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some teachers dont know how to teach and when they ask questions they yell at them for no reason but some teachers are actually good teachers that help students
My child thrived at this school. She was challenged academically for the first time and had a wealth of opportunities to learn new skills and try new things.
It was very inclusive, and the teachers were amazing as they were very helpful. However, something I would like to see change is the amount of work given to students all at once. Some weeks are very empty without any assignments while other weeks encompass due dates for all of the projects and tests.
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The Wave program leaves the kids drowning in busy work and woe to a child who dares to show the strain of the neverending stream of meaningless projects. That child will be systemically destroyed by the uncaring counselling and administrative staff.
All of the teachers do their best to make sure that the students are comfortable while learning, and the fine arts programs are very good. There is also a separate program for advanced learning, and it is challenging but is a good program overall.
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