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West Prepatory Academy - High School Reviews

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The community of students an teachers is warm an inviting. Sadly, though, there are almost no options to be able the learn outside of the core subjects.
The experience in this high school is like no other. We may be small high school, but when the time goes by we become close to each other. Most classes interact with each other and create bonds. The teachers care for you and want you to succeed in your classes and real life. My teachers offered extra help after school just in case I did not understand the overall subject. The culture is diverse, we all welcome anyone. Our Student Council will also feel welcomed into school. We do after school activities like dances, assemblies, and random stuff. One day the student gave out free ice cream sandwiches for just showing up to school and played music! It was unexpected too. I literally left a legacy. I create bonds with my class the junior class, and even the sophomores and freshmen. I think this school is great even in education. We had a high graduation rate of 94%. Not only that, it preps you for college. We have AP classes to help understand how a college class really works.
What I liked about West Preparatory Academy- High School is how phenomenal the teachers and staff are, and how determined they are to make sure every student feels loved and cared for. I also love how all of the students education are their top priority, and they make sure we have all the resources in our classes to finish our assignments. This school makes sure you always feel involved in whatever is happening by involving the students and parents and keeping them updated regardless the situation. One thing I would change or add in this instance is sports, because there are many talented kids at this school who deserve to have the chance to shine and get recognized by scouts.
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i love being in a school where I actually learn and improve my skills the teachers are very helpful and go beyond for every student
I loved west preparatory academy it was an amazing school. The teachers there really showed you that they cared about you. They never give up on you . It’s just an amazing loving environment there and it’s a small high-school so everyone basically knew each other . I appreciate it all the support my teachers have gave me through out of 4 years there I’ll never forget that I’m so thankful for them because they inspired me a lot to change and better myself.
I love this school. The staff here are very kind, nice, and stern too. I feel like that is the perfect combination for the students that go here. Anyways I recommend parents sending their children here.
A pretty small school is what makes this school stand out ironically because you get to know students around you and teachers as well, instead of being divided entirely. I do wish to see more efforts on clubs, but otherwise that, great school.
Over the past years at being at West I've come to love and hate my school. The teachers are irreplaceable at the high school level they are absolutely wonderful, but at times they are to lenient.
I enjoy my school because the diversity is high, the teachers are very caring and are always there. There is a huge support system for the students. Though the school lacks in sports, they make up for it in the academics and beautiful culture made in the school.
The high school is great, its small and the teachers will always do anything they can to help you become a better student
My years at West Prep were great. There are good courses to choose from however there could be wide ranger of languages/electives. The teachers drive the experience into the right way as most stay many hours over the normal contract hours. They are devoted to helping you succeed and often give more resources than most. This school is very diverse however sometimes the culture of the school lacks motivation and acceptance. The student council here servews the student body very well as well as the other clubs on capus. The food is one thing that needs improvement. Some days I waited the whole lunch break for them to just run out of food. I understand its a k-12 school but this needs to change. This school has many resources which is great for personal and school life. This school is also very good at getting students ready for collge.
There is nothing much I like about this school because there is nothing much I would want to participate and have the best high school experience. For instance, I would've been interested in joining a high school band because I am very good at playing the drums, but there is no high school band in this school. That really sucks to me.
Throughout my high school years at West Prep it is undoubtedly a really fun, positive, and exuberant experiance. The teachers are alway their to help you when you need it, class sizes are small, and it is a safe environment which makes this small high school stand out from the rest. However, something that i would like to see change is having sports because their is great talent in each individual but with no sports its hard to demonstrate that talent and also their is no sports West Prep.
I liked my overall experience at West Prep, because of how small the senior class is we all can connect, no one feels like an outcast. It's an awesome school!
I like the connections the students could have with teachers and among other students as well. However, I would like to see teachers give attention to the lesser known students as well so that everyone doesn’t feel left out.
West Prep High school is such a good school, full of teachers that care about you and want you to succeed in life. I couldn't ask for more than that . My experience is amazing, everyone is kind and joyful. The administration are very kind they push us forward so we can go to college. They teachers also helps us by preparing for college and in life in general. West Prep High school has been such a good time and i can't wait for my last year.
West Preparatory academy is an okay school. The high school is a very small, yet diverse group of students. Everybody here knows each other and we all get along pretty well.
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Something that I like about West Prepatory Academy is that everyone treats each other like family. When there is a new student students the teachers try to help them feel better and more like home so they will get comfortable with everyone and everything around them.
West Prepatory Academy has been the best school for my seven years of my life. Teachers are determine to help you in any way to get you college ready. Classes are more smaller for that one-on-one experience with the teacher. People say its a bad school, but I aways say "Don't judged a book by its cover".
Throughout my experience at West Prep, I've been able to have an amazing experience. With West Prep being a smaller school, it allowed for the teachers to give better attention to the students. It allowed the student body to become closer and bond. It made me feel at home and safe.
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