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West Orange-Stark High School Reviews

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I like West Orange-Stark High School. I think it would be better if we have a little bit more freedom and everyone wasn’t so strict on everything we did.
West Orange Stark High School is the place to be we have an amazing school board that wants kids to succeed in life and will make sure they do. We have an amazing State Champion Football team and A award winning Marching Band.
I love our principals dedication of us becoming intelligent adults. With the mindset to give 112% at all times.
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My experience at West Orange Stark High School has been great throughout the years. The staff is friendly and helpful. I would like to see some changes as far as school lunches and higher levels of security, but other than that it's great.
I liked the opportunity that west orange offers. I got to better my career through west orange they paid for my certified nursing aid class and most schools don't offer that. For that I am very grateful.
What I like about West Orange-Stark High School was the activities during homecoming and prom. Each grade would decorate a hallway and whoever wins will get a trophy. If I could change anything it will be the academics. The teachers should teach more subjects for college to the seniors.
Although I really liked some of the teacher, the students at this school is just terrible. Most of the students who attend this highschool does not care, especially the older kids. This school also doesn't offer much AP classes. Overall, it's not a terrible school, it just have terrible students that make the school look terrible.
We are 4 time state participants in football for the last 4 years. We treat each other as family, when one hurt we all hurt. We love each other a lot & will never want each other to go without.
West Orange Stark High School is a very good hight school. I would recommend that they change their lunches but other than that great school.
At West Orange Stark High School, they're a lot of pros and cons to attending this school. It's inside a good, small environment in Orange, Texas. We have a really good football team. NFL player for the Seattle Seahawks, Earl Thomas III, graduated from here. Recently, our school had made it to the state championship in football, twice! They won the championship in 2015 but lost in 2014. All other sports aren't very popular and don't win many games except football and volleyball. Overall, the education there is pretty good and it has improved over the years! The education use to be very poor, now I say the education is fair! They have some good teacher but they also have some horrible teachers. I'd say I'd give the teachers and administration and 6 overall. They just need to find better teachers and AP's and get more involved in the community with the clubs at the school and get better coaching staff for other sports besides football and volleyball.
West Orange Stark is a good school with great teacher and atmosphere you can lkearn things very well and fast.
I do not like attending WestOrange-Stark high school. The people are rude, they always have attitudes, and they give you mean looks. Now there are some people that are nice and easy to get along with, but its hard to find those people.
I rate this school a 5 because of the great teaching they do here is outstanding most the students that go here graduate because they help you with anything you need help with if your stuck or falling behind is because your not trying to put in any effort . The staff at the school want to see every student that goes here succeed and make it out of high school . Did I mention that the school sports team is great to they are very good they don't lose any games last year they even went to state the football team has a lot of impact on the school it shows how much team works and dedication they have and that makes the school come together all the time and more students want to go here because this is a great school and has a lot to offer .
My experience at West Orange was something to remember.All schools have their ups and downs.I would love to get more resources in the school.West orange uses it resources to the fullest and I'm sure if they could get more resources they could prepare more kids for colleges and test scores would go up.
There was teacher from different kinds of backgrounds.
Not to bad. Had some problems.
I love watching people competing. it was fun.
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I wouldn't go back because I just don't want to.
Teachers need to add more hands on topics. It helps students learn much more.
The teachers here doesn't really last long , because they often get too overwhelmed with the students and quit or find an better job. The curriculum's here are fantastic, because we have nursing programs, engineering, woodshop.....etc. Our main courses are very educational. However, the scheduling process is better bad. they usually get us in the right classes for like a week and then come Monday you get a phone call home saying you where absent 1st period, because your schedule changed and they didn't notify you. The homework is pretty light. they most popular classes is Health science and engineering.
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