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West Salem is an amazing school, and they gave me an opportunity to be a better person. I did not come from a good place and my life would not be the same without the West Salem Community. It has been an amazing experience.
West Salem High School is a wonderful place. As a transfer student junior year, West Salem provided a place for me to further develop my education and begin to thrive. The pace many teacher's have created in their classroom allowed me to develop a voice in the classroom that carried into my personal life. I feel as though the environment of West Salem High School promoted my personal and educational development. I do not regret transferring to West Salem. I am so thankful that I became a part of West Salem because it provided an environment in which I could prosper as a young adult.
I always felt challenged but never overwhelmed. My teachers were good for the most part. Scheduling was very easy.
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Almost everyone got along, but there were definitely cliques.
There was not a lot if you were not an athlete.
I enjoyed my time at West Salem High School. One thing I did not like was the lack of funding for non-athletic programs. It felt as though if a student wasn't an athlete, he or she didn't really fit in at the school.
I enjoyed almost all of the teachers I had at West Salem High School. If you reached out to them for help, they would help you. They were also willing to write letters of recommendation and help us students outside of the classroom.
They encourage their students to do their best and take courses to prepare them for the future. They offer some AP and College courses at the school.
Everyone is always welcome. There is no tolerance for bullying at this school.
This school is very good at keeping everyone healthy and safe.
This school is really focused on sports more than the amazing fine arts program that continues to do better than the sports. There is a lot of support from teachers, but administration needs to see all of the amazing things happening.
This school has a really great fine arts program with tons of support for it!
The teachers are the best! They work hard to ensure each student does their best and wants to help each student.
they do enough so that we feel safe
there is always something happening after school
they help thier kids but aren't over protective
they are always open to students who have questions and they are fair
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SEP is way to stressful for seniors, the food is horribly unhealthy and processed, and most teachers are under educated or very rude and careless.
West Salem High school is a great school! The majority of faculty and parents care about students' success. Also, there are many clubs and activities to be involved in. The overall atmosphere is good, but there is no diversity. Not only that, but there is little to no advanced classes. However, everything is pretty great!
I would choose this school again because it allowed me to be involved in multiple activities such as band, sports, and Spanish club without it being too exclusive or expensive to be a part of.
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