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Excellent school with really caring teachers. Dedicated to student success. Welcoming to parents and want them to be involved in events and activities. This school has been around a long time and is very organized and they communicate a lot with parents..
Western Academy is a great school! Our child has been there for five years and we have been very happy. The teachers have been terrific!!! The principal has been great, shows strong leadership and does not tolerate behavior that is detrimental to the school . Her and her teachers really help the kids be prepared for the state test and they ensure they understand what they are learning. The teachers and Principal also ensure many “fun” events and activities are planned throughout the year, which makes the kids look forward to going to school. The school stresses parent-involvement, which we feel is a KEY to our child’s education. We would highly recommend this school.
My son is very happy at WACs. This is his first year in school and he has learned a lot. I have volunteered a lot in the school and I am very happy with the teacher/student interaction that I have witnessed. I also like that the school doesn't have a huge student population!
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I never really got in that much trouble when I was attending Western Academy but I know they do discipline pretty well.
The school is overall nice
I love this school and had a great time going there.
Most of the teachers I had at Western Academy Charter School where amazing.
At Western Academy Charter School everyone was loving and accepting to one another. I believe that it was this way because it was a smaller more close knit school than most other middle schools.
When I attended Western Academy Charter School they did not really have any fields of their own. We shared fields with other schools. They where the cities fields and parks but we did have a really nice new gymnasium before I left.
I only had to go to the nurse a few times when I attended Western Academy Charter School. The nurses did an amazing job to make me feel loved and better.
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