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Westfield School offers grade k- 12, with an exceptional music department, with Grammy Award Winning Music teacher,Kent Knappenberger. Classes are below 20 kids a class and high school students can get college credits through SUNY -JCC community classes.
Students can join several clubs and sport teams for extracurricular activities. Teachers are all willing to help an extra hand with after school homework help and it shows in good graduating percentages. School partners with YWCA to offer before and after school "daycare" for students who's parents have to work.
The strongest area of extracurricular activities falls under the music category. Such activities include choir, band, small band groups, and many small singing groups. Other activities include sports, Environmental Club, Key Club, Builders Club, FHL Bible study, ski club, spanish club, and student government.
I was given a great base at Westfield Academy and Central School that I would not trade.
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The teachers went above and beyond in order to give me the best high school education.
Overall, Westfield was a great high school and the faculty did a great job in preparing me for college. One of my favorite parts about high school was being a part of the softball team. The team became like a family to me, and I am still close with those girls today. My senior year, we went to the finals game and ended being runner up, it was a great experience and I wish I could go back and play softball again with my team and my favorite coach. I wouldn't change a thing about my time at WACS, for I loved the close-knit community and the learning environment it offered. I hold all the memories made in high school dear, and I know that without the dedication of the staff I wouldn't have amazing memories such as the ones made in softball, at prom, homecoming, and other school activities such as the homecoming battle of the classes.
I went to Westfield high school from kindergarten until I graduated high school in 2015. Throughout my time at Westfield, I met many teachers who were passionate about their jobs as well as the success of their students. Westfield is a small community, so I was able to build a strong relationship with many of my peers and teachers as well. Even now as I am graduated and attending college, I know I can count on a good number of the faculty for support or advice whenever I may need it. Westfield was a great place to grow up, and the faculty at the local high school helped to prepare me for college and also taught me many important life lessons.
Our Track has been legally shut down because of how dangerous the track really is.
Our school offers a variety of different Clubs. I am in all of the Music/Drama Clubs. We always meet after school. It is AMAZING!!!
We live in small town America, so It's a sheltered community. When classes talk about the KKK some of my c;assmates make racial jokes. I am Latina, and sometimes I don;t like being a minority.
Teachers are used to what they teach, so sometimes its hard to ask them how they want an assignment done, and do it the way they want it to be done.
Throughout my high school career, especially this past year, it seems like the administration hasn't done anything constructive when it comes to students, breaking the dress code.
At the beginning of the school year, students of ALL grade levels are warned to have good hygiene. After that, well hygiene only gets minimal attention, unless there are a lot of sick students out.
There are plenty of clubs you can participate in. Its just not many people take advantage of it
For football season its top notch. No better place to be
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