is a leader in their academic field and has a passion for what they do. This creates the ultimate learning environment for students with rigorous courses and engaged staff. Westford Academy has an extremely high graduation rate and is one of the best ranked public schools in the state. Upon graduating from WA and entering college, I found my reading, writing and math skills to be leaps and bounds ahead of my new peers.
Westford Academy is a difficult school that teaches in a way that is meant to prepare you for college. Many of the classes are more difficult than those at other schools, but many of the teachers are very helpful and key in preparing you for the future.
I currently go to school here, and i wouldn't want to be anywhere else. The teachers genuinely care about you, both about your grades and you as a person. Everyone is generally super friendly to each other and it is a great atmosphere to learn in.
Westford Academy is certainly a wonderful school whose teachers and staff is dedicated to helping their students. The only negative was that although WA is diverse it is not always inclusive. There is a certain disconnect between people of color, all people of color, and white people coming simply from a place of not understanding that microaggressions are a very real thing; but this is also a problem that permeates society as a whole. Other than that, Westford Academy is a school that will certainly give you the qualities you need to succeed in life and is where I formed lasting friendships.
Westford Academy will make college a breeze. Once I got to college, I felt over-prepared for all of my classes and everyone I talk to says the same thing. The school is hard but there are a few gems of teachers and faculty.
Westford Academy is a great school with great teachers. The classes prepare students for college and there are a good number of AP classes available. The worst aspect of WA is by far the food. Lunches are often lacking any substantial nutritional value and are generally not filling.
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Westford Academy is a great school filled with teachers that truly care about all of their students. There is a wide variety of AP classes offered and the students typically do very well on the exams. This is partially due to the extreme emphasis put on academics. The reason I rated the school 4 stars is because recent underclassmen have made this school chaotic.
It is a good school. I'm thankful for it, but, it is very competitive. They have good teachers who care. The guidance department could be a lot more informative and helpful though.
WA is a challenging school that will prepare you very well for college. It may not be the most fun 4 years but you will be prepared. It's becoming more and more diverse as more from the minority Begin to enroll which is always a good thing. Everything about the school is good except the food, which servings are too little and tastes bad. Besides that, WA is better than your average high school. We are better than Acton and you know it.
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