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I like the atmosphere around the campus and all of the extracurricular activities that you are able to take apart in.
I have attended this school for all four years, and I barely want to leave. The teachers are friendly,helpful, and hardworking. Whether a student is taking a Regular, Honors, or Advanced Placement courses, you can always count on a West Orange teacher to be fully supportive, engaging, and trustworthy.
I don't have any complaints. It is not my favorite school that I have attended, but it does have an incredible arts program as well as a great community of clubs.
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They have a lot of student involvement for students, and an administration and staff that care about the students and their success and their well being. But I do think that they should have a cleaner campus.
West Orange High School has provided its students with a great experience and positive learning environment.
Attending West Orange High School was a relatively great experience for me. I was involved in many extracurricular activities that allowed me to make many friends and fond memories over my 4 years there. The music and arts programs there are fantastic and have all really made a name for themselves over the years. Leaving, I would like to see a change in the safety and cleanliness of the school. Over my time there, I witnessed many times a lack of safety and poor hygenic maintenance.
West Orange High School is an ok school. Most of the teachers could care less about you, the school is infested with roaches and has a serious ant problem. There are fights basically every day and it feels like admin can't control the student body. But there is always a cup half full pov, the school is very diverse and there are teachers that are truly invested in their job and care for the students
The principal and the teachers are amazing. Sad that he is retiring. I feel like they care about the students. I feel safe when I’m at school. I have d enjoyed 3 years playing in the band. The best band in Orange County. The NHS adviser Mr. Smith is amazing he cares about each one of us in the program. It was helpful that the county pays for us to take the SAT free during our senior year. I will really miss attending this school.
From attending this school I have learned that hard work is everything. That pushing yourself to be the best you can be is very important. I wish to see more diversity within the school and better administration.
Being a student at West Orange High School showed me the group of people that I always strive to be around. With the vast number of students present during my years at West Orange High School, I was able to experience the different groups of people that I might encounter in everyday life. Through my interactions with people, I have learned how to treat people, how to be a kind and understanding person, how to be a human being. These lessons are something that are rare to come by but was made available to me by attending West Orange and it something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.
The campus was alright. A little dirty in some places, and the food was not the best like any school.
West Orange High School had provided me with a safe and hardworking environment. The teachers and staff care about the students and their education. I respect the effort the Principal has put in to make West Orange keep it's warrior spirit!
Best school in Orange County! Their theater department is what drew me to it along with their continuous support for the Arts.
As of September 6th, I started my final year of high school at West Orange and I couldn't ask for a better student body. West Orange is known for it's strong music and arts program, specifically for it's national award winning band and high ranked choirs. The theatre program at WOHS works hard throughout the school year to put on amazing and prestigious shows. The Marching Band works through the summer to put on a great halftime performance and support the West Orange community for special events such as the St. Patricks Day Parade. Not to mention, the class of 2020 has been a great class of kids to spend the past 13 years with. WO town better than yo town!
West Orange at times could be very overwhelming, but most times it was a great place to grow and learn.
I currently attend west orange high school and I am a junior there. The school is good but i just wish there were more opportunities there for the students. For example, they should add more clubs and a more variety of electives. The guidance counselors are rarely at school and whenever they are, they aren’t that big of a help on putting you in the right classes in order to help your gpa, which I think is something really important. As a guidance counselor you should do everything in your power to help a student succeed and graduate. The teachers there are great, i have only had a problem with one teacher the entire time i’ve been going there ( since sophomore year ) it really depends on the teacher individually because some teachers don't care about you succeeding they only care about getting paid and some of them actually care and will do their best to help you succeed in any way they can.
It is a very good school but it is large so sometimes things slip through the cracks. The teachers are hit or miss but if you find a good one, they're likely to be really great. There are many clubs to go to for many different types of people. I would like to see the administration be friendlier but they do their job. Overall I would say it was a good place to have my high school experience.
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I enjoyed my experience at West Orange very much. Majority of the teachers I had I thoroughly enjoyed. I do recommend trying to be in AP classes rather than regular classes because that is where you will be in a better learning environment. The AP teachers seem to care more than the regular teachers. I did not have good experience with administration, however. I was a straight A student throughout my four years at the school and was never in trouble, but I always found myself being accosted by administrators in the hallways even when I had a pass or was exactly where I was supposed to be. I found that they were not very polite to me. Most of my classes my junior and senior year I enjoyed, however and I learned relevant and helpful information.
West Orange High School is a great school, you receive great help from the college and career specialist, the principle is amazingly kind, most of the teachers are helpful, yes like most schools they have their flaws such as some faculty not being the most helpful to students or patient but you can always find someone to help you !
Something I really like about West Orange is the available help. If you are struggling with a subject, most teachers offer tutoring. The school has a program called Warrior to Warrior where students help one another. The school also offers a program for saturday school, where you can do more tutoring and/or make up work. The school has many available help resources.
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