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West Ottawa High School Campus Reviews

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The music program has amazing teachers and it incredible, West Ottawa High School offers lots of AP classes offered as well as the IB Diploma program.
West Ottawa High School prepared me to be college, career, and life ready. What I liked about West Ottawa was that it was very diverse and the administration was very nice. West Ottawa High School encouraged me to be prepared in college by providing advanced placement college courses. I would recommend West Ottawa High School to any students living within the district.
I really enjoyed my time at West Ottaw I enjoyed the diversity, teachers, and overall environment. I have met many amazing teachers and have learned so much throughout my high school journey.
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Although every school has its flaws, West Ottawa students and staff care about each other and help each other to be college, career and life ready while at the same time having fun and enjoying the high school experience at the same time.
West Ottawa is a great high school if you're looking for a place that will push you academically. They have a variety of classes to offer such as AP, IB and electives that help students prepare for college. WO also offers so many after school programs that get you involved and help you create bonds and friendships with people which can otherwise be hard to do, due to the large amount of students that go here. WO has given me life long skills that have prepared me well as I head off to college soon. I also played a variety of sports here, which has been an amazing experience. Coaches will push you hard and make you a better athlete as well.
After my four years at west Ottawa, I can say the biggest strength is the sheer amount of ways to get involved and all the different clubs (Be it robotics, debate or science Olympiad) but our school administration refuses to recognize these clubs equally to sports and take them seriously.
The campus has a great academic program. West Ottawa offers many options to students in their academic careers such as programs like IB, AP, and duel enrollment. The overall atmosphere for progressing in your academic career is very encouraging. You can tell that teachers really do care for their students and will help them in anyway possible.
It’s a very professional school, the most outstanding thing to do is meeting the teachers, enjoy finding your classrooms between two buildings, and finding lots of activities that peeks yours or your sons/daughters interest.
West Ottawa HS is one of the more diverse schools in the area and has a terrific athletic reputation. Teachers and administrators do a fantastic job of pushing students to graduate and pursue some form of higher education after high school. However, I do think that more attention needs to be paid to students that are looking to go to top tier schools and schools that are out of state. Encouraging these students to look outside of West Michigan will help WO stand out in rankings and push it onto the next tier of learning.
West Ottawa High School has an incredibly versatile curriculum. Students have the opportunity to take unique electives like botany, metal technology, and orchestra. Vocational courses are available to students who are interested in such career choices in the future. Moreover, the amount of AP courses that are offered is simply stunning, with students from all grade levels enrolling into them. There are no ends to the potential learning opportunities at the school.

However, one issue to address is student behavior. Some students are glued to their phones due to the lenient phone policy. Others just skip class outright. And, sometimes, the teachers have no authority to stop them. Plus, due to the school's obsession with graduation rates, the overall academic standards are low to ensure most of their students receive their high school diploma.

Overall, the school has the ability to prepare their students for success, but only if students take advantage of the school's resources.
I have had a wonderful experience at West Ottawa High School. WO offers many extra circular activities including student run and made clubs and club, JV, and varsity sports. WO offers a plethora of AP classes as well as, had extremely qualified teachers to teach the courses. The atmosphere at WO is welcoming and warm and the staff never fail to make every student feel important.
I am currently a Senior at West Ottawa High School! I´ve been apart of the west ottawa public schools my whole life and I am glad I have been. People are really nice and the sports teams that I have been able to join throughout the years were even better! The teachers here push you to do youre best and always so positive.
West Ottawa High School is a great place to learn. Almost all of the teachers are dedicated to their students and form meaningful relationships with the students. There are a wide variety of classes available to students, along with AP and IB programs.
I have really enjoyed my time at West Ottawa. The teachers at WO are supportive, knowledgeable, and always willing to help. They make West Ottawa a great place to learn. Also, the high school offers many AP and IB courses that allow students to challenge themselves. The north building is very nice, but the south is somewhat old and ugly looking.
To start, WO offers a ton of academic choices. The IB and AP classes have usually really good teachers and does a great job of preparing you for the big tests. College-ready is really emphasized at WO. We have a whole spirit week for applications and after-school events to help people apply. Diversity is huge at WO as well; there are kids from different countries, backgrounds, and races in every class. It's really pleasing. The only downside is that it's hardly religiously diverse. As for clubs and athletics, WO does a great job at offering a range and welcoming anyone. We're an inclusive school with programs like LINKS and PALS. Also, WO makes an effort to combat bullying and mental health issues by spending time in class addressing these issues.
West Ottawa is a very diverse campus. Lots of activities and clubs to involve all students. They really push everyone to be college/career ready. Not to mention the athletic programs, are top notch. One thing to change would be to have a covered walk way or tunnel to connect the north and south building. Some students have to walk back and forth a few times a day. I have really enjoyed my time here at west Ottawa.
I've had a wonderful experience at West Ottawa High School. For it being such a large school it feels like you are truly part of a family. I've had such great help from teachers, counselors and college advisers. West Ottawa offers a wide range of class options for students from regular to A.P., I.B. and the early college program. When it comes to academic help, the school has done a great job of helping me by putting me in slower paced classes so that I could be successful. West Ottawa takes great pride not only in their academics but also in their sports! As someone who is part of the Girls Swim and Dive team and the Girls Water Polo team, I can attest that there is always a supportive crowd! West Ottawa is a school full of pride and diversity. I am truly proud to be a panther!
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I love how big the campus is. We have two high school buildings that we switch from, walking between them. It really helps, knowing that's how a college campus is set up. We are one of the most innovative high schools in the state and I'm proud to call myself a West Ottawan.
I like how they allow students to bring chromebook home. Teachers are very nice and helpful to sudents. This is better than my old HS
I liked how big the campus was I felt like I didn't see the same people all the time. kdjfldjkdjfdkjfdklj
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