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Western Albemarle High School Reviews

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Western Albemarle is a good school over all, I have met several great friends. They lack in the diversity department and the school mainly consists of well off Caucasian families. Many minorities are not represented as there are other schools in the district in which they attend. Western spirit is also lacking. The only time the grades get together as a whole is during spirit week and even then several do not participate. I wish the school had done a better job keeping the students engaged in the community.
I liked that Western Albemarle High school was challenging. According to my brother that graduated in 2016, he felt like college was easier. The teachers tend to be very good in the higher up classes (Honors, AP) but are not as good in the lower level classes (Standard, Advanced). The diversity of the school is pretty homogenous and white. So not very diverse. Overall four out of five stars its a good school
Transferred here out of district as a freshman. They’ve been updating parts of the school each year and it’s slowly gotten better. ESA academy facilities are great as well as the science wing downstairs. Food is average.
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Going to WAHS was definitely an interesting experience for me. Academics were above average. I appreciated that they offered lots of AP courses and dual enrollment classes with the local community college. It helped me lessen my workload for college which I'm grateful for. The teachers at WAHS were hit or miss. There were a select few teachers I loved, but overall I was surprised with both mine and my friends' experiences with unreasonably difficult or under-prepared teachers. There was a lot of school spirit, but it could be a bit exclusive sometimes to people who were a minority or just different than most, since WAHS has little to no diversity. They do have a great football team, though, which adds some excitement to the school year. Overall, WAHS offers a decent high school experience.
Overall, WAHS is an amazing school. The academics and sports are fantastic. Teachers and staff are friendly and easy to deal with. They are finally taking more control over the bullying situation which is phenomenal in my opinion. I would recommend Western to anyone else before I recommend any other school . By far, Western Albemarle High school and the people in it are just amazing!
The school itself is great. I have been able to make bonds with many of my teachers and I know I can go to those teachers whenever I need help. I have been challenged by the classes I have taken and have learned so much from them. There are many options for classes, so I can take what I want. The school gives us students a lot of freedom to learn how to become responsible and allows us to grow. I do, however, feel like the school is making too many changes at once and I wish they had eased into them and actually given the students a say in these changes because we are the people who will be impacted the most. Also, I wish here was more diversity because everyone is the same, but I understand that it is not necessarily the school's fault.
I like how western offers a wide variety of AP and Dual enrollment courses. The only thing that I would like to see change is the quality of the calculus and physics teachers. The sports are great. The coaches really care about their athletes. Most students at WAHS are welcoming to each other. There isn't a bad drug problem. The best way to describe the students is country club meets yonny.
This school invests a lot into their sports programs. Personally, it would be nice to see effort put into STEM, especially the robotics club - they have an amazing track record at competitions yet aren't considered on the same scale as I guess more physical sports. It would also be nice to see more investment into theater because the drama department is amazing. Because of the disparity, cliches form and are easily spotted out.
Since the time I was a freshmen I was being prepared for college. I switched interested from arts to engineering after my sophomore year and they didn't do much to help me get on that track. There is absolutely no diversity and is so cliquey that if you don't fit into one you feel alone from freshmen year on.
While Western is undoubtedly challenging academically , it has a culture where everyone around you pushes you to be your best and work your hardest. The pressure to keep up with your peers teaches you how to be strong and prepares you for your future. Additionally, Western's athletics are unchallenged. Western has an encompassing scope of athletics excellence and a culture of success in all its sports.
The school and teachers are good, the new renovations aren't working and the principal isn't listening about them. Otherwise it's not bad.
Western Albemarle High School is incredible for its academics. I feel like I have good teachers (except for AP world; my teacher is the worst I've had), and I enjoy my classes. However, the tension! Social, racial, everything. This school is vastly white, and there is definitely pressure. My nonwhite friends are vocal about this pressure and I can truly understand it - the rich white kid trope is incredibly present at this school. The cliques are very tight and most of the students fall into them. Also, there is a huge problem with the Confederate flag. Students will wear it on hoodies, hats, you name it. This issue also pushes the same weird pressure. Generally, I feel okay at this school, but it definitely has deep-rooted issues. Again, the academics are great, and I feel as though most of my teachers care. My guidance counselor is very sweet, and the administration is usually good.
Despite a negative middle school experience, Western Albemarle has made a very positive impact on my life. High school has its ups and downs of course; however, there is a handful of teachers, students, and staff who care about the well-being and academic successes of each and every student. Western is a welcoming environment where I had the opportunity to further my academic goals, join clubs, participate in sports, and make life long friends. Although I am looking forward to continuing my education at a university, I will cherish my wonderful memories of Western for the rest of my life. Go Warriors!
I loved being on the cross country team. Such an amazing supportive group of individuals... The coaches were incredible and I really appreciate all they did for me. I also loved all my teachers I had.
The community at Western Albemarle was close-knit and involved students in creative activities, such as Battle of the Bands and Spirit Week. The praise that achievement receives at Western motivates students to excel academically and athletically.
The school offers a lot of freedom. There are a plethora of opportunities offered through the school, from rigorous AP and Duel Enrollment classes, to Trade Schooling, to gifted learning. Western provides their students with ample materials to get ahead and succeed. However, I believe the drive for success from the school provides for an extremely competitive manner amongst students. Determining the top 20% of the class is difficult because the top tier students have GPAs ranging from 4.7 to a 5.0 (did I mention that it is on a 4.0 scale).
I love everything about Western, but I would to see more international students there. It would be a lot of fun for international students to have a program where all of them could interact.
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Western Albemarle is full of school spirit and amazing teachers that’ll work with you to reach your goals. Through my high school experience I have never stumbled on a class that I was dreading to go too. I woke up each morning excited and willing to attend my high school, spend time with life time friends, and further my education toward the goal of graduating and attending a four year institution. The teachers are funny and really get involved in creating a safe environment to express your feelings and do your best with your best teaching style. New technology and new lab rooms really allow for a wide aspect of my learning in just making the school environment fresh and clean.
My experience with Western Albemarle has been great, so far. The people there are nice and the teachers are great at their jobs. I would like to see more diversity and better food at Western, for I think those two areas are its weakest.
Western is a school with the best school spirit I've ever seen. Maybe that's because we've all been together since the 6th grade and are relatively small, but everyone loves and supports each other. Western is an extremely competitive environment with a lack of diversity, but all in all, has given me room to grow and really helped me figure myself out in my time there.
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