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I attended the Western School District from kindergarten until graduation. In high school, my biggest problem was that not all the teachers had a passion for what they were teaching. The ones that did show passion stood out compared to the rest. While the diversity lacked I was still able to make friends with different backgrounds that I still have today.
I love the staff and students of this school. Most of the teachers are willing to work with you and will help you.
I have been in the Western School District my entire life and I have absolutely loved every second of it!
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I like Western a lot and I wouldn’t want to attend anywhere else. Most of the teachers are passionate about their jobs and are available to help students out whether it’s to make up a test or even just to talk. The athletics are very nice and have quite a support system from the community and parents. The facilities are pretty well maintained and are fairly modern as well. There are also many opportunities for students to try and get a step ahead such as early college, some AP classes, job shadowing, work studies, the use of Xello and more. I would like, though, to see more AP classes, a better math system that flowed into the next level, a weighted GPA for sure would be amazing, and better communication between the school and early college representatives. Overall, though, I like this school a lot and I’m happy I came.
Western High School is a great place to attend for secondary education. The teachers are extremely friendly and the average class size is about 26 students to every 1 teacher. The teachers are willing to help and cooperate with students. There is great safety at Western and it is always keeping up with safety protocol. Western listens to the voices of its students and is very inclusive of everyone.
I’ve enjoyed my time at Western since I first enrolled in the district my eighth grade year, my teachers have been nothing but encouraging and have helped me through any confusion or struggle I’ve had about the school. I feel well taught and well prepared for college, I’ve never felt short-handed In involvement. With multiple clubs and extracurricular activities, I enjoyed being a part of many unique groups.
The teachers and staff fare very nice and most of the time are extremely helpful. I have made a lot of life long friends and have made memories I’ll never forget.
As a Junior at western high school some of my favorite things about western include; Lots of clubs, spirited student section, kind teachers, and an updated commons. Western’s teachers are mostly great, but there are a few teachers who can’t teach, forcing students to self teach.
Western High School is a fun filled joyful place to learn. All of the teachers treat the students with the upmost level of respect. At Western High School
My overall experience at Western was pretty good. There are a few things I would change such as lunches. I feel as though I only get to have lunch with a few of my friends and I would like to have lunch with more of them. I would also make a time of the day for career center or dual enrollment students to be able to talk to teachers or ask them questions.
The staff is primarily the worst part of the school. A handful teachers do not care about their students, however the worst part is entirely the counselors. They do not have patience for the students or their needs.
On a more positive not, however, the sports, academics, and musical programs are excellent. There are many options for sports and clubs, and many of the sports teams have a JV and Varsity team. The choir is very successful and we have the largest marching band in Jackson county.
Western offers many AP and college prep courses, as well as dual enrollment and career center.
Many students attend which makes it easier to make friends and fit in, but because of the large classes, the lunches are over packed and there are not enough seats in the cafeteria for everyone.
I love the freedom we have and our staff is really friendly. One thing I would change is our dress code; it gets a little ridiculous at times, but the administrators are pretty lenient.
I have attended Western High School for all of my 9th through 12th grade education. It is a great school with phenomenal teachers that want to help students thrive, feel safe, and most importantly—learn ! Western has efficiently used its money to gather new technology to help students and teachers. It has also implemented many safety regulations to ensure a safe environment at school. The only thing I wish to see change at Western would be for it to put as much money into the arts as it does into the athletics.
Clean school, great teacher to student ratio, supportive teachers and a safe environment and culture.
The teachers are very involved in the students’ success. They also have many opportunities available to students such as dual enrollment, work study, AP class, etc. In addition, the athletic programs are very good (basketball, baseball, volleyball)
Very homophobic, sexist, and racist. They only offer like 5 AP classes and most students don’t score very High in any state tests or AP tests. I’ll graduate in 2020 and wish I would have gone to a better school that would’ve prepared me for college.
I love Western. It is a lot bigger than my previous school, but I was able to make friends pretty easily. I have some strong connections with a handful of the teachers; I love how supportive and helpful they are! My counselor is amazing and she is always willing to help me when/if I have a problem.
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Needs more advanced and AP classes. Generally the school has a positive environment, not much bullying. I’ve only encountered 2-3 bad teachers throughout my 13 years of going to school in this district. Class size is about 23. Lots of competition between classmates for GPA/test scores.
At Western High school you’re given the chance to take as many Ap classes you’d like with highly qualified teacher. Everyone is given an equal opportunity to move forward in education and in life. However, some students athletes are treated a little better than the rest of the students. But there are the arts, music, sports and amazing clubs like robotics. Western is great for diversity in students. Everyone can find a group of people who fit their personality and everyone loves to get to know everyone. My experience has been quite good at Western High School the last 4 years.
I would like to see Western focus on the academic success of their students and put more of an emphasis on life after high school (e.g, college or work).
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