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West Seneca East Senior High School Reviews

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good class sizes, and selection. Mostly decent teachers. Average facilities. The students are not exactly motivated, but the teachers do their best to do so. AP teachers are very well, and do a excellent job working with students, to ensure that they pass.
I really enjoyed high school. There is a club, sport, or activity that is interesting for everyone. I got really involved in school which I never expected myself to be. I had the chance to improve the school everyday which is something I cant take for granted. My teachers were amazing and actually wanted me to succeed. My administrators care about me and my success which is rare. I have truly blossomed since I started high school and wouldn't change a thing.
The teachers were outstanding, taught me to clean up especially when it came to silly mental errors and how tracking my progress through a problem and breaking questions down as far as possible. However, the students are quite frustrating, immature and create lots of excess problems for the teachers, janitors, and administrative staff. Sadly our school district is separated into W.S. East and W.S. West and we simply cannot afford two different schools it would be nice to see the schools merge, combine their money to be used more efficiently.
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I appreciated the teaching staff. They are very involved with students and some go above and beyond to make sure students are understanding topics.
Overall my experience was well, although getting me ready for the next step in my life (college) was very poor. There was no real drive to get me to DO scholarships nor tell me how to apply for financial aid, get student loans, or even get me to actually improve on my SAT scores.
In the Cafeteria, there should be more options of food to choose from. It shouldn't be the same food week after week. Instead of buying new laptops and boards, there should be a better heating and cooling system installed. When fights occur, there needs to be stricter punishment for those involved. Bathrooms need to be painted and cleaned more often.
Everyone always talks about changing things, but I’ve never seen a darn thing happen. However all in all it’s a fine place to get a high school education. Satisfactory teachers, mediocre cleanliness and decent school spirit.
I enjoyed my time at East Senior. The school lacks in a diverse group of students- most being white Catholics. The academics aren't rigorous but there are many AP options that prepare students for college. The teachers are interested in helping students not only pass the class but have an understanding. They were too easy for some students though, as I did well in high school and struggle in college. Wish they taught study skills
I love how WSE has Academies such as Life Science, Finance, Art, Media and Engineering. It gives the students a look into one of their possible career paths.
In addition, I love the class offerings at WSE-- AP's, Enriched courses, many electives.
The clubs are also a great thing, there's something for everyone.

One thing I'd like to change about WSE is the fighting. Last year, there have been many fights but I appreciate the effort proposed by the administration to reduce and prevent that by new enforced rules.
It is turning into a crazy school. There are fights everyday and it makes me embarrassed to say I go to West Seneca East Senior. I am glad I take AP classes so I can be less exposed to these rebellious students and I like the college education I am receiving through AP classes. I like many of the teachers but they need to be stricter in order to control the kids and stop them from causing conflicts.
This school is very understanding, flexible, and a great environment for EVERY student. For all genders, nationalities, races, etc. Everyone tries their best to make everything enjoyable for students and staff.
Our school has many options to choose from when it comes to classes, activities, and sports. The school is also very accepting and will try to work with the students and their parents in any manner they can. I love my school, and I wouldn't change schools for my life!
My experience at West Seneca East High has been mostly great. It is a friendly and safe environment. They offer many choices in sports, electives and extracurricular. However, I did have a class i wanted to take cancelled on me two years in a row which was disappointing.
The teachers are moody, crabby, and only there because they are tenured. This school has a problem with ignoring the problems given to them by students and the so called "guidance councellors" are never in their office for student aid. They also don't know how to use the College Board website and insted prefer to tell the students to "fix it themselves" when they voice an issue. At West Seneca East, along with West, they have leadership days. These so called leadership days are once a month mandatory meetings for every student in the school and are taught by other students i ndifferent teachers classrooms. These were never successful, nobody came to them and all we did half the time was make cards with our names to be hung on the wall like we were in 2nd grade again. I believe that WSE did not implement the program in the best of ways and something needs to be fixed before they continue to have their students unwillingly participate in a failed program.
West Seneca East is a welcoming high school. Throughout the years there are many adults in the environment willing to assist you will any needs. Overall West Seneca East is a well high school. My high school career has went smooth thanks to all the staff.
A lot of the things the the PTO do go unnoticed.
Nearly every teacher I had at WSE was incredible
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The school has clubs for science, math, cultures, technology, books, community service, and music. There are academies in finance, education, art, technology, and science. All of these have a certain level of commitment and meet regularly. They have something for every student to take part in.
The school holds events to make every student feel welcome and to create a sense of family. The different events have something for everyone and are enjoyable. The school wants everyone to be friends and to expand their horizons to meet new people. I would choose to go to this school again because they want you to step outside of your comfort zone and grow as a person.
The teachers all enjoy teaching and want all of their students to do well. They use interactive and engaging teaching styles to keep students focused. The teachers are all knowledgeable in their subjects. Teachers care about their students and try to help everyone. The grading is fair and is consistent.
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