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Western Michigan Christian High School Reviews

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Western Michigan Christian High School does a remarkable job challenging its students academically, athletically, and spiritually.
Western Michigan Christian School is a Christ-centered learning environment that truly equips its students to live out their faith and apply their knowledge in the real worl. The school has a fairly diverse population with many exchange students and celebrates that diversity through things like the Calling All Colors club. Western Michigan Christian has a rigorous academic program with many qualified and caring teachers. The staff is very generous and understanding. The athletics department at WMC is also state ranked and filled with excellent coaches.
WMC prepared me well for life beyond school. When I graduated I felt that I had a community of parents, teachers, and friends that would continue to support me as I went off to college and welcomed me back when I returned. The classes were reasonably difficult, challenging but not overwhelming. The best part of attending WMC though, was the amount of spiritual growth that took place over the most formative years of my life. The teachers brought the gospel into the classroom, the administrators extended grace and love and the students worshipped God through their praise and their willingness to embrace others.
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The school has pretty good academics. The student body is small and that can be good or bad depending on how you see it. Sports are very important at the school. Used to have small groups every Thursday, but recently that has been changed to where we only have it occasionally. That schedule is a bit messy but we work with it.
I love this school. The kids care about one another. The teachers love the students. I am proud to be a part of this WMC family.
Overall Western Michigan Christian High School has been a great starting point to beginning my adulthood. Being taught in the faith and from a Christian perspective has prepared me to make the next step in my life path to attend college and be a light for those around me.
I loved the close knit community and abundant opportunities that a small school can offer. In a smaller school students can have more one-on-one time with teachers, recognize almost every face in the hallway, and try sports and activities which are harder to get into at public schools. Typically the thing all high schoolers want to change is the school lunches. Our lunch lady does a great job making sure that we get when is needed for our daily nutrition; but, I wish we had more variety week to week. We have a lot of leaders in our school, including me, who focus on specific aspects. I wish that our students would either follow or become leaders themselves instead of not caring. Overall, my past four years at WMC have been fantastic and I've been blessed by the amount of trips and opportunities WMC offers.
I really love the culture and community of Western Michigan Christian High School. It is a place where I can be open about my faith and also receive an amazing education.
There are many exchange students from 6 countries in the world. There are large indoor gym, ping pong table. The school has many sport teams and bands for students to participate in
Western MI Christian School is a great choice for students who would like a christian education that prepares them for the next step in their life beyond high school!
I love the atmosphere of our school. It's small enough that you know everybody, yet big enough get a variety of people. The teachers are kind and understanding and always willing to take the time to help you learn. It is a comforting Christian environment which can be hard to come by nowadays.
I like the diversity of this school. I also like the opportunity for rigorous academic load. I do not like that this school holds sports above everything else. Sports often seem more important here than academics and worship. This school has a good academic program, and the teachers are knowledgeable. The teachers care about their students and their curriculum. Western Michigan Christian has lots of extra curricular options. There are plenty of opportunities to try lots of sports, theatre, and technical/science extracurriculars. Western Michigan Christian has a good choir program. Overall this school has a good core academics, but the small programs (foreign languages etc) need improvement.
I enjoyed the atmosphere of the school as whole, and the academics were above average. Western Michigan Christian High School is a high school that is focused on college prep, and personally I feel like they succeed at that very well. A few things that I don't like about my school is the focus on sports and the lack of support for the arts. The majority of the money our school receives is put towards bettering our athletic department, but yet the choirs and bands have no auditorium. Whenever we have a performance we have to pay a large sum of money to rent out an auditorium.
At Western Michigan Christian High School, I enjoyed the environment. I felt that the small class sizes were beneficial, as I was able to get more help with the subjects I didn't understand well. The classes I have been able to take have provided me with knowledge beneficial to college. While strong in academics, Western Michigan Christian did not provide much support for the arts programs. I feel that a stronger choir program could have better prepared me for studying music in college.
I liked the Christian Education and how it was easy to get involved because it is small enough to get to know your whole class, but big enough so that everyone can find their niche and group that they really click with. I would like to see their music department grow, and I would like to see some of the new teachers go.
I love the community at Western Michigan Christian high school. There so many ways to involve yourself in our school! Weather student council, sports, musical, please, science Olympiad, student section leader or small group leader there are so many enjoyable ways to stay involved. Are Christ centered focus really helps our students to strive! It's so crazy to see how God can push his people to work hard and to work through our trials! When we are struggling those who are part of the WMC body really step up and encourage you to resend or your focus on Christ! That we may face some hardships and go through some tough times, WMC sticks together and sticks up for one another! The love here is contagious!
This small school was a great fit for me. I like the teacher to student ratio and the classes offered. I participate in 2 sports and have made great friends.
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I had an amazing experiences at this school. It made me grow in a relationship with christ. I created amazing friends, as it challenged me with school. I would love to see this school grow even bigger and to reach more communities.
Western Michigan Christian high school is a wonderful place to grow physically and spiritually. My school is an environment where I am free to be myself. It is not a place where I have to hide or pretend to be someone I am not. My friends love me for who I am and I love them for who they are. Acceptance is a big thing at my school and I love how my school encourages diversity and persuades individuals to not conform to society and instead, make a name for themselves and not be afraid to challenge others and present their own opinions. Overall, Western Michigan Christian high school is a place to go if one wants to have the best four years of his/her life and make lifelong friends while learning life lessons and important information to take with him/her to college and into the workplace.
I only went to WMCHS for only one year, my 12th grade year. It was home away from home, I know that sounds cliche but it's true.The teachers are so kind the students are welcoming, I remember on my first day and I was so scared and being an International student you never know what to expect but just that day I made friends that I will keep forever because there environment is sincere like that. I felt like I had been going there for years not just my senior year, I learnt so much from them about life and living my life for God and had so many storiesto tell my friends back home, gain so many experiences and did things that I could only dream of like, going to Disney world, going to a football and baseball game and for that I am truly greatful. The time that I spent at WMCHS I would never exchange it for the world.
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