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Westborough High School is a great learning environment with a challenging curriculum. At the high school, there are many class options to meet your interests. The teachers are fabulous!
Rigorous academics, just wish some kids would take it more seriously and realize he opportunities they have there.
The academics are rigorous and the teachers are very helpful. The food is decent, and they usually have options for all dietary restrictions. However, the sports funds could stand to be distributed more equally. While the football teams get new uniforms and new gear in addition to two brand-new turf football fields, the softball team on the other hand is stuck with uniforms from over five years ago that are ill-fitting, a field that gets too water logged to play on whenever it rains due to outfield flooding after every single rain storm and to top it off there are no dugouts, just one metal bench for each team.
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I loved this school for the amount of diversity we had within the student population. Each unique student crafted a strong bond with the approachable faculty over their four years and found their group of people in this loving and accepting environment. Besides the phenomenal people, the quality level of education balanced with many ways to remain stress-free sets the students up for the path to success. I'm very fortunate to be able to attend such a giving and supportive school like this one that has truly shaped me into the person I am today.
I like everything about Westborough High school. I feel lucky to be here and I enjoy this school a lot. This is one of the best school I've been with cooperative and helpful staff and awesome teachers. The counsellors are always ready to help you with your subjects in high school or with any concerns you have about the school or college. They even help you with your application process regarding college and provide you with all necessary details you want to know. I am so happy with this school I just can't explain in words. The students are so friendly and I was able to have many good friends after joining the school. The school has so many sports available and they even encourage everyone to participate and are give proper training to the students. It is truly my second home. The staff and teachers made me feel I'm very special and loved and cares just as if they were my family member. I will never forget the amazing days in this school and will recommend this school to everyone.
Westborough High School is known for its academics which definitely are above average. However, this causes other aspects of the students' experiences to be lack luster. The school does not do a good job helping students with their mental health as they use their attention and resources for furthering their academic scores.
I love how there are so many opportunities to get involved and find yourself at WHS. There is such a variety of clubs and activities, it is easy to join one and find your friends and discover what you enjoy. Sometimes the academics can be very stressful, but the rigor of my classes has prepared me very well for college.
Welcoming school with an incredible Fine Arts department. The school counceling office gave me the help I needed with my mental health without a second thought, which saved my life.
It's a really good place. Lessons are never boring and teachers are very fun to be with! They teach us very good things. The staff is the best part. The teachers are hilarious and very interactive with each student.
Westborough High School has helped me grow and adjust coming from a catholic school. alot of resources and guidance available throughout my four years at this high school
Westborough High School was awesome. The staff is very welcoming and very well educated, which prepared you very well for college, especially the AP course. We had a strong science department. There are so many available options for sports and clubs for students to participate in and be able to find where they belong. The school was very big which was nice but it was hard to get around as a freshman at first, but you get used it.
teachers are very great overall, any time I've had a problem with a teacher it was always resolved and it was personal, not like everyone hated them. They are all very intelligent and helpful. School is a good size for the number of students there. Foods are less than mediocre though.
Prepared me very well for college academia. Pretty good extracurricular prominence and funding. Always felt safe. Never appreciated how good my education was at WHS until I went to college and realized how much more prepared myself and other WHS students were even when compared to students who went to higher rated and more affluent MA school systems
I really liked all the teachers at the high school because they really seemed like they wanted to prepare you and want you to do well in the future.
Good academics, but not great. If you are very self-motivated and are willing to put the work in, you'll do fine. Some very amazing teachers but some pretty terrible ones as well. Overall pretty great. You graduate ready for college and the future.
I liked forming connections with the teachers I had throughout all four years. However, I felt as though we, as students, had so much pressure on ourselves because of how well the school is ranked that sometimes caused unnecessary stress.
I really think that Westborough High School is a great school overall, since it has a very amicable environment. The teachers are very diverse and come from all walks of life, and provide very rich education, and the students are well prepared for college well before it is time for early action. Furthermore, albeit my lack of involvement in it, the music program here is phenomenal as many of my peers have went to districts and performed very well, which goes lengths to say how great it is. The same can be said about our athletics program. However, I feel that smaller clubs are often left behind, and more energy needs to be invested in them.
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Overall I really enjoyed my experience at Westborough High School, I made a lot of friendships that I hope last into later in life, however, I feel like there could definitely be improvements in the food department
Westborough High School is privileged enough to have a lot of funding for the fine arts programs, and many students participate in them! The music program is very good, and a very close-knit community: I’m friends with almost everyone in the D Wing (music wing) and it’s rare that people don’t know each other! In actual classes, the academics are very rigorous and difficult, but I know it will prepare every student for whatever college they may enter into, from a community college to an Ivy League! There is a LOT of homework, especially with the copious amount of offered AP Classes, but it is manageable (even with many extracurriculars, like music or sports) if you have good time management, but it can definitely be rigorous. Overall, it’s an amazing school and community, and I am really enjoying my time there!
Westborough High School has a wonderful community filled with hardworking students and an amazing group of teachers and counselors. The teachers help lead their students down a path of success, and the counselors do an amazing job with keeping communications open with students, from typical school drama to stress to colleges. Teachers encourage their students to do the best, and I feel the difficulty of the coursework has truly prepared me for success in college, and even in my future career. Mental health is important throughout the school, the staff makes it clear to everyone that their door is always open to anyone who is in need, and posters from study tips to suicide/depression hotlines are posted all around the school. There's even therapy animals that visit during the lunches! WHS also makes it known to students that participating in clubs, sports, or fine arts is very important. School isn't just about academics, but also about finding what you love to do.
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