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Being at West Union, since a young age, I have seen the school prosper. There is still some changes but over time the school has grown. The facility and the staff care about the students and the families of those students. The peers care for one another and want to see each other prosper in and out of school. They need to grow by adding more programs to the school such as a foreign language class or a music class. I have been in band for over 6 years and I have seen the band decline due to the lack of staff and peer involvement in the program. I wish the program would pick back up because being in band has made me the person I am today. I really wish while I was in school I could have got to learn a foreign language. I would be open to learn any language. I plan on learn a foregin language when I get in college but it would have been nice to have a little knowledge before jumping right into college. West Union is a very small and friendly place to have your child grow up in.
West Union has no AP or advanced classes and is not fit for more advanced kids as a result. If a kid is more advanced, they will be bored in classes, like I was. I also personally feel as though the institution does not prepare kids for college as adequately as needed. There are also very few extracurriculars (like 5 clubs). I went here for 11 years (K-10) before switching schools.
Caring environment and individualized attention as much as possible. Smaller classes at this school. This school is more like a family.
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West Union is a small school. This allows you to become close with faculty members and other students. It's very clean and safe. The faculty really cares about the students. I have very much enjoyed the last 12 years and am glad to have gone here. I feel ready for college.
MY school could be completely redone
The extracurricular are of variety. Archery to Basketball.
The food is well kind of nasty... The food sometimes make you sick
Students aren't allowed to wear short shorts or tanktops to school.
The academics offered at my school include general classes and elective classes for your enjoyment. Certain classes require you to take other classes before you take other, for instance biology before chemistry. The workload can be rather manageable.
I absolutely love my school. Over the past eleven years I have made great friends and lots of unforgettable memories. It might be a small knit community based school where everyone sticks their nose in your business, but there have been several opportunities for me to join new clubs and activities to make new friends. I would definitely choose to attend my high school all over again.
At West Union we have a special class for athletes. It's called advanced fitness. We have a weight room and our own athletic trainer to help get us into shape. Our school spirit is pretty good and our teams work hard on the field and court.
They get the job done and they do it well.
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