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West Perry Senior High School Reviews

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I like the technology they involve in the classroom with issued laptops and the atmosphere with high-quality personalities in teachers. They also renovated the entire building giving a more modern and stylish feel to students.
West Perry High School is not a bad school . It is a small school so everyone knows everyone. The teachers all do there jobs pretty well. There could be some more clubs though, because there are not very many.
We had a lot of school spirit and fun days. We also were very enthusiastic about sports and homecoming. We had quite a number of honors and AP students but some of our teachers did not care.
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Overall, my experience at West Perry was one of fair value. Although West Perry can sometimes receive harsh criticism from surrounding areas, it is not that horrible. We have teachers who truly care, average students, and guidance counselors who are willing to help. While West Perry may be lacking a new building, air conditioning, and the other commodities finer schools can offer, the major dilemma is not with the students, the teachers, or administration, but rather West Perry is in a small, rural area with few people and businesses to tax. Because of the smaller area and limited number of businesses, our school does not have the money larger districts have. West Perry may have financial problems due to lack of state funding and the rural community, it is this small community that makes West Perry special. Because it is so small, West Perry seems almost like a family full of comradery and a desire to stand together despite the flaws.
West Perry is a school district that tries to provide with what they are given. The lack of funding causes students to lose out on experiences that schools with more money can give to their students. We lost teachers, clubs, sports teams, field trips, technology, and much more. We do not have the money, as a school, to be able to provide all the necessities.
School is what you make of it. The teachers are very genuine and down to earth. The curriculum is behind where other schools in the states are though.
The teachers are very invested in the classes and the students attending. They also help you learn study skills so you can be more prepared for college and the larger workload.
Overall, I've had a great time at West Perry. The staff are the best part of the whole experience. I think we need to spend money on things that help students, like air conditioning, instead of focusing on new cameras and changing cell phone policies.
For the area West Perry is in the condition of the school isn't to shabby. Though, the high school could be kept cleaner and the security could be better. Though, they do have great teachers that care about the students well-being and there students generally do well in statewide tests.
I did a project my senior year where we had to go around the school and take pictures of things and then redesign it. There was a lot of water damage, the water fountains didn't work, no air conditioning, a brick actually fell out of the wall and landed on a kid's head. There are definitely a few great teachers here, but also some not so great one's. I feel very unprepared in the math and science areas especially for college. In my opinion sports are funded too much, and the arts (music and theater included) not as much. Even though the band has won more competitions in my high school career than the football team ever won games. The no air conditioning is one of the worst problems, because it can get really hot in the beginning and end of the year. The dress code is pretty strict, but maybe girls wouldn't have to wear tank tops and short shorts if the building was a tolerable temperature.
I would love to see the high school get air conditioning and some things change with the curriculum. There also needs to be more school spirit because the district as a whole lacks a lot of it.
West Perry is a small school out in the middle of nowhere. The school overall is ok, it has ok acedimics and decent teachers, but is not the safest place. There are lots of issues with the school and the building itself. The building is very old and has had a few issues such as old bricks falling out of the ceiling. The administration are great, and all are very nice and willing to help. Overall the school is ok.
Going to school at West Perry has been neither terrible nor amazing. I have had several teachers who, I feel, have done a great job preparing me for college. I also think that my school district has done a decent job of incorporating technology into the classrooms (although other schools have done a better job). I do wish that West Perry had a larger selection of upper level courses (AP course selection is extremely poor). Additionally, the facilities at West Perry (especially the high school) need MAJOR improvements. Still, I have been fairly satisfied with my experience in West Perry School District.
West Perry High school offers wonderful teachers, guidance and personal challenges. The environment is very safe and welcoming, however there are some downfalls. The curriculum may not be as challenging as other schools, there are many electrical hazards, no air conditioning system is installed, and the kids are not respectful toward each other or the building.
As a senior at West Perry, I can confidently say that overall I enjoyed my high school experience. However, this school majorly lacks in any school spirit, which takes away from the experience. I hope that this can be improved for future students.
The teachers are generally decent, but there are quite a few bad ones that make it difficult for a student to succeed.
Very few students are involved with alcohol or drugs.
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I wish there were more opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. It seems like you can only participate in them if you are in student council.
My experience at this school, so far, has been enjoyable and has pushed me to be the best I can be.
Most of the teachers at my school are very capable of doing their job.
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